Evan Sharp and Hannah Kuchler
©Matthew Reamer

FT Masterclass: Frisbee with Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp

The design genius behind the hugely successful scrapbooking site shows his moves. But can he demonstrate the tricky ‘flick’ he honed as a college champion?

Oliver Pickup is put through his paces by Katy Mclean
©Tina Hillier

FT Masterclass: Rugby training with Katy Mclean

The England skipper leads her squad through 90 minutes of ‘utter beasting’ before next week’s Women’s Rugby World Cup

Laura Trott
©Tina Hillier

Pursuits special: Women at the top of their game

London 2012 cycling champion Laura Trott sets her sights on the Commonwealth Games while England women’s rugby captain Katy Mclean gets ready for next week’s Women’s Rugby World Cup

Olympic gold medalist Shirley Robertson sailing with Jeremy Taylor
©Gian Paul Lozza

FT Masterclass: Sailing with Shirley Robertson

Jeremy Taylor gets in the mood for Cowes Week with the double Olympic gold-medallist

On the River Neva, St Petersburg: Roman Hagara, double Olympic gold medallist (far right) oversees the FT’s Henry Foy (one-time Isle of Man yacht club sailor of the year)
©Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull

Sailing special: From St Petersburg to Cowes

As the Extreme Sailing Series hits Russia, Roman Hagara puts Henry Foy through his paces. PLUS: On the eve of Cowes Week, Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson takes the helm for an FT Masterclass

Lano's Arch in Tout Quarry. It is part of the Merchant's railway, which was the first private railway in the country, funded jointly by the stone merchants to carry stone to the bares at Castletown
©Robin Friend

A walk with the FT: The Isle of Portland route

A walk with writer Sue Clifford is as quirky as her guidebooks. Learn about opes, lerrets and the creature unlucky enough to stop fishermen in their tracks

Ben Gollings and Oliver Pickup
©Fred MacGregor

FT Masterclass: Rugby sevens with Ben Gollings

When a former England sevens captain warns him that people only remember the tackles you miss, Oliver Pickup knows he’s in trouble

Steven Levitt (left) takes on theoretical player Tim Harford at The Palm Beach Casino, London
©Rick Pushinsky

Poker with Steven Levitt

Tim Harford understands Texas Hold’Em but can he play it? Perhaps he shouldn’t start by challenging the ‘millionaire genius’ and co-author of ‘Freakonomics’

The view of Camber Sands
©Clive Sawyer

Barometer: The Gallivant, Rye, East Sussex

From the terrace, a high sand dune eclipses the view of Camber Sands, the asset that gives the hotel its motto: ‘eat, sleep, beach’

Jan Dalley
©Giacomo Cosua

Venetian rowing with Jan Dalley

Very few people still practice the traditional Venetian art of stand-up rowing. But a non-profit organisation is keen on preserving the old water culture

Horse-racing commentary with Simon Holt

It takes verbal dexterity, quick wits and a good memory for colours. But the Channel 4 commentator makes a difficult discipline sound remarkably easy

Goalkeeping with Michel Vorm

Should you aim low? Disguise your run-up? Or just wait awhile? The Dutch goalkeeper explains the best way to take a penalty kick

Penalty-taking with Michel Vorm

Should you aim low? Disguise your run-up? Or just wait awhile? The Dutch goalkeeper explains all

FT Masterclass: Fell running with Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

The Olympic triathlon heroes share their other great sporting passion with Mark Bailey

FT Masterclass: Animal photography with Mark Harvey

Dogs may be photogenic but they are also wont to run around. Can their freedom be captured in a portrait?

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the traditional charms of pétanque

The Pursuits Interview: Joanne Calderwood

The undefeated star of mixed martial arts talks about her ‘aggression switch’ and reveals her top street-fighting tip. (Clue: it’s non-violent)

A walk with the FT: The Holborn route with Peter Ackroyd

Short walk, long history: the London chronicler explores 900 years of incident

A walk with the FT: The Holborn route with Peter Ackroyd

Short walk, long history: London chronicler Peter Ackroyd explores 900 years of incident

Barometer: Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle

Neil O’Sullivan unearths an arts and crafts gem hidden in the suburbs of Newcastle