Sailing with Sir Robin Knox-Johnson on the Solent. 6th August 2015
©Murray Ballard

FT Masterclass: Sailing with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Crews need no previous sailing experience in the race he founded — just a spare year and £50,000

Photo for Masterclass: Rally driving with Elfyn Evans
©Christopher Nunn

FT Masterclass: Rally driving with Elfyn Evans

How do you make a handbrake turn in a Ford Fiesta that costs more than a Rolls-Royce?

Football transfer fees hard to agree

News organisations agreed on half football transfer fees

Sarah Hemming fights her way out of Kate Waters’s stranglehold for a scene in Shakespeare’s 'As You Like It'
©Yoshi Kametani

FT Masterclass: Stage fighting with Kate Waters

In the theatre there are no stunt doubles. The key is to resist your instincts, says the fight director

Mourinho took team to unsustainable level

Underlying pattern he hinted at borne out by the numbers

The Lickey Hills route
©Gareth Phillips

The Lickey Hills route, with Jonathan Coe

Walking through the ‘Tolkien landscape’ of his childhood, the novelist talks about history, memory and the ‘heavenly’ solitude of writing

Making a longbow with Tom Mareschall
©Marco Kesseler

FT Masterclass: making a longbow

How does one play the ‘devil’s harpsichord’ like a medieval bowman?

Chris Hoy
©David Severn

Chris Hoy, Olympic cycling champion and motor racer

Britain’s most successful Olympian on switching from two wheels to four

Sebastian Faulks
©Alexander Rhind

FT Masterclass: batting with Sebastian Faulks

The acclaimed author and life-long cricketer passes on some tips to a novice

©Tom Jamieson

FT Masterclass: Commando course with Brian Adcock

A former Royal Marine shows how to make it through an obstacle course

FT Masterclass: Commando course

Oliver Pickup tries to hide his agony as he sloshes round an obstacle course, guided by former Royal Marine Brian Adcock

FT Masterclass: Taxidermy with Tonja Grung

This Halloween, forget prepping a pumpkin. The FT learns the ghoulish art of stuffing a dead mouse

FT Masterclass: Carriage driving with Karen Bassett

She’s one of the sport’s most successful women, and recently drove the coffin of Richard III

FT Masterclass: Rugby tackling with Maggie Alphonsi

The World Cup winner and television pundit demonstrates how to floor your opponent

FT Masterclass: Kung fu with the Shaolin monks

Fending off adversaries with a wooden staff is harder than it looks

Botany with Julia Donaldson

The creator of ‘The Gruffalo’ on mapping wild flowers in the Sussex Downs

FT Masterclass: Throw like a quarterback with Andrew Luck

The American footballer on how to throw the perfect pass

Travel: Bovey Castle, Devon

A revitalised former railway hotel on Dartmoor focuses on families

The Dublin route with John Banville

Vincent Boland takes a surprisingly unliterary tour of the city of Joyce and Beckett with another great Irish writer

FT Masterclass: Scything with Clive Leeke

The ancient art of scything is making a comeback


Martin Sandbu

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