Cheo oversees Cordelia Jenkins at work
©Tommy Sussex

FT Masterclass: graffiti with Cheo

‘We’d nick the paints and then find a wall,’ says the Bristol artist, who demonstrates how to wield a can of spray paint — legally

Maggie O’Farrell by the greenhouse at her Edinburgh home
©Sophie Gerrard

Interview: Maggie O’Farrell on making beeswax balm

The award-winning author shows the FT how she devised a treatment for her daughter’s eczema

segway polo
©Marco Kesseler

FT Masterclass: Segway polo with Jack Richardson

England’s best young polo player mounts his trusty two-wheeled steed to teach Jeremy Taylor the basics

©Jack Latham

FT Masterclass: beatboxing with Shlomo

There’s more to the art than a mouth and a mic: Helen Barrett minds her Ps, Ts and Ks

“Just think about the actual shapes you can see. Don’t think about it as a face”: Mark Haddon advises Hannah Beckerman at his home in Oxford
©Jasper Fry

FT Masterclass: portrait drawing with Mark Haddon

The best-selling novelist is also an accomplished draughtsman and painter

Jeremy Taylor at Kenilworth Castle, near Coventry
©David Severn

FT Masterclass: jousting with Dominic Sewell

Keeping a 12ft lance steady at a gallop requires skill, strength and a Monty Python-esque sense of humour

From left: Gillyanne Kayes, Sam Leith, Jeremy Fisher
©Rama Knight

FT Masterclass: vocal coaching

Can gurning, yawning and a ‘buttock reset’ help Sam Leith to deliver rich, resonant political oratory?

Rajiv Ouseph, British singles champion, at the National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes
©Tom Jamieson

FT Masterclass: badminton with Rajiv Ouseph

England’s top male player divulges some of the secrets of the world’s fastest racquet sport

©James Arthur Allen

FT Masterclass: horse whispering with Gary Witheford

The go-to man for troublesome animals on how to tame 700kg of badly behaved horseflesh

Shauna Coxsey and Jeremy Taylor scrabble and claw their way up a wall
©Alexander Rhind

FT Masterclass: bouldering with Shauna Coxsey

As she navigates her ascent, the British bouldering champion displays a spider-like elegance

FT Masterclass: zero-waste living with Bea Johnson

If you have less, you waste less, says the sustainable-living guru who recommends following the five Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot

FT Masterclass: rowing with Anna Watkins

Can the Olympic champion set a newbie straight amid choppy waters and an approaching barge?

FT Masterclass: auctioneering with Jeffrey Archer

The millionaire author and former MP shares the secrets of upping the bids. By Henry Mance

FT Masterclass: basketball

Can Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues, the shortest-ever NBA player, help Oliver Pickup realise his own hoop dreams?

FT Masterclass: ukulele with Joe Brown

The 1960s star who taught George Harrison how to play ‘the uke’

FT Masterclass: Sailing with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Crews need no previous sailing experience in the race he founded — just a spare year and £50,000

FT Masterclass: Rally driving with Elfyn Evans

How do you make a handbrake turn in a Ford Fiesta that costs more than a Rolls-Royce?

Football transfer fees hard to agree

News organisations agreed on half football transfer fees

FT Masterclass: Stage fighting with Kate Waters

In the theatre there are no stunt doubles. The key is to resist your instincts, says the fight director

Mourinho took team to unsustainable level

Underlying pattern he hinted at borne out by the numbers


Martin Sandbu

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