Uffington White Horse on White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire
©Tori Ferenc

Burial grounds and government bonds

David Oakley goes for a walk along the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire with Sir Robert Stheeman, the man in charge of Britain’s public borrowing. They pass ancient burial grounds and discuss what it’s like to borrow £1.5 trillion

©Jack Latham

FT Masterclass: Gong playing with Don Conreaux

The globetrotting 82-year-old teaches how to master an ancient sound

Bethan Davies at the Cardiff International Sports Stadium
©Gareth Phillips

FT Masterclass: race walking with Bethan Davies

The Welsh record holder is used to overtaking joggers, and even cyclists, but coaching Jeremy Taylor is no stroll in the park

©Marco Kesseler

FT Masterclass: surfing with Paul Pester

The TSB chief executive on how to ride a wave and the importance of escaping the day job

Barnaby Carder
©Jasper Fry

FT Masterclass: spoon carving with Barnaby Carder

It is the first utensil most people learn to use — but carving a spoon from scratch is a less intuitive experience

Sir Ben Ainslie and his team practise on one of their test boats on the Solent, ahead of the Portsmouth races on July 23 and 24
©Jack Latham

Sir Ben Ainslie on his new £85m dream

The Olympian with a fearsome reputation wants to be the first Briton to win the America’s Cup

Anita Sethi and DBC Pierre
©Owen Harvey

FT Masterclass: backgammon with DBC Pierre

How the ancient board game saved the life of the Booker Prize-winning author

Richard Thaler, left, instructs Jonathan Derbyshire in the unexpectedly complicated pursuit of putting
©Owen Richards

FT Masterclass: putting with Richard Thaler

The US economist and co-author of ‘Nudge’ on how behavioural theories apply even on the putting green

Jeremy Taylor (Number 158) joins a practice session
©Cian Oba-Smith

FT Masterclass: Ball boy, ball girl with Sarah Goldson

Wimbledon’s ‘BBGs’ are strictly drilled in gathering and handling tennis balls

©Giulietta Verdon-Roe

A walk with the FT: Telegraph Hill with AL Kennedy

The author is leaving London after four years there. She shows Hannah Beckerman the place she’ll miss most

FT Masterclass: BMX with Kriss Kyle

The Scottish stunt rider teaches ‘pumping’ and ‘dropping in’ — but how do you stop a bike with no brakes?

FT Masterclass: graffiti with Cheo

‘We’d nick the paints and then find a wall,’ says the Bristol artist, who demonstrates how to wield a can of spray paint — legally

Interview: Maggie O’Farrell on making beeswax balm

The award-winning author shows the FT how she devised a treatment for her daughter’s eczema

FT Masterclass: Segway polo with Jack Richardson

England’s best young polo player mounts his trusty two-wheeled steed to teach Jeremy Taylor the basics

FT Masterclass: beatboxing with Shlomo

There’s more to the art than a mouth and a mic: Helen Barrett minds her Ps, Ts and Ks

FT Masterclass: portrait drawing with Mark Haddon

The best-selling novelist is also an accomplished draughtsman and painter

FT Masterclass: jousting with Dominic Sewell

Keeping a 12ft lance steady at a gallop requires skill, strength and a Monty Python-esque sense of humour

FT Masterclass: vocal coaching

Can gurning, yawning and a ‘buttock reset’ help Sam Leith to deliver rich, resonant political oratory?

FT Masterclass: badminton with Rajiv Ouseph

England’s top male player divulges some of the secrets of the world’s fastest racquet sport

FT Masterclass: horse whispering with Gary Witheford

The go-to man for troublesome animals on how to tame 700kg of badly behaved horseflesh


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