husky-racer Mark Squires
©Jasper Fry

FT masterclass: Siberian Husky racing with Mark Squires

Brush up on your Inuit, bend your knees and don’t forget your goggles . . . Jeremy Taylor picks up some championship-winning tips in a Berkshire forest

Sport must stop the tactic of faffing

Constant cheating, complaining and general messing around blight contests

photographs of Jonathan Moules of the Financial Times plays a game of real tennis against William Sargent
©Greg Funnell

FT Masterclass: Real tennis with Sir William Sargent

The special effects boss is attracted to the quirky nature of the medieval racquet sport. But can he explain the rules to a confused Jonathan Moules?

Lounge at The Kings Head, Cirencester
©John Arandhara-Blackwell

Barometer: The Kings Head, Cirencester

A venerable Cotswolds inn emerges from an eight-year makeover

Rory Kinnear and Hannah Beckermann piecing together a puzzle
©Cian Oba-Smith

FT Masterclass: Jigsaws with Rory Kinnear

Settling down to solve a 500-piecer, the acclaimed actor says that he’s no longer a ‘side-and-corners guy’

Twenty20 cricket knocks sixes rate up

Boundary growth fits almost perfectly with T20 matches played

©Simon Owen

Skiing with the FT: Heston Blumenthal

Nothing whets the appetite like crisp mountain air . . . the FT joins the chef for three days of skiing, heart-stopping snowmobiling and gourmet feasting

Joan Wulff in action at her fishing school in upstate New York
©Timothy Briner

FT Masterclass: Fly fishing with Joan Wulff

Aged 88, she is still the doyenne of casting and quite happy to reel in a wayward line

Evelyn Stevens with Tim Bradshaw
©Matthew Reamer

FT Masterclass: Road biking with Evelyn Stevens

The FT joins the Olympian in San Francisco — where cycling is offline social networking

Geoff Capes
©Benjamin McMahon

FT Masterclass: Budgerigar fancying with Geoff Capes

Even professional strongmen have soft spots. For the former shot-put champion, his has long been for his birds

Barometer: The Old Parsonage Hotel, Oxford

Ancient, modern, arty — just what you want in the timeless town

RGIII joins the bench of fallen heroes

The quarterback’s downfall has been played out in public

FT Masterclass: Sprinting with Michael Johnson

Speed starts from the arms, not the legs, explains one of the fastest men in the history of athletics

FT Masterclass: Cheese and wine pairing with Francis Percival

Why does champagne go so well with goat’s cheese? And why is truffle camembert known as a ‘wine killer’? Put your taste buds to the test

FT Masterclass: Cage fighting with Alex Reid

The celebrity master of the multi-discipline contact sport shows how to succeed inside the ring

Formula-E with the FT: Jaime Alguersuari

One of the stars of the electric-car equivalent of Formula One shows the FT around his car

Barometer: The Swan Inn at Swinbrook

An Oxfordshire rural retreat – and sometime venue for EU leaders

FT masterclass: Darts with Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

Some top-flight tips from a true legend of the oche

Welding with Carl Bass

The software guru, a prominent figure in the ‘maker movement’, is used to working with bright sparks

A walk with the FT: the South Downs with Graham Swift

The writer, who takes his favourite walk ‘half a dozen times a year, at least – in all weathers’, talks about England, war and the stuff of life