Filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky talks ‘realpolitik’

Andrei Konchalovsky earlier this month in Venice, where he won Best Director at the film festival
©Giacomo Cosua

Fresh from winning his first award at the Venice Film Festival, the Russian director talks to the FT’s film critic

Paddy Considine, second from right, in 'Pride'

Pride – film review

No box is unticked, no schmaltz untapped in this 1980s-set comedy

'The Boxtrolls'

The Boxtrolls – film review

Zany, inventive stop-motion animation from Laika studio

Robin Wright and Philip Seymour Hoffman in 'A Most Wanted Man'

A Most Wanted Man – film review

Philip Seymour Hoffman provides glimmers of inspiration

Donald Trump in 'A Dangerous Game'

A Dangerous Game – film review

Donald Trump’s golf projects come under fresh scrutiny

Venice Film Festival: Golden Lion

A bizarrely titled Swedish film deservedly scoops the prize

A scene from 'In the Basement'

The weird and wonderful at Venice Film Festival

Is a movie just a feature drama or documentary? Or can it be an essay, a cine-poem, a soliloquy, a private or polemical discourse?

In ‘The Look of Silence’, an Indonesian optometrist confronts torturers and death squad chiefs
©Drafthouse Films

Venice Film Festival – first report

Art imitating art is the emerging theme at this year’s festival

Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy in ‘Obvious Child’

Obvious Child – film review

Jenny Slate stars as a hapless, hilarious stand-up comic

'Night Moves'

Night Moves – film review

Activists plan an act of sabotage in Kelly Reichardt’s film

The Keeper of Lost Causes – film review

A convoluted Scandinavian conspiracy thriller

Two Days, One Night – film review

An uncharacteristically gentle film from the Dardenne brothers

The Police Officer’s Wife – film review

Amid the frustrations, there is fine filmmaking here

Lucy – film review

Scarlett Johansson acquires a superbrain in Luc Besson’s film

Into the Storm – film review

Actors are dwarfed by special effects in this disaster movie

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For – film review

Impressive visuals but disappointing content in this graphic sequel

God Help the Girl – film review

A hummable, good-natured Glasgow-set story with songs

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall: an appreciation

No one is perfect – a fact that the biggest stars turn to account

Guardians of the Galaxy – film review

Disney’s new superhero saga features a furry warrior-hero and Vin Diesel as a talking tree

The Deer Hunter – film review

Michael Cimino’s three-hour Vietnam war epic returns

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