Debate sketch: A dysfunctional wedding

At least no one puked or snored, writes Matthew Engel

Ukip manifesto attracts 19th-hole bores

Farage appeals to his party’s gregarious wing

Cameron accentuates the positive

Previous Tory strategy of bashing Ed Miliband had been taken too far

Miliband has never sounded more like a PM

Labour leader takes on mantle of fiscal rectitude

Labour's Douglas Alexander chats to supporter Irene Caffrey at his constituency office in Paisley, Renfrewshire
©Gary Doak/FT

Alexander fights to hold Paisley seat

SNP’s 20-year-old challenger may unseat Labour frontbencher

Sturgeon bruised after Scottish debate

Champion of the English bout comes off worse than expected in TV clash north of the border

Alex Salmond at election hustings in Ellon, Scotland, on 30 March 2015.

‘Marmite’ man Salmond hits campaign trail

Despite no longer leading SNP, he may still play key election role

Footgolf steps up when game falls short

Latest attempt to solve the crisis hitting once-mighty game

TV debate was ‘we agree with Nicola’ show

Only the SNP leader was genuinely impressive

Meriden Puknews

Muted debate does little to rouse voters

Politicians have a responsibility beyond mere victory. They have to make people believe in the process

Richard III buried amid pomp in Leicester

Plantagenet king’s burial criticised as reviving passion for medieval relics as city enjoys a boost

Blackpool: Between a rock and hard place

Downmarket drift hinders revival hopes in marginal constituency

Voters have all the answers after final prime minister’s questions

David Cameron responds for last time before poll

Cameron fails to heed lessons of history

First rule of preparing to become ex-PM is to keep shtum

Sports and politics often sit ill at ease

Results are rarely good when athletes and politicians swap sides

Not much meat — or beer — in chancellor’s speech

Osborne has eyes on May poll as he delivers his plan

Ukip’s Tim Aker, the man who wasn’t there

Candidate elusive in seat rated party’s third most likely win

Rees-Mogg’s lead role in Midsomer drama

American lawyer stands against ultra-conservative sitting MP

McCoy to star in last Cheltenham festival

Dominant champion jockey will aim to bow out at the top

Wolverhampton grapples with legacy of Enoch Powell

Immigration still an issue in a city proud of its race relations


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