BBC Olympics wins medal in hype

David Coleman: anchored the coverage with complete mastery

Commentators have forsworn understatement

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Golden years

In Rio, records will fall and reputations will be made. But are the Olympics losing their ability to inspire?

Willett rises as Spieth learns to lose

Fate strikes reigning Masters champion like a Georgia rattlesnake

The ‘Rise of the Rebels’ bus tour in Dublin, which commemorates Ireland’s Easter Rising of 1916

Revising Ireland’s Easter Rising

Has modern Ireland changed the way it views the tumultuous events of Easter 1916?

A White Turf horse race
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St Moritz on thin ice

Climate change is stalking the resort where winter tourism began after warm weather put a stop to the White Turf horse race

Bamboo Hedge, Sandy Bay
©Ed Thorpe

Last boat to St Helena

One of the most remote islands on earth is getting an airport — and that could change everything

Tyson v Fury? Dream sporting dramas for 2016

Mourinho in Norfolk, Tyson v Fury, and mandatory drug-taking at the Olympics

Fury over boxer smacks of hypocrisy

Boxer’s ideas don’t have to make sense — he just has to hit people

Illustration by Leillo of a train carriage

Slow train coming

Unlike most of the developed world, Britain and the US are still waiting for the second age of rail

A cry for the future of test cricket

Match follows a film lamenting the decline of Tests

Fiddling in sport is not a new game

Defining figure of the new age was the late Primo Nebiolo

New Zealand assert their rugby supremacy

Back-to-back World Cup victory fulfils All Blacks’ historic role

In a state about fantasy sports gambling

The net is now closing on some sites and soon America’s fun police will claim two more victims

Broadcaster winds down his baseball clock

Vin Scully knows instinctively how to make the song sound right

Touching base with Cards, Cubs and chaos

Joe Maddon is leading the most promising litter of Cubs

MCC’s new chairman vows to end dispute

Promise of ‘trusting’ relationship after battle that ‘split club’

The only way is down for Cameron

Tale about pig looks bound to fly, from pubs to foreign capitals

A beginner’s guide to funny-shaped balls

The FT’s sports columnist has tried all the codes but still has a blind spot for the oval ball

Queen has never faced existential threat

Elizabeth II has always outpolled any politician

Women keep smashing new glass ceilings

New ground is broken every week but is everything rosy in the garden of female sport?


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