Cricket world mourns Phillip Hughes’ death

Game loses remarkable batting talent aged just 25

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, makes his keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow this afternoon.
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Speech of passion and panache is too late

Clegg delivers best conference address but troops are melting away

British Prime Minster, David Cameron makes his closing speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
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Cameron digs deep into rhetorical toolbox

Hint of desperation in unusual number of early election promises

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
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New model Osborne presents softer face

Chancellor tries to be Mr Nice – but there is something a bit off-key

Lots of Farage beefing but little beef

Ukip is a party with one policy: get out of the EU

'Please, Mister Postman' book cover

‘Please, Mister Postman’, by Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson’s memoirs turn from west London childhood to the Post Office and union politics. Review by Matthew Engel

Ellen Forson of the Yes campaign at their headquarters in Alloa, Scotland. To go with Mathew Engel copy.
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Chill of reality sets in for ‘Yes Clacks’

Clackmannanshire had hoped to blaze a breakaway trail

‘Wee county’ aims for big impact on poll

Clackmannanshire aspires to be first to announce referendum result

‘Don’t Cares’ prove thin on the ground

The ‘Stuff-The-Lot-Of-You’ faction is missing in Middle Scotland

Is Manchester United the new Tesco?

Over time trophies are a direct function of expenditure

Cricket faces crisis as it loses appeal

England v India Test series did not hit the spot for fans

The extinction of the passenger pigeon

How the death of Martha in 1914 marked the end for a species that used to number in the billions

Church gives blessing to women bishops

Females form an untapped talent pool that is ripe for preferment

Last stands fail to draw cricket crowds

Tail-enders’ crease occupation bedevils county game

Take defeat on the chin, Brazil – like us Brits

Britain’s protean sporting culture is inured to defeat, writes Matthew Engel

Racing cyclists complete Tour de Londres

Event hints at cultural cringe, French do not beg to host cricket

Murray wins but Strycova serves up shock

Progress seems to be getting easier for British number one

Felix Dennis, the improbable magazine entrepreneur

Oz editor who built up a £500m transatlantic fortune

At long last, reality kicks in for England

Players performed adventurously ... and at moments delightfully

Newark hints at Ukip electoral Culloden

Conservatives are odds-on favourites to win by-election


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