Parties fight it out in marginal seat

North Warwickshire, former MP, Mike O'Brien, campaigns in Bedworth high street ahead of the general election this year. To go with Mathew Engel copy, UK News.
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North Warwickshire constituency defines Middle England

Golf’s slow death in the Sky ghetto

The R&A will be voting for a slow death if it switches allegiance to the Murdoch network

The great leader born of a great crisis

Churchill embodied Britain’s escape from a fate worse than death

Death of the Page 3 girl

The Sun covers up after 44 years of topless models

Goings-on at Lord’s simply not cricket

Administration of sport could become main spectacle

How would Fifa score in a football quiz?

Some organisations show a remarkable indifference to sports they rule

Cricket has ridden its luck for too long

The use of bouncers and Australia’s mourning questioned

The statue of King Charles I in London’s Charing Cross
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‘Henry VIII’; ‘Edward VI’; ‘Charles I’; ‘George V’; ‘George VI’

For kings and queens, success is all about understanding the art of the possible. Review by Matthew Engel

The set of Urinetown
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British Institutions: West End theatre

Have London’s celebrated West End theatres lost their mojo?

Cricket world mourns Phillip Hughes’ death

Game loses remarkable batting talent aged just 25

A nation divides: London and ‘unLondon’

The capital’s influence is now felt in ever more distant parts of the country, yet it is the voters of ‘unLondon’ who will decide next year’s election

‘Socialist’ NFL would fail in capitalist London

American football is subsidy junkie; UK sport red in tooth and claw

Qatar takes battlefront to horse races

The Gulf states are increasingly using sport as an instrument of foreign policy

Too many international wet Wednesdays

The expansion of some fixtures is starting to discredit football

Kevin Pietersen, cricketer

As a world-class cricketer, admiration for his skill was universal but respect proved more elusive. Over Japanese food in London, the South African-born batsman gives the inside track on being England’s outsider

Speech of passion and panache is too late

Clegg delivers best conference address but troops are melting away

The rise of crazy golf’s mini-prodigy

You didn’t know there was a pro mini-golf circuit? Me neither

Cameron digs deep into rhetorical toolbox

Hint of desperation in unusual number of early election promises

May’s masterful message: look out for ME

Matthew Engel says Boris the great upstager was completely upstaged

New model Osborne presents softer face

Chancellor tries to be Mr Nice – but there is something a bit off-key


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