Cutting room queen: Scorsese’s editor

Thelma Schoonmaker
©Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Thelma Schoonmaker has edited every film by Martin Scorsese since 1980. Now the duo are collaborating on a more personal project

Jared Leto, left, and Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

On show at the Oscars

‘It is not the first time an actor capable of subtlety has been celebrated for his most showy role’

Overtaken by the future

It rarely takes long for the newfangled to become the new normal

Daniel Craig and Ola Rapace in 'Skyfall'
©2102 Danjaq

Solemn Bond’s reborn identity

This week’s new film releases: ‘Skyfall’, ‘Elena’, ‘Sister’, ‘Room 237’ and ‘Halloween’

‘In the House’

London Film Festival

With new films by Michael Winterbottom, Martin McDonagh and Deepa Mehta, the London Film Festival offers reasons to be fearful and cheerful

Goodbye first love

Løve story with a touch of Rohmer

This week’s films reviewed: ‘Goodbye First Love’, ‘Le Quai des Brumes’, ‘Angel and Tony’, ‘Monsieur Lazhar’, ‘Safe’ and ‘American Reunion’

Stillman after all these years

As Whit Stillman Month begins in New York City, the film director talks about his delightfully fresh new project

Photo of writer Nadine Gordimer
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The joys of being up close and personal

Public events like literary festivals offer a sense of intimacy and human connection that cannot be replicated on digital platforms

Christina Hendricks in 'Mad Men'

Nostalgia really is what it used to be

‘Mad Men’ allows us both to patronise the past and to long for its simplicities

Helen Castor
©Chris Gibbions

In thrall to the power of personalities

When we watch TV programmes, we do so as part of a crowd that uniformly defers to a person of perceived authority

Imperial measurements

Jeremy Paxman approaches imperialism from a sensible, modern perspective, using British traits to denounce other British traits

Scientists, vampires and other heliophobes

It would be wonderful if history programmes concentrated on everyday phenomena

Marriages put to work

Achieving the right balance between work and life is hard in every television marriage

Beneath the skins of the fathers

Recent TV programmes about men and childcare are not showing the full picture

East End promise, safely delivered

‘Call the Midwife’ wants to portray the London area’s past as truly in the past and ripe for heart-warming reminiscence

The world as seen from England

However seductive we may find France or Spain or Italy, they must finally be deemed baffling

Typically English, basically American

John McKay’s film ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ tells the story of English photographer David Bailey’s struggle to be accepted

Something rotten in France – and Denmark

Jonathan Meades’s show sought to expose ‘les trente glorieuses’ as a period of amnesia and hypocrisy

Desperate to be more than housewives

Womankind hasn’t received especially enlightened or flattering treatment on screen

Value in Victorians and Morse mythology

Though we complain about it, sequels, prequels, remakes and spin-offs will continue to persist in popularity