Eight essential beauty looks for autumn


The best new season beauty tricks – from ‘gym hair’ to lo-fi brows and the new nudes

‘Bikini selfie’ season

I dropped an inch instantly, but expect evil-looking bruising afterwards

Beauty insider: The sun’s risk factors

There’s more to sun protection than sunscreen

Let’s shed our fitness myths

We women have spent years not finding a ‘cure’. And men come along and claim ownership? I don’t think so

Yoga fan Reese Witherspoon

My position on yoga

‘I spent the 90-minute class fuming about how money-grabbing the new yoga had become’

Spa at Four Seasons

Everyone’s new best friend

‘Beauty columnist might not rank highly on many people’s lists of jobs with a strong social purpose, but I beg to differ’

The age of miracles

‘If a tiny, fragile flower can survive harsh conditions, just think what it could do for our skin’

Understated upgrades

‘I present my guide to achieving a new make-up look this spring, with the caveat that you shouldn’t try it all at once’

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