Savvy Savagnin

‘Jura wines have become the height of fashion with certain wine trendsetters’

What lies beneath

‘Those who understand geology insist there can be no direct relationship between what is below the vineyard and what is in the glass’

Sparkling success for England’s wineries

English vineyards scoop the prizes at Decanter World Wine Awards

Brave new bubbly

‘Growers’ champagnes, being identified with all this tech spec and with a real live individual attached, have much more of a story to tell’

Santa Cruz: mountains that conquer

‘These obsessively planted and tended vineyards are producing some of the most ambitious Pinot Noir being made anywhere’

Kiwi kudos: New Zealand Chardonnay

‘A blind tasting comparing Kumeu River Chardonnays with fine white burgundies suggests they can more than hold their own’

An illustration of wine bottles on a catwalk
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Changing tastes

‘As part of the zeitgeist there is more emphasis on wines that taste lighter and fresher’

02 Oct 2013, Tianjin, Tianjin Municipality, China --- --FILE--Pan Sutong, chairman of Goldin Financial Holdings Limited, watches a polo match during the Fortune Heights Super Nations Cup 2013 in Tianjin, China, 2 October 2013. Pan Sutong made $22 billion this year and then lost most of it. He says he doesn't care. The little-known electronics and property tycoon, who is based in Hong Kong, had jumped to number four on Bloomberg's Asia wealth ranking last week as shares in his companies Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd. and Goldin Properties Holdings Ltd. surged more than 350 percent. In that period, his wealth expanded faster than Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, whose net worth climbed by $8.2 billion, and Li Ka-shing, who was up $4.6 billion. Then on Wednesday (20 May 2015), Li Hejun's Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd. lost $19 billion in less than half an hour, spooking the market. In two days, the Goldin twins have --- Image by © Imaginechina/Corbis

Horse-loving Goldin tycoon takes a tumble

Billionaire with passion for wine and polo takes $13bn hit

Illustration by Ingram Pinn for rosé story
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Pink rethink

‘Hues varied from pale-greyish salmon through some bluish lipstick-pinks to colours so deep they were really pale reds’

Italy’s precious past

‘Wine lovers who would like to taste significant ingredients in Italian wine history, and have the deepest of pockets, can now do so’

Blend ambition

‘As far as we neophyte blenders were concerned, it was just a question of getting the proportions right’

1955 — a very good year

‘I grew up knowing burgundy,’ Lalou told me. ‘As soon as I was born, my father wet my lips with Le Musigny 1929’

Bordeaux’s woes

‘The big questions are not just how these baby 2014s are priced but whether enough people will care, even if they get the price right’

Cropped out: Cape wine lands

‘Few of the South African young guns can afford to buy land, so for their creative blends they depend on the goodwill of farmers’

The hottest thing at the bar this year

A mere 400 years after Elizabeth I first enjoyed it, the elixir returns, reinvigorated with native botanicals

Champagne: bursting the bubbly

‘We are left in the dark about too many champagnes. In an ideal world, I’d appreciate information about all ingredients’

Lucky ’07 wines

‘There were too many wines among those we tasted whose producers seemed to think it was enough to carry a famous name’

Santa Barbara wines

‘I’m aware wine tourism can get out of hand. It took me hours to inch, bumper to bumper, into Napa Valley one sunny Sunday last month’

Corking UK figures for champagne sales

Second-biggest market for the celebration tipple after France

Climate change and wine’s alcohol levels

‘For wine drinkers, the most striking effect of climate change is the rise in alcohol levels. Who wants to drink a wine that can offer little other than alcohol?’

Argentina’s higher plain

‘I tasted the Zuccardis’ range of high-altitude wines, and it is light years from what has been the rich, oaky Argentine norm’

A large glass of Sussex, bartender

Wineries set to apply to EU for protected origin status

Hermitage 2013

‘One of the most frequent laments I hear during my annual visits to the northern Rhône is how difficult it is to sell Hermitage’

Chile’s cool crew

The regions being plundered by Chile’s new generation of wine producers are to the south of the traditional ones

Bonhams auction signals fine wine recovery

Data suggest demand stabilising after years of volatility

Postcard from . . . the Jura

The Percée du Vin Jaune sees the new vintage of the local wine blessed in church by a bishop — but it is also a pretext for a joyous winter street party

Tenth amendments: 2005 red Bordeaux

‘The most impressive thing about the 2005 bordeaux vintage is how consistently exciting it is’

Terroir incognita

‘These were stunning wines by any measure, from vines between 40 and 70 years old in this rugged corner of southern Africa’

Wine claims top drink title from beer

Brewers cheer first sales rise for a decade but warn of tax threat to pubs

Swiss wines

‘It had been some time since I had tasted many Swiss wines, and I was truly excited by much of what I saw’

White meets its match

An increasing proportion of whites are high in acidity, have no trace of the toastiness of oak and have the flinty smell of recently struck matches

Britons to spend more on wine than French

UK on course to overtake France as second-largest still wine market by value behind the US

Romania’s grape hopes

According to some estimates, no fewer than 120 new wineries came onstream in Romania last year alone

Burgundy 2013

‘We have some indication of what sort of Burgundy vintage 2013 is: far from opulent but fresh and focused’

Subsidising wine

The EU has now increased the sum available for promoting wine over the period 2014 to 2018 by 121 per cent to €1.15bn

Chilled dry sherry is the new cool drink

Retailers and tapas bars are bringing the Spanish drink to a new generation of consumers

Top 20 sparkling wines

No shortage of luxurious fizz for the holidays with a few bargains at the top of the list

The other glass ceiling: female winemakers

‘Women are the most powerful economic force in the world’s wine market‘

Top 20 white and fortified wines

These vintages gained a score of at least 17 out of 20 and range from sweet and/or strong to dry and light

Christmas red wines

Twenty of the finest reds to have spread themselves across my palate over the past few months