The other glass ceiling: female winemakers

‘Women are the most powerful economic force in the world’s wine market‘

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Top 20 white and fortified wines

These vintages gained a score of at least 17 out of 20 and range from sweet and/or strong to dry and light

Christmas red wines

Twenty of the finest reds to have spread themselves across my palate over the past few months

Southern Rhône wines

The 2013 Grenache crop was down about 30 per cent but some vineyards lost up to 90 per cent of their potential production

A seismic shift in the Mount Etna wine region

Etna was about to be engulfed not by molten lava but by an influx of wine producers

The Queen’s wine merchants

For well over two centuries Justerini & Brooks and Berry Bros have done battle in the British marketplace

A bear’s market

Prices in California have stopped heading skywards – good news if, like me, you love the sumptuousness of its top-quality wines

Crossroads for Côte d’Or

‘Land in Burgundy is no longer affordable for Burgundians . . . Those with an eye to the future are investing in cheaper land to the south’

Tempranillo rising

Tempranillo went from being the world’s 24th most-planted grape in 1990 to fourth position in 2010

Winemakers make a U-turn

An increasing number of winemakers are expressing disaffection with the wines they made in the past

The best Paris wine shops, or cavistes

By far the busiest of Paris’s most interesting wine shops was a new one on the edge of the Marais that sells not a bottle of French wine

Pure pleasure: the natural wine bar scene

In little more than five years ‘vins naturels’ have become a sensation in Paris. An expert on the subject picks her favourite places to imbibe

Best champagnes and sparkling wines

The judges worked over seven consecutive days. We must assume that all three have resilient tooth enamel and acid-resistant palates

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild

‘Philippine had run Mouton Rothschild since 1988, when her father died, with such energy that it surprised many of us to learn that she had turned 80’

Relabelling European wine: what’s in a name?

Some wines labelled ‘Vin de France’ are truly exciting, representing admirable ambition on the part of the producers

Wine Car Boot: a model way of selling

‘I have never experienced such a cool, friendly atmosphere at a public wine tasting’

Doyenne of Rothschild wine dynasty dies

Former actress widely credited with extending brands

Andrew Jefford: Sauvignon supremacy

Sémillon was historically the dominant component in dry white bordeaux but Sauvignon has now eclipsed it

Andrew Jefford: The acid test

One of the most pernicious myths in the wine world is that a wine ‘needs’ prominent acidity in order to age well

Investors set for Treasury Wine bid battle

Andrew Jefford: Routes to Rhône

Cornas goes beyond the simply fruity to include something more savoury. The vines have responded to the subtle climatic modulation

Andrew Jefford: Wine without frontiers

A number of growers in Collio (Italy) and Brda (Slovenia) have made wine blended from fruit harvested on both sides of the border

Serious student drinking

For recent graduates wondering what to do with their hard-won degrees, the world of wine needs many of their skills

Grapes of worth

I want to draw your attention to the world’s greatest white wine grape. It expresses place more eloquently than any other

South African wines

This collection really did confirm the existence of a whole new era in the country’s wine history

A nose for crime: counterfeit wines

‘Downey spends less time advising collectors on what to drink and more time armed with the tools of her anti-counterfeit trade’

Pinot Noir renaissance

Austria, until recently more readily associated with fine white wines, is enjoying a red-wine renaissance

The rich heritage of Italian wines

Of all the world’s wine-producing countries, Italy offers the greatest variety if not of wine styles then certainly of terrains