Etna wine illustration
©Ingram Pinn

A seismic shift in the Mount Etna wine region

Etna was about to be engulfed not by molten lava but by an influx of wine producers

Hong Kong recipes

Rowley Leigh in Hong Kong ©Kurt Tong
You have a fair idea as to the freshness of your fish when your plastic bag twitches uncontrollably on the tram home
– Rowley Leigh
Rowley Leigh in Hong Kong ©Kurt Tong
In his second report from Hong Kong, the finest New Territories poultry is on the menu
– Rowley Leigh

Brunch at the Colony Grill Room

Luxuriant wood, brass and leather decor combine with brunch classics from both sides of the ocean to create an elegant Manhattanesque experience in London

Image of the book, 'Lovely Food: a cookery notebook', by Ruth Lowinsky (1931) from the British Library Collection
©Nina Mangalanayagam

Lovely Food – A Cookery Notebook

A mouth-watering take on food for the society wife (or, rather, her cook) to serve at theatre suppers and shooting parties

Huertas in New York’s East Village
©Nancy Borowick

Huertas and The Cecil, New York

‘On Tuesday nights, all pintxos are just a dollar each. One customer managed to eat a record 43’

©Richard Allen

A pincer movement

Shellfish are seen as a luxury these days. But do the lobsternomics add up for the consumer as well as the restaurateur?

restaurant reviews
Donna Carmela
©Alfio Garozzo

Four restaurants in Catania, Sicily

The mozzarella was the whitest, freshest, saltiest and most delicious I have yet encountered

Ariana II, Kilburn
©Charlie Bibby

Colbeh and Ariana II, London

‘The warmth generated by the naan oven made me realise that this set-up is the original “‘open kitchen”’

Gordon Ramsay restaurant
©Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

‘We shared a glass of Barbeito Rainwater Madeira over Smyth’s signature dessert, a lemonade parfait’

The Foxhunter

The Walnut Tree Inn and The Foxhunter, Abergavenny, Wales

‘The skate had been sautéed, then the shrimps were added, alongside creamy mashed potatoes’

Ham Yard boasts lots of space and natural light

Ham Yard Hotel, London

The interior design is ultra-modern – and will strike some as colourful, others as confusing