An illustration of a wine from Gredo Mountains
©Ingram Pinn

A Spanish secret

‘Even today, the limpid reds and rich, textured whites of Spain’s Gredos Mountains are known mostly to insiders,’ writes Andrew Jefford

Five of the best

Sarabi at the Sankara
Savour the views as well as the drinks at these watering holes in Kenya’s bustling capital
Junior’s cheesecake
A food writer’s favourites for the best pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, barbecue and cheesecake
Tim Hayward and his DIY duck press
©David Loftus

The à la car menu

Research for his new book ‘The DIY Cook’ involved deconstructing all kinds of classic dishes

A piccalilli from Rubies in the Rubble

Five of the best: chutney and preserve makers

A selection of treats by the country’s finest producers of jams, conserves and pickles

Restaurant reviews
The table settings at Restaurant Christophe Bacquié

Restaurant Christophe Bacquié, Le Castellet, France

‘Every dish consisted of too many bowls and side dishes that required the waiters to return too often’

Wormwood’s dining room

Wormwood, London

Chef-owner Rabah Ourrad’s original career was as the leading rap artist in his native Algeria

The new home of Chutney Mary
©Richard Booth

Chutney Mary, London

‘The reincarnation of Chutney Mary in this space, once the esteemed Prunier’s, may be Mathrani’s greatest challenge’

Le Rest(o!, with the dunes of the Atlantic coast stretching into the distance
©Vincent Bengold

Le Rest(o!, Arcachon

‘The restaurant overlooks the most extraordinarily wonderful views I have ever enjoyed’

Granger has opened his third London restaurant at King’s Cross
©Petrina Tinslay

Granger & Co, London

‘The ricotta pancakes are now so popular in Japan that they have become the design for a keyring’

The beach view from inside Hostal Empúries

Costa Brava, Spain

‘The inspiration for our mains was local — succulent pieces of octopus and paella with a profusion of squid’

Diners at Animal

Animal, Los Angeles

‘There was succulent marrow inside a roast bone; poutine lusciously topped with chunks of oxtail’