©Graham Roumieu

Vintage point

‘I was thrilled to find that most of the 2005 reds from Burgundy are now beginning to deliver pleasure’

On the menu

New Orleans bar scene illustration ©Nomoco
How a vibrant bar scene has come to represent the regeneration of the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina
The Marksman pub ©Ana Jaks
Two London examples show how the gastropub has become the British equivalent of the bistro or osteria
Stir-fried squid
©Tamin Jones

Recipe: quick stir-fried squid

Squid doesn’t have to be tricky — or rubbery. Just criss-cross with a knife, stir-fry speedily with a few aromatics and enjoy

©Tim Lahan

How economic shrimps can grow to become industry’s big fish

‘An economically backward country should protect its young industries until they catch up with competitors’

Smokehouse, Islington
©Helen Cathcart

Five of the best: British barbecue joints

UK venues that offer an authentic flavour of the American south

restaurant reviews
Kul’s rigorously modern interior
©Magnus Omme

Kul, Copenhagen

‘The bed on which the spare ribs teriyaki reclined, a jam-like reduction of tomato, was awe-inspiring’

Casse-Croûte’s classic decor

Casse-Croûte, London

‘I wonder what the waiter saw in my demeanour that made him say, “ . . . and of course, for Monsieur, the tripe”’. Tim Hayward on a restaurant with the bistro blueprint

The table settings at Restaurant Christophe Bacquié

Restaurant Christophe Bacquié, Le Castellet, France

‘Every dish consisted of too many bowls and side dishes that required the waiters to return too often’

Wormwood’s dining room

Wormwood, London

Chef-owner Rabah Ourrad’s original career was as the leading rap artist in his native Algeria

The new home of Chutney Mary
©Richard Booth

Chutney Mary, London

‘The reincarnation of Chutney Mary in this space, once the esteemed Prunier’s, may be Mathrani’s greatest challenge’

Le Rest(o!, with the dunes of the Atlantic coast stretching into the distance
©Vincent Bengold

Le Rest(o!, Arcachon

‘The restaurant overlooks the most extraordinarily wonderful views I have ever enjoyed’