Illustration by Ingram Pinn for rosé story
©Ingram Pinn

Pink rethink

‘Hues varied from pale-greyish salmon through some bluish lipstick-pinks to colours so deep they were really pale reds’

On the menu

Pigstock organiser Tom Adams prepares the pig carcass ©Nicholas White
Every year, butchers, chefs and breeders come together to celebrate cooking and eating pork
– Tim Hayward
Nuno Mendes’s Japanese condiments and 'crazy olive oils' ©Richard Nicholson
Seven top chefs reveal their essential store-cupboard standbys
A prawn cocktail
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Prawn cocktail

‘I have never been crazy about Marie Rose sauce’

SL28 cafe

Five of the best: new cafés in London

These places take their food, equipment and coffee cocktails seriously

Chef Skye Gyngell
©Andy Sewell

Skye Gyngell on her new restaurant Spring

How the chef created her dream restaurant — plus exclusive recipes

The garden at Barwick House

Little Barwick House, Somerset

‘A restaurant with rooms can be run with a certain amount of eccentricity’

Inside Kin Khao

Kin Khao and Los Gatos, San Francisco

‘A hotter version of the dry-fried ribs in turmeric and curry paste left my head tingling’

Jago’s stylish, Spanish-designed premises
©Steve Joyce

Jago, east London

‘Solley’s menus get the attention they deserve at night; by day, Jago is mainly a staff canteen’

Jérôme Aubert (fourth from left) with staff outside Ratapoil
©Eric Valdenaire

Ratapoil and Frenchie, Paris

‘Restaurateurs reported that as the fall in the euro attracts more visitors, business is improving here’

Shikumen’s dining room

Shikumen, London

‘We were here for the Peking duck and the dim sum — and neither disappointed’

Camino’s open kitchen and dining room

Camino, California

‘I have never agreed that service standards in the US are high because the customer controls the tip’