Illustration by Ingram Pinn of women winemakers
©Ingram Pinn

The other glass ceiling: female winemakers

‘Women are the most powerful economic force in the world’s wine market‘

On the menu

Fish la Boissonnerie, Paris
In his 25th year of writing for the FT, our Restaurant Insider shares his highlights from around the globe
Chocolate coin
‘A plea for next year: a dark chocolate coin, for adults only. Aren’t we allowed a treat too?’
Salmon en croûte
©Andy Sewell

A fish called wonder: Salmon en croûte

‘I was playing with the idea of this dish and got a little carried away… and came up with a very festive affair‘

Maya Meron
©Charlie Bibby

Profile: Maya Meron, Quince Organic

‘Music has its own beauty,’ Meron says, ‘but cooking brings immediate results’

©James Ransom

Food 52 recipe: cinnamon scone bread

How two food obsessives brought America’s culinary knowledge alive online

©Addie Chinn

Quick bites: A double espresso — or martini?

However you prefer your pick-me-up, a new Soho bar specialising in both coffee and cocktails offers a tantalising taste of a bygone Italy

restaurant reviews
The NoMad Bar
©Frances F. Denny

Cheap eats in New York

The chefs make 800 tortillas an hour, filled with hunks of spit-roasted pork laced with pineapple

The imposing interior of Spring restaurant
©Amber Rowlands

Spring, London

‘The redevelopment reveals a style of restaurant that London has not seen for many years’

Donna Carmela
©Alfio Garozzo

Four restaurants in Catania, Sicily

The mozzarella was the whitest, freshest, saltiest and most delicious I have yet encountered

Ariana II, Kilburn
©Charlie Bibby

Colbeh and Ariana II, London

‘The warmth generated by the naan oven made me realise that this set-up is the original “‘open kitchen”’

Gordon Ramsay restaurant
©Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

‘We shared a glass of Barbeito Rainwater Madeira over Smyth’s signature dessert, a lemonade parfait’