The Tacos Chavez truck
©Tacos Chavez/Twitter

Quick Bites — Mexican food in Napa

Wine, yes — but a gut-busting burrito or a plateful of spicy, chilli-laced tacos, is arguably the true taste of Napa

©Alex Hely-Hutchinson

Recipes — porridge reinvented

Inspired by how seriously the Danes take their porridge, Alex Hely-Hutchinson decided to reinvent the way we view our oats

The Pig on the Beach
©Max Milligan

The Pig on the Beach, Studland, Dorset

‘The Bath Chap is probably one of the most truly unnerving plates of food I’ve ever had laid in front of me’

©Patricia Niven

Recipe — tuna dip, broccoli, potato and eggs

Broccoli, new potatoes, eggs and endives — all great for dunking in this tremendous tuna sauce

©Graham Roumieu

Andrew Jefford: happy valley

‘Impressive Napa wines are grown at every altitude, which contradicts examples elsewhere’

Illustration: Cretan white wine
©Graham Roumieu

Andrew Jefford: the stars among Cretan wines

‘The indigenous star among Cretan whites, Vidiano, can vary from fresh and sappy to peachy and creamy’

From left to right: An Elektra espresso machine – the company uses copper for the boiler; AE Stanton offers eight blends of coffee roasted on the premises; a Rancilio Silvia pump-action espresso machine, like Sands’ own
©Joakim Blockstrom

The secrets of London’s coffee doctor

When Philippe Sands’ espresso machine broke down, he took it to Haddon Rustin, who introduced him to a new world of beans and machines

Vedge Restaurant, Philidelphia. Ed Behr review

Vedge, Philadelphia, US

‘Six of us ordered the entire menu, and the feeling of missing meat crossed no one’s mind’

Wild strawberry ice-cream
©Sophie Green

Recipe: wild strawberry ice-cream

The know-how of the gelateria translates deliciously to the wild strawberries and cream of the great British summer

Selling non in Bukhara
©Theodore Kaye

Quick bites: breaking bread in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s hallowed ‘non’ bread is wrapped up in age-old traditions that are slowly shifting to meet the modern world


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