Illustration by Graham Roumieu of two people in a vinyard
©Graham Roumieu

A village affair

‘The white burgundies of Domaine Coche-Dury are the most sought-after in the world’

On the menu

An illustration for Sicilian kitchen ©Luke Best
Food writer Rachel Roddy on the romance and reality of her Italian culinary education
The Marksman pub ©Ana Jaks
Two London examples show how the gastropub has become the British equivalent of the bistro or osteria
– Tim Hayward
BBQ aubergine with jewelled rice salad
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: BBQ aubergine with jewelled rice salad

Honey & Co’s aubergine with a savoury crust is a delicious combination, and one that’s too good to keep to yourself

Illustration of cheese slices
©Richard Allen

Cry God for Tunworth

The breathtaking brilliance of British cheese has made us the nation we are

Estiatorio Milos’s interior
©Rosie Hallam

Estiatorio Milos, Regent Street, London

‘These new openings are bringing life back to old London buildings that are no longer attractive for retail or office use’

Foxlow’s Sherry Cobbler
©Toby Keane

Bar review: sherry cocktails

Mixologists are creating thrilling new takes on the tipple that once wowed the Victorians

restaurant reviews
The Ivy after its renovation
©Jack Eastham

The Ivy, London

‘I have a longstanding grouse with the bookings arrangements of London’s über-brasseries’

Maison du Colombier, Burgundy

Maison du Colombier, Burgundy

‘A menu of “small plates” in Burgundy, home of “la grande bouffe”, comes as a shock’

Liam and Ellis Barrie

The Marram Grass, Anglesey

‘The mussels were stupidly fresh and cooked just enough to set their plump cushions of fat’

Dinings’ signature sushi dishes
©Charlie Bibby

Dinings, London

‘My seat is perhaps the most dangerous I have ever occupied in any restaurant anywhere’

Kul’s rigorously modern interior
©Magnus Omme

Kul, Copenhagen

‘The bed on which the spare ribs teriyaki reclined, a jam-like reduction of tomato, was awe-inspiring’


Martin Sandbu

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