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A sparkling success

‘LVMH is betting on the fact that the world’s wine drinkers will want bubbles wherever they are – even in red wine-obsessed China’

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Illustration by Ingram Pinn showing wine bottles inside an Easter chocolate egg ©Ingram Pinn
Good quality chocolate, the sort that costs a fortune, can certainly be paired with wine provided you choose carefully
– Jancis Robinson
Barbecued and butterflied leg of lamb
Far from appearing daring, to spike a leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary now seems to be rather a cliché
– Rowley Leigh
Rowley Leigh's Torta Pasqualina
©Andy Sewell

Torta Pasqualina

‘Whether in chocolate or in paint, Easter has always celebrated that potent symbol of rebirth’

Illustration by Richard Allen of tutters
©Richard Allen

Meet the Tutters

‘Is it the food? The service? This audible punctuation of exasperation by a special breed of customer has a surprising explanation’

Book cover of 'Fancy Ices'
©Nina Mangalanayagam

Fancy Ices

What to serve for dessert at a Victorian ‘ball supper’? Try an ice-cream swan or a frozen soufflé tower, says ‘ice queen’ Mrs Marshall

Tart restaurant, Bristol

Five of the best: Bristol restaurants

Some West Country favourites – from a wild boar breakfast in Bishopston to Moorish-cum-Mediterranean with a view of Clifton Lido

Outside the tiny Jesse Restaurant
©Algirdas Bakas

Din Tai Fung, Rui Fu Yuan, Jesse Restaurant, Shanghai

‘Best of all was bean curd topped with diced hairy crab – a Shanghainese delicacy’

©Jami e Orlando Smith

Chiltern Firehouse, London

‘The forecourt, home for many years to fire engines, is now an elegant garden’

The interiors of Restaurant Mark Greenaway
©Mark Greenaway

Restaurant Mark, Café St Honoré , The Scran & Scallie, Edinburgh

‘Too many of those wonderful ingredients ended up in French or Italian kitchens. Not today’

Angelus’s dining room

London’s Gallic charmers

‘I recently felt that I had spent 12 hours in France, even though I hadn’t put a foot out of London’

Duddell’s private dining room

The Boss, Duddell’s, Hong Kong

‘I became aware that it takes more than scurrying waiters to generate a good night out’