An illustration of people at a restaurant
©Luis Grañena

Dan Jurafsky: the secret language of food

‘We analysed thousands of US menus and found we could predict prices just from the words’


Illustration by David Sparshott of foraged food ©David Sparshott
This passion for all things foraged is getting silly. Why the fuss over strange weeds found in woods rather than fish, game or berries?
– Rowley Leigh
©Cat O’Neil
China is the great outsider in world gastronomic circles. But in Sichuan an 18-seater restaurant and its magisterial chef are showing how change may come
– Fuchsia Dunlop
Illustration by Andy Bridge of a group of travellers looking at livestock in Calabria
©Andy Bridge

An Italian adventure: the trip to Calabria

This poor, remote region in Italy’s toe is little known to tourists and foodlovers. But for Edward Behr, the overlooked beauty – and rustic cooking – had a romance of its own

An illustration showing Padstow

Cornish delight: Rick Stein’s halo effect

The cult is inescapable in the town of Padstow but the burgeoning popularity of other chefs in this corner of Cornwall offers hope that there might be life after its chief benefactor

Illustration by Lara Harwood of a man through a lemon orchard
©Lara Harwood

A lunar landing: Extremadura’s moon lemons

The locals left them to rot but Paul Richardson’s desire to use this luscious fruit from western Spain gave him a purpose – and talking point – during his early years in the remote village of Hoyos

Andrew Jefford: Sauvignon supremacy

Sémillon was historically the dominant component in dry white bordeaux but Sauvignon has now eclipsed it

restaurant reviews
Toto’s dining room
©Helen Cathcart

Toto’s and Artusi, London

Nothing is going to get in the way of an evening that runs like a speedboat crossing the Lido

The tiny dining room at 64 Degrees

64 Degrees, Brighton

‘This shows all the riotous, sexy joy of a tapas joint in backstreet Barcelona’

The simple wooden interior of Kirazu

Kirazu, Antidote, London

With just 25 seats at his restaurant, Yuya Kikuchi fulfils the roles of chef and dishwasher

La Ruota dining room view

La Ruota, Moneglia, Italy

The restaurant overlooks Moneglia far below, its beach, the calm sea … The vista only improves when the stars come out

Joseph’s bakery and adjacent bistro
©Gregor Graf

Bauer, Joseph and Clementine in Vienna

A chic bakery with a bistro attached: is this the Viennese café of the future?