Illustration by Ingram Pinn depicting Riesling grapes
©Ingram Pinn

Grapes of worth

I want to draw your attention to the world’s greatest white wine grape. It expresses place more eloquently than any other


Jan Dalley ©Giacomo Cosua
Very few people still practice the traditional Venetian art of stand-up rowing. But a non-profit organisation is keen on preserving the old water culture
Deqin county in Diqing prefecture, 35km from the Tibetan border
In the remote reaches of the Himalayas lie a world-class winery and remarkable native foodstuffs
– Jancis Robinson and Nicholas Lander
Rowley Leigh's cuttlefish stew with beets, chilli and orange
©Andy Sewell

Cuttlefish stew with beets, chilli and orange

I know nothing marine that stands up to long cooking or yields so much to a stew as the cuttlefish

Joseph’s bakery and adjacent bistro
©Gregor Graf

Bauer, Joseph and Clementine in Vienna

A chic bakery with a bistro attached: is this the Viennese café of the future?

The Montpelier

Five of the best: New London pubs

The dark, slouchy pubs of old are giving way to a modern breed with craft ales and film screenings

The terrace at La Vague d’Or, St Tropez;
©Christophe Duranti

La Vague d’Or, Saint Tropez

‘The menu introduces some very high notes, as well as introducing curious eaters to unusual ingredients’

restaurant reviews
Scott’s in Mayfair

Scott’s, London and Union Square Café, New York

‘Restaurateurs have opened up parts of numerous cities where other retailers feared to tread’

Chefs busy at The Palomar
©Helen Cathcart

The Palomar, London

‘Alongside the mezze there is Persian stew, Moroccan-style bream and mussels cooked to a Kurdish recipe’

The interiors of Sager + Wilde's

Sager + Wilde, Lyle’s, 8 Hoxton Square, London

‘That night’s unusual main course was Somerset suckling kid, simply prepared on a charcoal grill’

Interiors of Café Gandolfi
©Carol McCabe

Glasgow: Café Gandolfi, Crabshakk, Monachyle Mhor

‘Over our stay it was three firmly established operators who impressed the most’

Interior of Assunta Madre, Mayfair

Assunta Madre, Mayfair, London

‘The original was opened in Rome by Johnny Micalusi, whose boat provides the catch for both branches’