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Skiing with the FT: Heston Blumenthal

Nothing whets the appetite like crisp mountain air . . . the FT joins the chef for three days of skiing, heart-stopping snowmobiling and gourmet feasting

Food & Drink

‘An increasing proportion of whites are high in acidity, have no trace of the toastiness of oak and have the flinty smell of recently struck matches’
– Jancis Robinson
Apple galette ©Andy Sewell
Pudding at this time of year is not a lemon tart from a pâtisserie or a pile of fruit and tubs of ice cream
– Rowley Leigh
Romanian wine
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Romania’s grape hopes

According to some estimates, no fewer than 120 new wineries came onstream in Romania last year alone

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How the best chefs use their brains

Breadcrumbed, fried or dressed in double cream — for chefs, brains are a versatile ingredient. But can they persuade diners to try them too?

Five of the best: Restaurants with rooms

Eat at any of these top-notch venues — and, afterwards, simply crawl upstairs to a fabulous bedroom

illustration by Richard Allen of a monk doing self-flagellation
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Eaten up with guilt

Roll on February and an end to New Year’s nutritional self-flagellation


La Trompette, London

‘A Jerusalem artichoke soup sounds pretty straightforward until the extra ingredients are factored in’

Philip Kendall
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Tufnell Park, London

This latest French influx has contributed to a new sense of affluence in the area

Rabbit with lardons at The Simone
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The Simone, Bâtard, New York

‘A pear bavarois and lemon cream tart bring our meal, most reluctantly, to a sweet finale’

Maison Pic

Maison Pic, Valence, France

In the spacious restaurant there is a studied calm, with nothing to detract from the pleasure of the food and wine

Maya Meron
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Profile: Maya Meron, Quince Organic

‘Music has its own beauty,’ Meron says, ‘but cooking brings immediate results’