Illustration by Graham Roumieu
©Graham Roumieu

The new wave of Oz

‘A new generation of producers is turning its back on conventional archetypes and making wines quite different from the old icons’

Five of the best

Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road
A selection of restaurants close to the Chelsea Flower Show
Corallo Lobster Bar at La Rinascente, Milan
Where top-notch shopping meets exceptional dining

Recipes: easy Japanese food

It’s healthy, refined, balanced — and perceived as difficult. But it can be much simpler to prepare than you think

Why the BBC’s cookery website is not a recipe for disaster

‘Though Britain is up in arms at the news the BBC is to archive 11,000 free online recipes, there may be cause to quietly cheer the move’

©Felicity McCabe

The taste test: supermarket croissants

The winning croissant ‘should be dunked in a bowl of steaming hot chocolate . . . immediately’

Five of the best: home-brewing suppliers

From mash paddles and malt to kegs and carbonation drops, there’s a wide choice of brewing kit served up online

restaurant reviews
Kaupers Restaurant

Kaupers Restaurant im Kapellenhof, Selzen, Germany

‘Pike enjoy nothing more than a duck that comes too close to them in the wild’

Elegance replaces brash fashion

Sartoria, Savile Row, London

‘Though I love a well-rolled lapel as much as I love a decent meal, I could never quite fit the two into the same evening’

Inside Baa Ga Din
©Salit Chairoongruang

Le Du and Baa Ga Din, Bangkok

‘Schultz did an immersion course in Thai street food. His dishes zing with flavour and heat’

The Pitt Boss Plate at Hang Fire Southern Kitchen
©Huw John

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry

‘The barbecue food they’re turning out in Wales is some of the best I’ve encountered outside the Deep South’

Gravetye’s gardens
©Claire Takacs

Gravetye Manor, Sussex

‘The beautiful location and celebrated gardens have inspired chef George Blogg to take his creativity to new heights’


Martin Sandbu

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