Carey Mulligan, ‘Suffragette’ (2015)

A woman’s role in Hollywood

How did strong female characters become such a problem for the film industry?

‘Lamb’, a debut feature set in Ethiopia
©London Film Festival

London Film Festival

From rural Ethiopia to a documentary on the troubles of Marlon Brando, this year’s event is packed with unmissable pictures

Carey Mulligan in 'Suffragette'

Suffragette — film review

An urgent portrayal of women’s battle for the vote

From left, Victor Garber, Hank Rogerson and Emily Blunt in 'Sicario'

Sicario — film review

Denis Villeneuve’s film explores a murky world of narco-darkness

Abraham Attah and Idris Elba in 'Beasts of No Nation'

Beasts of No Nation — film review

A traumatic portrayal of child soldiers in Africa

Slava Fetisov, centre, is the star witness in 'Red Army'

Red Army — film review

Absorbing documentary about the 1980s Soviet ice hockey team

Emma Watson, David Thewlis and Ethan Hawke in 'Regression'

Regression — film review

Alejandro Amenábar serves up a tale of ‘satanic panic’

Reality check on Back to the Future Day

How much did the 1980s film get right about 2015?

GE revives Theater for podcast generation

Fiction venture is group’s latest content marketing push

Stephen Frears
©Anna Huix

Stephen Frears interview

Lance Armstrong is ‘monumentally stupid’, cyclists are ‘crazy’, journalists are ‘scum’. Filmmaker Stephen Frears pulls no punches

The Martian — greatness and gaffer tape

Matt Damon is stranded on Mars in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster

3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets — film review

Marc Silver’s documentary is both important and understated

The Walk — film review

Robert Zemeckis restages Philippe Petit’s high-wire walk using CGI

The Intern — film review

Robert De Niro excels as a senior intern in Nancy Meyers’ comedy

Macbeth — film review

Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth is stark and shorn to the bone

The list: five films that play fast and loose with the facts

Ridley Scott’s new film The Martian has left some scientists less than impressed with its accuracy

The talented Miss Highsmith

Nigel Andrews on what makes the American novelist’s work so appealing to film-makers — yet so difficult to capture

Mia Madre — film review

Nanni Moretti’s film is an inspired life-and-death tragicomedy

Life — film review

Dane DeHaan stars as James Dean in this handsome-looking film

99 Homes — film review

Michael Shannon shines as a Florida property shark