Horatia Harrod

Openings: Lights, camera, equality

A new 139-page report on the position of women in the British film industry is a catalogue of horrors

Hillsborough, BBC2

A two-hour investigation of what led up to the disaster attending Liverpool football fans in Sheffield on April 15 1989

Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep in 'Florence Foster Jenkins'

Florence Foster Jenkins — film review: ‘A deft comedy’

Meryl Streep is a perfect fit as the notoriously tuneless singer

Christian Bale in 'Knight of Cups'

Knight of Cups — film review: ‘Glimpses of brilliance’

Yet more vaguely mystic prettiness from director Terrence Malick

Tom Hiddleston, centre, as Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light'

I Saw the Light — film review: ‘Listless’

Tom Hiddleston plays Hank Williams in this lukewarm biopic


Evolution — film review: ‘Unflinching strangeness’

A haunting film, set in an otherworldly coastal village

Robots in movies: good, bad, terrifying

From ‘Wall-E’ to ‘Terminator’, films have shaped how we see our future

Dr Sam Willis
©Alastair McCormick

The Silk Road, BBC4

There are constant eruptions of colour as different cultures blossom in silks along the silk road

Annabelle Wallis
©Anna Huix

From Peaky Blinders to The Mummy

Annabelle Wallis on her determination to portray strong women and her Hollywood breakthrough

Géza Röhrig in 'Son of Saul'

Son of Saul — film review: ‘A triumph’

László Nemes’s film immerses its audience in Auschwitz’s horrors

Captain America: Civil War — film review: ‘Infectious’

Politics mingles with delirious action in this superhero movie

Heaven Knows What — film review: ‘Startling’

Homeless youngsters in a world of love and heroin

Demolition — film review: ‘From annoying to glib’

A metaphor-strewn movie about a man in mourning for his dead wife

Alain de Botton on the fiction of love

How representations of romantic relationships ruined the real thing

Tribeca Film Festival 2016 round-up

Subprime drifters, a renegade hitman, Elvis in decline - uncertainty pervades this year’s line-up

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures — film review: ‘Appreciative and frank’

A spry documentary about the late photographer

Miles Ahead — film review: ‘Don Cheadle is remarkable’

A biopic of the jazz trumpeter addresses big ideas

Jane Got a Gun — film review: ‘Bad blood

Natalie Portman stars in a Western with a troubled history

Arabian Nights: Volume 1 — The Restless One — film review: ‘Anger and absurdity’

The first instalment of a sprawling Portuguese trilogy

Why Hollywood blows hot and cold with jazz movies

Films about jazz are risky, but this year sees the arrival of three

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