Richard Attenborough: 1923-2014

Oscar-winning director dies at 90

David Bowie in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (1976)
©British Film Institute

‘Sci-fi: Days of Fear and Wonder’, London

Antonia Quirke on Britain’s eccentric contributions to sci-fi coming soon to the British Film Institute

Fabrizio Rongione and Marion Cotillard in 'Two Days, One Night'

Two Days, One Night – film review

An uncharacteristically gentle film from the Dardenne brothers

The Police Officer’s Wife – film review

Amid the frustrations, there is fine filmmaking here

Scarlett Joansson in 'Lucy'

Lucy – film review

Scarlett Johansson acquires a superbrain in Luc Besson’s film

Sarah Wayne Callies in 'Into the Storm'

Into the Storm – film review

Actors are dwarfed by special effects in this disaster movie

Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba in 'Since City 2: A Dame to Kill For'

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For – film review

Impressive visuals but disappointing content in this graphic sequel

Olly Alexander, Hannah Murray and Emily Browning in 'God Help the Girl'

God Help the Girl – film review

A hummable, good-natured Glasgow-set story with songs

‘Piers the Plowman Revisited’, Radio 4

A cheerful exercise in pill-sweetening that manages to avoid dumbing down

Blood Ties

Blood Ties – film review

Crime drama steeped in 1970s nostalgia

The Rover – film review

A sweat-drenched, vitally human vision of post-apocalypse

The Expendables 3 – film review

Faded action heroes reunite for random bombs

Dinosaur 13 – film review

Few heroes emerge from this palaeontological squabble

The Congress – film review

Animation and live action intermingle in a film of two halves

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall: an appreciation

No one is perfect – a fact that the biggest stars turn to account

Robin Williams: mentor to a generation

Even teenage cynics were susceptible to the pep talks delivered by the actor’s screen personae

Lauren Bacall, film actress, 1924-2014

Stage and screen actress from Hollywood’s golden age

Actor Robin Williams remembered

‘Great Poets in Their Own Words’, BBC4

Big names in 20th-entury poetry from the staid pre-Great War conservatism to political rebels and national treasures

Welcome to New York – film review

A masterfully filmed study of rampaging appetites

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