'Tea Pot Rock' (1870), by William Henry Jackson

Sight Reading, New York — ‘Amiably discursive’

A fascinatingly eclectic survey of photography

'Bristow' by Adel Abdessemed is a rooftop commission for this year's Bold Tendencies. Photo: Damian Griffiths
©Damian Griffiths

Peckham’s car-park arts hub works on so many levels

Bold Tendencies is making the most of its limited lifespan

George Stubbs's ‘Tygers at Play I’ (before 1776)

Stubbs and the Wild, Holburne Museum, Bath, UK — preview

The British artist was far more than just a horse-painter

Mona Hatoum's 'Light Sentence' (1992). Photo: Philippe Migeat
©Philippe Migeat

Mona Hatoum, Tate Modern, London, review — ‘Triumphant’

The artist’s show expresses the terrible beauty of unbelonging

Carmen Herrera's 'Costa del Sol’ (2015). Courtesy Lisson Gallery
©Lisson Gallery

Carmen Herrera, Lisson Gallery, New York — ‘Purity of line and vision’

The centenarian painter creates fiercely-edged geometric works

A still from Cao Fei's 'Whose Utopia?' (2006)

Cao Fei, MoMA PS1, New York — ‘Pithy and profound’

A wistful portrait of urbanism’s crushing embrace

Mosaic of itinerant musicians (2nd-1st century BC)
©Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples

Art of the Hellenistic age at the Met, New York

‘Pergamon’ reveals the ‘theatricality, glitz and emotion’ of the art favoured by Alexander the Great’s successors

Haunting: the work is a copy of the ‘Psycho’ homestead
©Alex Fradkin

Cornelia Parker at the Met

The sculptor’s installation on the museum’s rooftop evokes a creepy American archetype

Shaw photographed in his studio earlier this month
©Trent McMinn

Inside Raqib Shaw’s fantasy factory

The artist, whose work of ‘extravagant artifice’ marries eastern and western art, talks about life in his exotic studio

Helen Johnson
©Ruth Clark

Glasgow International Festival — ‘Breadth and depth’

The citywide biennial plugs seamlessly into its surroundings

Guan Xiao at London’s ICA

The video artist and sculptor on her complex feelings towards labels and technology

Driving force behind a touring culture bus

Mission to foster artistic links between US and the Middle East

Edgar Degas’ monotypes at the MoMA

When the artist tried an expressive printmaking technique, he found a new passion

Seydou Keïta at the Grand Palais

The Malian photographer only became known to art circles in the west years after he had retired

Children in art

An infantile vision has been increasingly central to artists since the 18th century, says Jackie Wullschlager

This Place, Brooklyn Museum, New York — ‘Fragmentary visions’

Twelve photographers struggle to capture Israel and the West Bank

Hajra Waheed interview: ‘I am interested in the space of not knowing’

Truth is a slippery concept in the Montreal-based artist’s work

Sydney Biennale: a journey of discovery

This year’s biennale links the city through a series of ‘embassies’

Gustave Caillebotte exhibition at Giverny

A new show reveals the vision of a painter, patron and gardener. Review by Jackie Wullschlager

Photography and Foul Play, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York — ‘Troublingly seductive’

Celebrity outlaws and flashlit murder scenes are drawing crowds