Giovanni Battista Moroni, ‘A Gentleman in Adoration before the Madonna’, c. 1560, oil on canvas, Samuel H. Kress Collection
©Courtesy of National Gallery of Art

Other exhibitions: Giovanni Battista Moroni, Christian Boltanski and more

Also Sigmar Polke and Constable

‘Ship in a Bottle’ (2011) by Yinka Shonibare

Sculptors’ Jewellery, Pangolin Gallery, London

The show is an answer to the art world’s current mood for gigantism

A photograph taken from the top of New York’s Metropolitan Life Tower by Alvin Langdon Coburn
©Alvin Langdon Coburn

Snapshot: ‘Alvin Langdon Coburn’, Fundación Mapfre, Madrid

The photographer, best known for his portraits, held an exhibition with the Royal Photographic Society in London at the age of 19

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Cambridge

Jackie Wullschlager on a fine new exhibition of the Scottish artist’s visionary work

Degas’ ‘The Rehearsal’, part of the Burrell collection at Bonhams
©CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collect

Burrell at Bonhams, Bonhams, New Bond Street, London

The exhibit shows the museum quality of 45 top pieces both aesthetic and historic, including works from Rembrandt and Degas

Paul Cézanne’s ‘Madame Cézanne in a Red Armchair’
©Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Madame Cézanne at the Met

Tender wife or dull-witted shrew? A New York show tries to rescue the reputation of Hortense Cézanne, the maligned muse of a genius

Degas’ ‘The Rehearsal’, part of the Burrell collection at Bonhams
©CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collect

Burrell at Bonhams, Bonhams, New Bond Street, London

Other exhibitions: Anna King, Rembrandt and more

Also Phillip King and Maggi Hambling

'Pacific Sun' (2011), by Thomas Demand

Snapshot: ‘Pacific Sun’, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The image is a still from a stop-motion film by the German conceptual artist Thomas Demand

'Newton' (1795), by William Blake

William Blake: Apprentice & Master, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The English artist was wildly eccentric — but he was no outsider

Refraction. The Image of Sense, Blain Southern Gallery, London

Norwegian curator Peter Amdam takes on post-internet artists of an emerging generation, all aged around 30

Other exhibitions: William Morris, Andy Warhol and more

Also JMW Turner, Henry Moore and Gérald Cramer

Snapshot: ‘Picturing Mary’, US National Museum of Women in the Arts

Sofonisba Anguissola’s self-portrait, which shows her painting the Madonna and child, reveals the artist’s faith in her talent

Olafur Eliasson at Fondation Louis Vuitton

The philosopher of spectacle is staging an immersive show at Bernard Arnault’s new museum. He talks about its challenges

Other exhibitions: Dadamaino, Egon Schiele and more

Drawn by Light, The Weston Cast Court, The Infinite World of Dadamaino, Egon Schiele and Giovanni Battista Moroni

William Blake: Apprentice and Master, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Show spans the artist’s career, opening with his apprenticeship, aged 14, and closing with the late series of engravings

Snapshot: the FT Seasonal Appeal 2014 Photography Auction

One of the star lots is Cecil Beaton’s photograph of the painter Lucian Freud and his then-wife, Caroline Blackwood

Russia’s winter flowers

The photographer capturing Moscow’s brightest bonnets

Big beasts invade Art Basel in Miami Beach

Huge, wind-powered skeletal creatures that auto-locomote along the sand will provide one of the most fantastical and exciting spectacles at this year’s fair

Jeff Koons at the Pompidou

‘Absurd, spectacular, dull, numbing and repulsive’. Jackie Wullschlager reviews the American artist’s exhibition in Paris