James Crabtree

The FT’s Mumbai bureau chief on economic renaissance, snap election and attacks on minority Muslims in Sri Lanka

Gideon Rachman

The FT’s chief foreign affairs columnist on interviewing world leaders at hotels and talking theology with taxi drivers

Izabella Kaminska

The FT Alphaville reporter takes ballroom lessons, talks to author John Lanchester and learns fintech jargon

Marrakech photo, 'The Diary: Tom Robbins'

Tom Robbins

The FT’s travel editor on speed-dating-style sessions at a Marrakech trade show, food poisoning, and the rise of ‘Instameets’

Naval gazing illustration, "The Diary: Jeremy Paxman"
©Luke Waller

Jeremy Paxman

The FT’s new contributing editor on naval gazing, performance poet Kate Tempest and whether Napoleon was a midget

Illustration by Luke Waller for Lorien Kite's The Diary
©Luke Waller

Lorien Kite

The FT’s books editor on his experience as a judge of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction

Martin Wolf

The FT’s chief economics commentator looks back on the publicity circuit for his latest book and why he considers it his child

Jesmyn Ward

The writer contemplates the weight of history and the deaths of five young black men chronicled in her memoir

Nicola Barker

The novelist on writing a eulogy for Michael Crosby-Jones, a burglary at her home and the middle-class bias of ‘The Kitchen’

Illustration for Andrew Roberts' The Diary

Andrew Roberts

The author on his new book about Napoleon the Great, who was his same height and same age when the gigantic figure died

Randy Boyagoda

The author and his family watch salmon leaping in Toronto and visit their ancestral home in Sri Lanka

AN Wilson

The writer wonders how the great figures of Scottish history would have voted, and campaigns to save Wedgwood

Caroline Daniel

On a trip to San Francisco, the editor of FT Weekend lets herself in for a true Silicon Valley experience

Alan Johnson

The former home secretary on Hull’s renaissance and Britain’s enthusiasm for book festivals

Barney Jopson

The FT’s Washington correspondent on Taiwan’s bubble milk tea, and the island’s appreciation of all things Japanese

Jonathan Ford

The FT’s chief leader writer attends Summer in the City and gets a first-hand taste of the fervour that pervades the event

Armand Marie Leroi

The professor and author on his dream villa, reconstructing American pop music history and dating Jerry Hall

Jonathan Eley

The FT’s personal finance editor on doing assault courses, trying ‘tartiflette’, and discovering free Evian mineral water

Nicola Barker

The novelist on how society regards bald frankness, getting to grips with glasses frame-making and her parish priest’s leaving

Elizabeth Spiers

Why a meditation workshop might be a necessary antidote to the ticking alarm clock of life

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