The joys of Wagner’s ‘Ring’

A scene at a Wagner opera
©David McConochie

The FT’s Josh Spero waxes lyrical about his marathon viewings of the opera cycle

©Shonagh Rae

The Diary: John Kampfner

Night after night, the champagne flows as corporates vie for the glitziest party on the beach or, better still, on the yacht

The Diary: Robin Lane Fox

My 44-year-old eider duck sleeping bag is my long-stop in life, even if the pound collapses next week

Illustration for Singapore Diary: James Crabtree
©Shonagh Rae

From Shangri-La to Funtasy Island

James Crabtree on a Singapore security summit for ‘crisply uniformed generals and Dr Strangelove-types’

©Luke Waller

Philippe Sands

The law professor on his lecture at the Hay Festival and why he is hopeless with faces and names

Illustration for The Diary: Jeremy Paxman
©Toby Whitebread

Jeremy Paxman

The FT’s contributing editor on the growing elderly population, fishing and how the EU referendum has energised people

Illustration by Luke Waller
©Luke Waller

Ruchir Sharma

The author on Indian politicians, Turkish politics and the city with the second-best food

Illustration by Shonagh Rae of North Korea
©Shonagh Rae

Seven strange days in North Korea

The FT’s Asia editor on his visit to the hermit kingdom

Illustration of Frieze art fair
©Illustration by Luke Waller

Jan Dalley

On a trip to NYC for Frieze art fair, the FT’s arts editor stays at an intriguing Airbnb in Harlem

©Shonagh Rae

John Paul Rathbone

The FT’s Latin American editor on endearing Spanish nicknames, and the Hispanic voters’ view on the US elections

Izabella Kaminska

The FT Alphaville reporter on attending a shadow banking workshop and speculation on the Bitcoin inventor’s identity

Hedley Twidle

The South African academic and essayist on the Zeitz MOCAA museum and Africa’s only nuclear power plant

Alec Russell

The Weekend FT’s incoming editor on tech wizardry, wacky theatre, billionaires, palatial gardens

Jeremy Paxman

The FT’s contributing editor on having his phone shut in the fridge and spectacular buildings with nothing much inside

Jonathan Ford

The FT’s chief leader writer on the Wentworth golf club row and his dismay over a new internet craze

Rory Bremner

The political satirist on making fun of George Osborne, being around the ‘bitterati’ and the pro and anti-EU arguments

Jeremy Paxman

The FT contributing editor on visiting Coventry’s cathedral, ‘University Challenge’ and journalism’s exuberant humour

Matthew Garrahan

The FT’s global media editor on attending the Oscars, visiting friends and an evolving Los Angeles

Murad Ahmed

The FT’s European technology correspondent witnesses tight security and visits al-Aqsa mosque on a trip to Jerusalem

Nicola Barker

The novelist on becoming her pet’s erotic pawn, Facebook’s designated ‘pages’ and brand economics