Philippe Sands

'Today' show illustration
©Shonagh Rae

The law professor on Nuremberg memorial week and the quest for international justice

King Kong movie illustration
©Luke Waller

The Diary: Tom Hiddleston

The actor on a new King Kong film, JG Ballard and red-carpet selfies

Illustration of works of art in Saudi Arabia
©Shonagh Rae

FT editor Lionel Barber in Saudi Arabia

‘This is an extraordinary time to visit: a new king, an oil-price collapse and a war of choice in Yemen’

Nicola Barker

The novelist on garden foxes, digital etiquette, and muscular television news

The Diary: Randy Boyagoda

The author attends a literary-political conference, where the struggles of oppressed writers and their families were discussed

Illustration of a protest over the new contract for junior doctors
©Luke Waller

Sandi Toksvig

The broadcaster on founding the Women’s Equality party, Nicole Kidman and travelling more slowly

Izabella Kaminska

The FT Alphaville reporter on Paul Volcker as a pub quizmaster, financial crime authors and ‘Star Trek’ economics

©Luke Waller

Michael Skapinker

The FT columnist on the Emerging Voices arts award, the New York Public Library and dressing up for an evening event

Illustration of an Uber user by Luke Waller
©Luke Waller

Tina Brown

The journalist on Uber in Saudi Arabia, the Women in the World Summit and Michael Moore’s latest film

The Diary: Nicola Barker

The novelist on finally reading ‘Don Quixote’, taking a DVD vacation and the refugees already living in Britain

Amanda Foreman

The historian and biographer on flush toilets, filming in public, faux-Joan of Arcs and Liz Kendall

Maggie Fick

The FT’s west Africa correspondent on feeling at home in Cairo, Lagos and Seattle

The Diary: David Gates

The American author and Anglophile visits London for the first time

‘Unconference’, a tech summit with a twist

Caroline Daniel visits H-Farm in Italy

John McDermott

The FT commentator on bagpipes, golf and yellow plastic ducks

Nicola Barker

The novelist on her French bulldog’s diet, wedding shows on TV and ‘Go Set a Watchman’

Sarah Churchwell

The US literature professor learns it can be worth hanging out with academics

Martha Kearney

The BBC presenter runs into a nightmare ahead of ‘Don Giovanni’

Andrew Hill

The FT’s management editor gets to try a ‘Feast for the Senses’

Gideon Rachman

The FT’s chief foreign affairs commentator in Australia

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