It’s not time to write off our debt to Greece

What has taken me aback has been the level of sarcasm, condescension and outright hostility that pervades much of the discussion

When truth gets in the way of a good biopic

Real life, however dramatic, rarely provides a narrative as satisfying as well-made fiction can

Authenticity ain’t what it used to be

Intellectual property law does not seem to help much when it comes to the arts

Identity needs an artist’s touch

Politicians do everything they can to make their statements simple; artists embrace complication

Esquire cover with Muhammad Ali

Collecting: I’ve got it covered

The Esquire issue with a cover of Sonny Liston in a Santa Claus hat is the best piece of Christmas journalism ever

The King, and all his finery

‘Elvis at the O2’ features a curious mixture of the banal and the resplendent, and is none the worse for that

Support the arts: enter the draw

The National Lottery is possibly the most successful example of crowdfunding ever

Taylor Swift performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" in Times Square on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, in New York
©Greg Allen/Invision/AP

A Swift end to streaming, a long goodbye to the stage

One is turning into an unstoppable hit factory; the other has to stop, facing the inevitable consequences of physical decline

Priceless experiences for the authentically rich

The laws of demand and supply dictate that there will be a two-tier system of cultural tourism

Growing pains

Perhaps the wretchedness and sadness of the whole affair is a commentary on the hellishness of Miley Cyrus-level celebrity

Surrealism: In praise of boiled string

The movement’s most valuable contribution was that it shattered ideas of what it is reasonable for an artist to do

Bendor Grosvenor: Snap judgments

I bet that Rubens, when he made his own copy of Titian’s great work, would have taken a photo if he could

Antonia Quirke: a loser’s guide to filmgoing

I don’t really want to watch movies in a heritage setting or Imaxed on the moon

Vintage women

In a world slavishly devoted to youthfulness, are middle-aged women just intrinsically boring?

Lessons in cultural capital

Art in today’s world is valued for status, fashion, interior decoration or money-laundering rather than for any durable aesthetic worth

Welcome to the empire club

Here are some ideas for that perfect downer of a present for the future, the dark side of British culture

So much for cultural openness

‘Art is committed to telling truths, even if unpalatable. This can make life uncomfortable for governments’