Appeal to save Wedgwood collection

£2.74m needed following pensions dispute

Jean Pigozzi, investor

Over gnocchi in Cannes, the investor and socialite talks about clothes for ‘rich old men’ and why his idea of paradise is browsing for electrical gadgets

Emin’s Bed makes return to UK

German owner loans famous artwork to the Tate galleries

Emin’s unmade Bed makes £2.5m at auction

Piece by British artist is sold for double the estimate

Bonhams whittles down suitors to five

Investment bank Greenhill to conduct strategic review

Ziba Ardalan at Art Basel, 2014 (Photograph: Sarah Gray)
©Sarah Gray

Ziba Ardalan and her non-profit London art gallery

At the 10-year-old Parasol Unit, the curator has introduced often little-known artists to a London audience

Untitled images from Cristina De Middel’s series ‘The Afronauts’ (2011) (Photograph: Cristina de Middel/The Photographers’ Gallery)
©Cristina de Middel/The Photographers’ Gallery

DIY photography books are the rage

Photographers are using cheap digital technology to design, produce and promote their work – and kick-start their careers

Sekhemka, Inspector of the Scribes (c2,400-2,300BC) (Photograph: Christie’s)

Exceptional antiquities go under the hammer

Auction houses react to the rising trend of buyers seeking one-of-a-kind works of decorative arts and sculpture

Study of the artist’s right hand, by Hendrick Goltzius, c1588 (Photograph: Christie’s)

Strong season for drawings by Old Masters

Market enjoys a rare harvest with works from Botticelli to Rubens appearing at auction houses

Lynn Chadwick’s ‘Stranger III’ (1959) (Photograph: Blain Southern)
©Blain Southern

Winners and losers from the art market’s new rules

Boundaries are blurred in the strange world of commercial art, with the shifting landscape benefiting some while hitting others

Record set for Schwitters in Christie’s sale

The auction house had a disappointing sale of Impressionist and Modern Art but sold Kurt Schwitters’ ‘Ja-Was?-Bild’ for a stunning £13.9m

Russian curators tap into country’s art history

Initiatives have been launched to raise the profile of Russian contemporary artists

Asia stamp of approval for Stanley Gibbons

Trader of collectables’ sales in the region eclipse US for first time

Brisk business at the Basel fair

A fast crowd at the world’s premier international art show with much already sold before the doors even swung open

Stamp sells for world record $9.5m

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