Q&A with author Sarah Perry

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How do I relax? By creating something I am not obliged to be any good at — music, dresses, complicated puddings

Q&A with author: Alexandra Harris

What am I most proud of writing? ‘Weatherland’

Q&A with author Charlotte Hobson

‘Which literary character most resembles me? I see myself in every book that moves me — from Dostoyevsky to Nancy Mitford to Donna Tartt’

Lapthorne turns corporate governance hero

Outright failures in governance and abuse of shareholders cited

Q&A with author Muriel Barbery

My favourite place in the world? Shinnyodo, a small hill with a temple in Kyoto. It’s a deeply unpretentious and deeply spiritual place

Chris Cleave

Q&A with author Chris Cleave

‘What am I scared of? Madness. Aren’t we all?’

Jenni Fagan

Q&A with author Jenni Fagan

‘What is the last thing I read that made me laugh out loud? My bank statement’

Author Deborah Levy
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Q&A with author Deborah Levy

‘What am I most proud of writing? The speech at my mother’s funeral. The hardest thing I had to write’

Chris Pavone

Q&A with author Chris Pavone

‘Who would I choose to play me in a film? A girl accused me of looking like Patrick Dempsey. I’ll take it’

Hotel Chocolat will be hard to resist

It is testament to success of brand that bankers reckon it could be worth £150m when it floats

Q&A with author Bernard Minier

What keeps me awake at night? The fear that everything happening to me could end tomorrow

Q&A with author Ottessa Moshfegh

What music helps me write? I find that listening to 1990s hip-hop inspires me with courage when I’m afraid of what’s happening — or not happening — on the page

Q&A with author Dimitri Verhulst

Do I have a writing routine? Writing has remained my passion — there is no need at all to schedule it

Q&A with author Samantha Hunt

‘Who would I most like to sit next to at a dinner party? A foul-mouthed storyteller’

Q&A with author Sophie Hannah

What is the best piece of advice a parent gave me? ‘Rest more, get more sleep, go slower’. I never take it

Q&A with author Valerie Martin

‘When do I feel most free? Walking away. It’s always walking away’

Q&A with author Francesca Kay

What is my favourite word? Today, looking out of the window at a stormy sea in Scotland, I’ll say ‘spindrift’

Q&A with author Han Kang

What keeps me awake at night? Dreams. Sometimes nightmares. I also write about them

Q&A with author Ann Morgan

What am I scared of? Losing the capacity to think clearly

Q&A with author Marina Warner

What is my current favourite word? Eunoe: the river of good memories in Dante