Q&A with author Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss

What am I scared of? Dogs. More like ‘in abject, animal terror’ than ‘scared’. Keep it away from me

Q&A with author Namwali Serpell

Where do I write best? Wherever. I’m too nomadic to be picky

Australian author Steve Tolz at the Edinburgh International book Festival 2009

Q&A with author Steve Toltz

Who would I choose to play me in a film about my life? An animated cartoon sloth

Q&A with author José Eduardo Agualusa

Which literary character most resembles me? None. I’m too uninteresting to make a good literary character

Ali Smith
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Q&A with author Ali Smith

‘Has life become easier or harder for new writers? It’s always a leap of faith, combined with the work of balancing the finances’

Dorthe Nors

Q&A with author Dorthe Nors

‘What does it mean to be a writer? It means working even when you’re sleeping. It’s not really a job’

Peter Stamm, Swiss novelist, attends a photocall for the Man Booker International Prize 2013 finalists at Southbank Centre on May 20, 2013 in London, England
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Q&A with author Peter Stamm

‘What is my current favourite word? I use the word ‘seltsam’, strange, very often in my texts’

Q&A with author Miranda July

‘Who would I choose to play me in a film about my life? Emma Watson’

Jenny Offill

Q&A with author Jenny Offill

‘How would I make a living if I weren’t a writer? Teaching sign language to gorillas’

Frances Leviston
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Q&A with poet Frances Leviston

‘What is the last thing I read that made me laugh out loud? A student essay. It wasn’t meant to be funny’

Q&A with novelist Jeffrey Archer

‘How do I relax? Watching a cricket match at Lord’s — preferably England vs Australia’

Q&A with author Laird Hunt

Which literary character most resembles me? In my youth it was Conan the Barbarian or John Carter of Mars

Q&A with author Chris Killen

‘What is the strangest thing I’ve done when researching a book? Bought Viagra’

Q&A with author Emily Woof

‘Who would I most like to sit next to a dinner party with? I’d bring my dad back. There’s so much I’d like to talk to him about’

Q&A with author Jenny Erpenbeck

‘What is the strangest thing I’ve done when researching a book? Pretending, aged 27, to be 17 and at school, for three weeks. It worked’

Q&A with author Grace McCleen

What would I change about yourself? The balance of chemicals in my brain

Q&A with poet and novelist Kei Miller

What am I scared of? Myself mostly. The stupid things I say at times — the people I hurt. I hate that

Q&A with author Mary Costello

‘Who would I like to be stuck in a lift with? Carl Jung or Lou Andreas-Salomé. Or both’

Q&A with author Jane Smiley

Who would I most like to sit next to at a dinner party? Dead: Harriet Beecher Stowe. Alive: Russell Brand

Q&A with author James Robertson

What is my daily writing routine? Do everything and anything else first. I aim for 1,000 words