‘Hubris’, by Meghnad Desai

The author’s explanation of the great recession

Front cover of 'Sex by Numbers', by David Spiegelhalter

‘Sex by Numbers’, by David Spiegelhalter

A survey that reveals intimate details of what goes on behind the bedroom door. Review by Isabel Berwick

Front cover of 'The Shepherd’s Life', by James Rebanks

‘The Shepherd’s Life’, by James Rebanks

An unsentimental account of sheep-farming by a star of the Twittersphere. Review by Melissa Harrison

‘Dealing with China’, by Henry Paulson

The former US Treasury Secretary’s access to China’s elite has given rise to some thought-provoking stories

‘The Killing Compartments’, by Abram de Swaan

The author argues that reducing mass murderers to ‘ordinary men’ ignores real life’s complexity. Review by Stefan Wagsty

Front cover of 'Introducing the Ancient Greeks’, by Edith Hall

‘Introducing the Ancient Greeks’, by Edith Hall

A whistle-stop tour through the trials and triumphs of ancient Greek civilisation. Review by Suzi Feay

‘The World Beyond Your Head’, by Matthew Crawford

Besieged by virtual demands on our attention, we are losing touch with the world. Review by Sarah Bakewell

Fussball, Bundesliga, 1978/1978, VfL Bochum, Pressetermin, von links: Dieter Bast, Matthias Herget, Michael Lameck, Franz-Josef Tenhagen, Trainer Heinz Hoeher - 13.07.1977 sports, football, Bundesliga, 1977/1978, VfL Bochum, team presentation, f.l.t.r. Dieter Bast, Matthias Herget, Michael Lameck, Franz-Josef Tenhagen, coach Heinz Hoeher - 13.07.1977
©Werner Otto/Ullstein Bild

‘Matchdays’, by Ronald Reng

A prize-winning account of the travails of an embittered football manager in postwar Germany. Review by Simon Kuper

Front cover of ‘1864’, by Tom Buk-Swienty

‘1864’, by Tom Buk-Swienty

The conflict that provided a bloody answer to the Schleswig-Holstein question. Review by Christopher Silvester

Hacker; Cyber Security

Spider drones in the shower and other cyber nightmares

The Future of Violence, by Benjamin Wittes and Gabriella Blum - book reivew by Hannah Kuchler