How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life cover

‘How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life’, by Russ Roberts

The softer side of the grandfather of economics. Review by David Brown

A Kingdom in Crisis cover

‘A Kingdom in Crisis’, by Andrew MacGregor Marshall

The issue of royal succession lies behind Thailand’s political impasse. Review by Paul Handley

Canaletto’s ‘The River Thames with St Paul’s Cathedral on Lord Mayor’s Day’ (c1746)
©AKG Images

‘The English and Their History’, by Robert Tombs

This impressive work seeks to explain the rise of a trading nation – and takes aim at the idea of post-imperial decline. Review by Christopher Sylvester

Halberstadt after its bombing in April 1945
©Seagull Books/University of Chicago Press

‘Air Raid’, by Alexander Kluge

The work of a polymath of literature, philosophy and film who deserves to be better known outside Germany. Review by Sukhdev Sandhu

Book cover of 'Spam Nation' by Brian Krebs

‘Spam Nation’, by Brian Krebs

How Russian underground networks bombarded millions with unwanted email. Review by Hannah Kuchler

Buffett’s business tests ties that bind

Lawrence Cunningham’s ‘Berkshire Beyond Buffett’ shows its culture

Front cover of 'Engel’s England', by Matthew Engel

‘Engel’s England’, by Matthew Engel

The author shows his eye for the entertaining factual nugget in a good-humoured journey through England. Review by Michael Prodger

Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, August 1922
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‘Stalin, Volume 1’, by Stephen Kotkin

Did Stalin’s crimes betray the Russian Revolution – or continue it? A new biography suggests the latter

Armed anti-Treaty members of the Irish Republican Army in Dublin, 1922
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‘Vivid Faces’, by RF Foster

How the men and women who made the Irish revolution were themselves made into revolutionaries. Review by Duncan Kelly

The Game of Our Lives cover

‘The Game of Our Lives’, by David Goldblatt

How the creation of the Premier League restored English football’s fortunes – at a price. Review by John Sunyer