Cover of The Extreme Centre: A Warning, by Tariq Ali

The Extreme Centre: A Warning’, by Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali’s ‘The Extreme Centre’ can be read as an examination of the frustrations of the left. Review by Giles Wilkes

Photobooks at Donlon Books in Hackney, east London, including Lorenzo Vitturi’s ‘Dalston Anatomy’
©Andy Sewell

Why photobooks are booming in a digital age

Instead of killing off the printed page, technology has enabled photographers to design and print their own books

‘Landmarks’, by Robert Macfarlane

The author reflects on the disappearing vocabulary of the natural world. Review by Melissa Harrison

Coca-Cola CEO Robert W. Woodruff drinking Coke from bottle
©Getty Images

Coca-Cola: ‘Within arm’s reach of desire’

A company executive and an academic put the case for and against Coke. Review by Michael Skapinker

‘Winners: And How They Succeed’, by Alastair Campbell

The former spin doctor proves a star-struck guide to the mindset of high achievers. Review by Lucy Kellaway

‘Pinkoes and Traitors: The BBC and the Nation, 1974-1987’, by Jean Seaton

Often brave, regularly beleaguered, widely admired — the BBC during the 1970s and 1980s is a recognisable institution. Review by Chris Patten

‘The Monopolists’, by Mary Pilon

The author delves into great detail about the intellectual and business roots of Monopoly. Review by John Gapper

Front cover of 'The Third Reich in History and Memory', by Richard J Evans

‘The Third Reich in History and Memory’, by Richard J Evans

A collection of essays that explore our changing understanding of Hitler’s regime. Review by Tony Barber

‘On Immunity: An Inoculation’, by Eula Biss

Why does vaccination generate such anxiety? Review by Sophie Elmhirst

Portraits of Alexander McQueen

Two new books offer a glimpse into the life of the late British fashion designer. Review by Jo Ellison