Book cover of 'Paper Tiger' by Xu Zhuyan

‘Paper Tiger’, by Xu Zhiyuan

The land where oppression meets opportunity

‘The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy’ by David Teniers the Younger (1610-90)
©Bridgeman Art Library

‘Strangers Drowning’, by Larissa MacFarquhar

Sophie Elmhirst on an impressive attempt to let ‘do-gooders’ explain themselves on their own terms

Front cover of ‘The Hidden Wealth of Nations’, by Gabriel Zucman

‘The Hidden Wealth of Nations’, by Gabriel Zucman

A young economist hailed by Thomas Piketty sets out a plan for tackling tax havens. Review by Vanessa Houlder

‘The Secret War’, by Max Hastings

Christopher Silvester on a crisply argued history of second world war espionage

‘The Face of Britain’, by Simon Schama

An energetic and wide-ranging survey of portraiture in Britain over the centuries. Review by David Ekserdjian

A computer virus
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‘Cyberphobia’, by Edward Lucas

Protect and survive in the virtual world

British prime minister Winston Churchill (right) with Ivan Maisky (left), Soviet ambassador to London, photographed in 1941
©From the private albums of Ivan and Agniya Ma

‘The Maisky Diaries’, edited by Gabriel Gorodetsky

The diaries of Stalin’s unlikely ambassador to London make intriguing reading. Review by Tony Barber

Edmund Burke in an engraving by George Romney

‘Empire and Revolution’, by Richard Bourke

An accomplished biography of Edmund Burke does justice to the many sides of its subject’s life and thought. Review by Gavin Jacobson

Cover of 'Other People’s Money'

‘Other People’s Money’, by John Kay

The FT columnist argues that banks have turned away from the real economy to trade with each other. Review by Pietra Rivoli

Book cover of Richard Dawkins's 'Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science'

‘Brief Candle in the Dark’, by Richard Dawkins

Celebrity looms larger than science in Richard Dawkins’s second volume of memoirs. Review by Clive Cookson