A looser grip for Beijing’s heavy hand

In ‘Markets Over Mao’, Nicholas Lardy assesses the rise of private business

‘Innovating Women’, by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya

The gender gap in Silicon Valley and what a new generation of technologists are doing to close it. Review by Hannah Kuchler

'Please, Mister Postman' book cover

‘Please, Mister Postman’, by Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson’s memoirs turn from west London childhood to the Post Office and union politics. Review by Matthew Engel

‘The Social Life of Money’, by Nigel Dodd

An alternative origins story offers to help us imagine a better world. Review by Pietra Rivoli

XCF282098 Spanish Soldiers killing Protestants in Haarlem, c.1567 (colour engraving) by .; Private Collection; (add.info.: Spanish reprisals after the surrender of Haarlem in 1573; Eighty Years' War; army of Philip II of Spain laid siege to the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands;); out of copyright
©Bridgeman Art Library

‘Fields of Blood’, by Karen Armstrong

Should we understand religious violence as a response to secularist provocation – or even as a myth? Review by John Cornwell

Emerging Africa cover

‘Emerging Africa’, by Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu

A homegrown guide to an African future. Review by Katrina Manson

‘How We Are’, by Vincent Deary

A psychologist seeks to reconcile a view of the automated self with the possibility of change. Review by Antonia Macaro

‘Civil War: The History of England Volume III’, by Peter Ackroyd

A new history of Stuart England misreads the religious passions of the era. Review by Diane Purkiss

‘Victoria: A Life’, by AN Wilson

A passionate queen long portrayed as a stiff, joyless figure is admirably served by her latest biographer. Review by John Sutherland

'Ice (Nr 1)' by Stefan Hunstein

‘This Changes Everything’, by Naomi Klein

A call for radical action to combat climate change. Review by Pilita Clark