The Samuel Johnson Prize: 2015 winner Steve Silberman with his book Neurotribes

Baillie Gifford to back non-fiction prize

Appetite among financial services groups for cultural patronage

book cover of 'The Maximalist: The Rise and Fall of Tony O’Reilly'

Review: ‘The Maximalist’, by Matt Cooper

The rise and fall of Irish businessman Tony O’Reilly

‘JFK’s Forgotten Crisis’, by Bruce Riedel

President Kennedy’s other international dilemma

The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination by Richard Mabey

‘The Cabaret of Plants’, by Richard Mabey

The author is in fine form in his latest exploration of our relationship with nature. Review by Matthew Wilson

Evening on the promenade in the Shatea district of Jeddah

Reviews of ‘Saudi Arabia’ by Paul Aarts and Carolien Roelants, and ‘Muted Modernists’ by Madawi al-Rasheed

The Saudi ruling family is struggling at home to control forces it has unleashed

‘Capital: New York’, by Kenneth Goldsmith

An American poet’s attempt to evoke the spirit of a city through others’ words. Review by Lauren Elkin

‘The President and the Apprentice’, by Irwin Gellman

The author challenges conventional wisdom on an underestimated president’s relationship with his deputy. Review by Robert Zoellick

Review: ‘How the Other Half Banks’

A better deal for America’s unbanked

‘America’s Bank’, by Roger Lowenstein

Arguments that raged over the Federal Reserve a century ago are still going on today. Review by Robin Harding

‘Crunch Lit’, by Katy Shaw

Can the wave of books, films and plays about the credit crunch change our attitude to finance? Review by Andrew Hill