A cup of tea
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‘The Road to Little Dribbling’, by Bill Bryson

Matthew Engel succumbs to the charm of a new British travelogue

‘The Global Transformation of Time 1870-1950’, by Vanessa Ogle

Jeffrey Wasserstrom is impressed by a history of efforts to bring clocks and calendars into line

Book cover of Patti Smith's 'M Train'

‘M Train’, by Patti Smith

Is Patti Smith the coolest woman in the world? Her new memoir makes a persuasive case. Review by Suzi Feay

Front cover of ‘Neurotribes’, by Steve Silberman

‘Neurotribes’, by Steve Silberman

A rich amalgam of social history and reportage that explores changing attitudes to autism. Review by Ian Thomson

Margaret Thatcher greets a crowd in Moscow during an official visit to the USSR in 1987
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‘Margaret Thatcher’, by Charles Moore

The second instalment of the former prime minister’s authorised biography illuminates her mid-1980s glory years. Review by John Lloyd

Book cover of 'Paper Tiger' by Xu Zhuyan

‘Paper Tiger’, by Xu Zhiyuan

The land where oppression meets opportunity

‘The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy’ by David Teniers the Younger (1610-90)
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‘Strangers Drowning’, by Larissa MacFarquhar

Sophie Elmhirst on an impressive attempt to let ‘do-gooders’ explain themselves on their own terms

Front cover of ‘The Hidden Wealth of Nations’, by Gabriel Zucman

‘The Hidden Wealth of Nations’, by Gabriel Zucman

A young economist hailed by Thomas Piketty sets out a plan for tackling tax havens. Review by Vanessa Houlder

‘The Secret War’, by Max Hastings

Christopher Silvester on a crisply argued history of second world war espionage

‘The Face of Britain’, by Simon Schama

An energetic and wide-ranging survey of portraiture in Britain over the centuries. Review by David Ekserdjian