‘The Limousine Liberal’, by Steve Fraser

Some populists are nastier than others, this book unfortunately blurs the differences

Turkey by Ece Temelkuran review — ‘both an elegy and an exposé’

A nuanced account of the country’s turbulent political history

Joseph Wright of Derby’s ‘A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery’ (c1766)
©Derby Museum and Art Gallery, UK/Bridgeman Im

The Dream of Enlightenment by Anthony Gottlieb review — in defence of reason

A clear-eyed history of Enlightenment philosophy that neither exaggerates nor diminishes the achievements of its subjects

Black Square by Sophie Pinkham review — portraits of the post-Soviet generation

An American journalist’s studies of young lives in Ukraine and Russia

The Vanquished by Robert Gerwarth review — why the first world war failed to end

A history of Europe between 1917 and 1923 looks at the dark side of national self-determination

‘Seoul Man’ by Frank Ahrens

Having a midlife crisis, with Hyundai and South Korea for company

The satirical ‘Serio-ComicWar Map’ (1877) by Fred W Rose
©Fine Art Images/TopFoto

‘The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914’, by Richard J Evans

The advances of 19th-century Europe are captured in a sweeping, panoramic history. Review by David Bell

‘The Moral Economy’, by Samuel Bowles

Why businesses and markets need to make room for selfless instincts in order to succeed. Review by Robert Armstrong

‘Labyrinths’, by Catrine Clay

The forgotten role of Carl Jung’s wife in the development of psychoanalysis. Review by Antonia Macaro

Front cover of 'A Little History of Religion', by Richard Holloway

‘A Little History of Religion’, by Richard Holloway

A lapsed bishop offers an arrestingly sceptical account of the development of world religions