‘The System Worked’, by Daniel W Drezner

Economic governance has a patchy record, but this impressive and cogent book argues that policy makers did well during the crisis. Review by Alan Beattie

‘Mind Change’, by Susan Greenfield

A neuroscientist’s study of how technology is affecting our brains and everyday lives. Review by Cordelia Fine

‘National Service’, by Richard Vinen

An authoritative and poignant history of postwar conscription in Britain. Review by Peter Clarke

‘Chasing Lost Time’, by Jean Findlay

The colourful life of the man who translated Proust’s opus. Review by Sam Taylor

Factory Man cover

‘Factory Man’ by Beth Macy

When Chinese competition threatened his business, one man refused to accept defeat. Review by Shawn Donnan

Front cover of 'Invisible', by Philip Ball

‘Invisible’, by Philip Ball

The past, present and future of invisibility. Review by Clive Cookson

‘Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born’

How Ian Fleming sought refuge on Jamaica and found the inspiration for 007. Review by Ian Thomson

‘Ring of Steel’, by Alexander Watson

Central Europe’s disastrous first world war. Review by William Mulligan

‘Economics: The User’s Guide’, by Ha-Joon Chang

Ha-Joon Chang’s guide to the principles of economics is also a manifesto. Review by John Sunyer

‘Getting India Back on Track’, by Bibek Debroy, Ashley Tellis and Reece Trevor

After Modi’s lacklustre start, some academics propose bold reforms to rebuild the economy