A qualified defence of economic complexity

‘The Butterfly Defect’ says globalisation must be more resilient

A northern goshawk
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‘H is for Hawk’, by Helen Macdonald

Falconry provides the backdrop for a stunning exploration of personal trauma past and present. Review by Melissa Harrison

Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan and their interpreters at a summit in Geneva, Switzerland
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The men who made peace

Lessons for today’s policy makers in this look at the final years of the cold war. Review by Robert Zoellick

book cover of 'Too Difficult Box', edited by Charles Clarke

‘The Too Difficult Box’, edited by Charles Clarke

The thorny issues that governments avoid. Review by Philip Stephens

‘The House of Twenty Thousand Books’, by Sasha Abramsky

A turbulent century is reflected in the story of a leftwing book collector. Review by Rebecca Abrams

Man-made machines versus mere humanity

In ‘Superintelligence’, Nick Bostrom argues that we need to endow robots with human values

‘The Forbidden Game’, by Dan Washburn

The strange rise of golf in China. Review by Demetri Sevastopulo

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‘World Without End’, by Hugh Thomas

A history of the Spanish Empire asks us to reconsider a complex legacy. Review by Christopher Silvester

‘AIDS: Don’t Die of Prejudice’, by Norman Fowler

A former health secretary on the fight against Aids. Review by Andrew Jack

‘The Intel Trinity’, by Michael Malone

The company that drove a technology revolution. Review by Sarah Mishkin