In brief

Orlando Bird reviews ‘Packing Up’, by Brigid Keenan and ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’, by David Adam

Prolific, promiscuous, predictable ...

John Updike steered a steady course of writing, womanising – and golf – for 50 years. Suzi Feay reviews ‘Updike’, by Adam Begley

Dangerous delusions

Pakistan’s role in nurturing Islamist extremism. Victor Mallet reviews ‘The Wrong Enemy’, by Carlotta Gall and ‘Magnificent Delusions’, by Husain Haqqani

‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’

Thomas Piketty’s economic, social and political history of the evolution of income and wealth

An unrepentant defence of globalisation

A post-crisis study of economic integration. A review of Michael Mandelbaum’s ‘The Road to Global Prosperity’

Kolyma Diaries book cover cutout

In brief

Carl Wilkinson reviews ‘Kolyma Diaries’, by Jacek Hugo-Bader

Leaps of faith

Two bold thinkers make the case for religious values in a secular world. Sarah Bakewell reviews ‘Culture and the Death of God’, by Terry Eagleton and ‘The Soul of the World’, by Roger Scruton

Front cover of 'Piano Man', by Charles Beauclerk

Pitch perfect

An illuminating portrait of the brilliant but troubled virtuoso pianist John Ogdon. Andrew Clark reviews ‘Piano Man’, by Charles Beauclerk

'My Fellow Prisoners' book cover cutout

The vicious and visionary

Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s sketches of his cell mates. John Lloyd reviews ‘My Fellow Prisoners’

Book cover: 'The Death of Money', by James Rickards

Catastrophic vision of financial collapse

An entertaining prophesy that will convert few non-believers