The Rebel of Rangoon book cover

‘The Rebel of Rangoon’, by Delphine Schrank

A tale of the opposition underground during the long dictatorship

‘The Invention of Science’, by David Wootton

A landmark history captures the excitement of the scientific revolution and makes a point of celebrating the advances it ushered in. Review by Andrea Wulf

‘Deep South’, by Paul Theroux

Rural poverty and racial injustice loom large for Paul Theroux on his road trip through the US southern states. Review by William Taylor

‘The Silo Effect’, by Gillian Tett

A look into the problem of tunnel vision in business and politics — and how it might be overcome. Review by Felix Martin

‘Worktown’, by David Hall

Peter Clarke on the birth of a social research project that won the gratitude of generations of historians

‘Demolition Means Progress’

Tale of urban decay reveals legacy of government segregation

The Spender family, photographed in 1959
©Lizzie and Matthew Spender Collection

‘A House in St John’s Wood’, by Matthew Spender

A memoir by Stephen Spender’s son offers a revealing insight into the complex family, writes John Sutherland

Front cover of ‘Death by Video Game’, by Simon Parkin

‘Death by Video Game’, by Simon Parkin

A journey through the world of video gaming looks for meaning as well as thrills. Review by Barney Thompson

‘The Lock and Key of Medicine’, by Lara Marks

The long road from laboratory to clinic for a transformative class of drugs. Review by Geoffrey Owen


Linguistic purge finds inequality Marx missed

The importance of the state and law in defining capitalism