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‘The Buried Giant’, by Kazuo Ishiguro

Despite ogres and dragons, the Booker prize winner’s first novel for a decade is absolutely characteristic, moving and unsettling, writes Jason Cowley

Human rights under international law

Far from being a failure, the project to make the individual ‘the ultimate unit of all law’ is still in its early stages — and we should celebrate its achievements

End of the Ottoman empire

How the decision to enter the first world war led to political collapse, immense bloodshed — and the birth of the modern Middle East

Vladimir Putin and his tsar quality

Russia has often been described as a failing democracy. But is it better understood as an authoritarian project in the process of succeeding?

A new twist to India’s publishing boom

A rising generation of local mass-market authors is just one sign of an industry in the grip of rapid change

Families and members from AA gang (Artistas assasinos) mourn their relatives and "brothers" mourning the deaths of members of a Mexican drugs gang killed in March 2009 in Ciudad Juárez
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Drugs: the war without end

Three new books show the debate over how to combat the drugs trade taking a pragmatic turn

A young man reading beside a young elephant
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How books get lost in translation

Anglophone readers may be growing more open to global literature but large parts of the world remain out of bounds

‘Hall of Mirrors’, by Barry Eichengreen

How we avoided Depression-era errors — and then relaxed too soon. Review by Ferdinando Giugliano

Books: The story of Germany

A country shaped by tragedy and triumph, from the Holy Roman Empire to its current half-hearted European hegemony

White butterflies surround local people collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft in the Altai territory of Siberia in summer 2000
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Masters of the Earth

Scientists say we are entering a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene — the age of humans. But are we thriving or inadvertently destroying ourselves?