China’s Cultural Revolution

Two contrasting accounts explore a period of upheaval that the country is yet to reckon with

Maestro, Maxi, Capri, Escort
©Robert Clayton

Hostage to fortune

Luck plays a more important role in our lives than we imagine — and recognising this has political implications

Charlotte Brontë: revolution in the Eyre

The classic status of ‘Jane Eyre’ can obscure just how shocking its radical ideas were at the time

Centenary of the Easter Rising

Ireland remains captivated by the thwarted rebellion that brought forth republicanism

David Koch walks through a group of protesters outside the Metropolitan Museum plaza in September 2014
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Too much democracy in the US?

America’s voting system can so easily be bent to the will of the few. Edward Luce asks what is going wrong

Seamus Heaney photographed at his home in Dublin. 19th July 2008 Picture by Antonio Olmos WORLD RIGHTS
©Antonio Olmos

Seamus Heaney’s ‘Aeneid Book VI’

How the Irish poet’s posthumously published translation adds to our understanding of his works

The Supremes (from left, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross) with Harvey Fuqua of the artist development team at Motown’s Detroit recording studio, 1965
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Motown stories

A record company that created an irresistible formula for success is also a case study in the limitations of family capitalism, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Blair after Blairism

George Parker on biographer Tom Bower’s latest target

The former governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, right, in conversation with the former chancellor of the exchequer Alistair Darling in 2007
©Miguel Vidal/Reuters

‘The End of Alchemy’, by Mervyn King

The former governor of the Bank of England sets out his ideas on how to prevent another financial crisis

From 'Mothers and Babies Underwater', a series of pictures for Angers maternity hospital, France, 2011
©Quentin Blake

In search of Quentin Blake

Close attention to the work of the British illustrator reveals a man immersed in the western fine art canon — and eager to take his imagination into unexpected places