Kim and country

Artifice and dissembling have long been daily requirements for those seeking to escape — or just survive — life in North Korea. Review by Simon Mundy

Rise of the machines: should we fear them?

What happens when ultra-intelligent computers begin to improve themselves? Don’t assume that they’ll have our best interests at heart, warns Stephen Cave

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Company, headquartered in a Norman Foster-designed post-modern cathedral to capital built in 1986, is arguably the most powerful non-government institution in the city. Hong Kong's traditionally dominant financial infrastructure continues to thrive as the balance of wealth and deals increasingly comes from Chinese interests. Credit: Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail:
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‘The Lion Wakes: a Modern History of HSBC’

An account that does not shy away from the pitfalls of the bank’s decision to go global

USA. Carefree Motel, Kissimmee, Florida. 2012.
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Robert Putnam’s ‘Our Kids: the American Dream in Crisis’

Fifteen years after the celebrated ‘Bowling Alone’, the political scientist turns his attention to inequality in the US. Review by Francis Fukuyama

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‘The Buried Giant’, by Kazuo Ishiguro

Despite ogres and dragons, the Booker prize winner’s first novel for a decade is absolutely characteristic, moving and unsettling, writes Jason Cowley

Human rights under international law

Far from being a failure, the project to make the individual ‘the ultimate unit of all law’ is still in its early stages — and we should celebrate its achievements

End of the Ottoman empire

How the decision to enter the first world war led to political collapse, immense bloodshed — and the birth of the modern Middle East

Vladimir Putin and his tsar quality

Russia has often been described as a failing democracy. But is it better understood as an authoritarian project in the process of succeeding?

A new twist to India’s publishing boom

A rising generation of local mass-market authors is just one sign of an industry in the grip of rapid change

Families and members from AA gang (Artistas assasinos) mourn their relatives and "brothers" mourning the deaths of members of a Mexican drugs gang killed in March 2009 in Ciudad Juárez
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Drugs: the war without end

Three new books show the debate over how to combat the drugs trade taking a pragmatic turn