Berlin Wall two days after it was breached on November 9 1989
©Raymond Depardon/Magnum Photos

Remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall

When the Wall fell 25 years ago, the bankruptcy of East German communism had long been clear. Yet there was nothing inevitable when it did, writes Tony Barber

Dylan Thomas: ‘At the mercy of words’

Owen Sheers marks the centenary of the birth of the bold, physical, sonorous poet who emerged from the cultural maelstrom of 1930s Wales

A pair of high heel shoes is placed on shore in front of a yacht
©Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

The inequality debate

Have the wealthy managed to rewrite the rules to suit themselves? Or have the disaffected forgotten how rich they really are? By Mark Vandevelde

USA. 1960. The Fairchild/Shockley 8, who left the lab of Nobel Prize winner William Shockey to form Silicon Valley's first start-up, Fairchild Semiconductor. Clockwise from top: Eugene Kleiner, Gordon Moore, C. Sheldon Roberts, Jay Last, Robertt Noyce, Jean Hoerni, Julius Blank and Victor Grinich.
©Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos

‘The Innovators’, by Walter Isaacson

A new history of the digital revolution by the author of the bestselling biography of Steve Jobs. Review by Richard Waters

Contemporary art: the gorilla in the room

Jackie Wullschlager examines recent attempts by critics to make sense of the inflated art world

Francis Fukuyama’s ‘Political Order and Political Decay’

The triumph of liberal freedoms looks far from assured in this grand survey. Review by David Runciman

Samir Arora photographed in 1998 giving a talk to staff at NetObjects

Secrets of Silicon Valley: dress down, be original

The lessons drawn by high-tech entrepreneurs reveal much about an often misunderstood world

©Petworth House/National Trust/Bridgeman

How far should our pursuit of happiness take us?

Stephen Cave wonders if we are obscuring the more important goal of alleviating suffering

Lionel Barber reviews Henry Kissinger’s ‘World Order’

The former secretary of state to two US presidents calls for American leadership at a time of international disorder

Mission Specialist Bruce McCandless II ‘free-flying’ using a nitrogen jet propelled backpack

‘Sapiens’, by Yuval Noah Harari

A provocative new history of civilisation considers a post-human future. Review by John Gray