GHL210064 View of London, published 1647 (engraving) (facsimile copy) (detail) by Hollar, Wenceslaus (1607-77); London Metropolitan Archives, City of London; Czech, out of copyright
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Shakespeare at war

A lady as potent as a lord: The story of the battle that led to the creation of the Globe theatre

An office tower at night in Chicago
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The workplace – prison or sanctuary?

From dark 19th-century quarters to Silicon Valley playground, the office has long divided opinion

boy reading book
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The language instinct

Henry Mance on why young Britons are reading less than they used to – and what can be done about it

Roy Jenkins playing tennis with his wife Jennifer at their home in East Hendred, Berkshire on March 20 1976
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Roy Jenkins recalled

The Labour politician missed out on being PM but did more to shape modern Britain than any of his political peers

Karl Ove Knausgaard in May 2013
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Karl Ove Knausgaard

Emily Stokes on a Norwegian writer’s Proustian achievement

How clever are ‘smart thinking’ books?

Philosopher Julian Baggini explores whether the genre delivers on its promises of personal improvement

teen with hand covering his computer

Teenage angst in a digital world

How the perennial struggle between adolescents and their parents moved online – and turned into a commercial product. By Gautam Malkani

Delhi street scene

India’s democratic dance

Elections can reveal the country at its best but they also obscure deep-rooted problems

Palestinians harvesting olives
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Simon Schama on telling the story of Israel

An ‘enthralling, morally dignified’ history is also a literary lapel grab

Hands of a human and an ape reaching out
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Are we really as unique as we like to think?

Stephen Cave considers what sets us apart from our fellow creatures