The battle for Europe

As Britain prepares to vote on EU membership, both friends and enemies of the project agree that it is in trouble

The race to save the information age

We are producing more knowledge than ever before but preserving only a fraction of it. How much will be left for future generations?

‘What is our life?’, by Sir Walter Raleigh

From ‘English Renaissance Poetry: A Collection of Shorter Poems’

Two views of near-identical streets in St Petersburg in 2015, taken from the book ‘Schema’ by Alexander Gronsky and Ksenia Babushkina (
©Alexander Gronsky and Ksenia Babushkina

Svetlana Alexievich on communism’s demise

The Belarusian author addresses the complex feelings left by the collapse of the Soviet Union

The inverted ziggurat of Birmingham Central Library, which is currently in the process of being demolished
©Robert Low

The revival of Brutalism

Edwin Heathcote on how a maligned movement made a comeback

China’s Cultural Revolution

Two contrasting accounts explore a period of upheaval that the country is yet to reckon with

Maestro, Maxi, Capri, Escort
©Robert Clayton

Hostage to fortune

Luck plays a more important role in our lives than we imagine — and recognising this has political implications

Charlotte Brontë: revolution in the Eyre

The classic status of ‘Jane Eyre’ can obscure just how shocking its radical ideas were at the time

Centenary of the Easter Rising

Ireland remains captivated by the thwarted rebellion that brought forth republicanism

David Koch walks through a group of protesters outside the Metropolitan Museum plaza in September 2014
©Erik McGregor

Too much democracy in the US?

America’s voting system can so easily be bent to the will of the few. Edward Luce asks what is going wrong