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Latin America

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Partnerships focus efforts on education

Increasing wealth helps boost business engagement

Overview: Fashion for giving starts to catch on

The lack of a charitable tradition fosters entrepreneurialism in the non-profit sector

Tax incentives: Cultural legacy has created cautious attitude to charity

Church and state have been expected to provide for social welfare, observes Alexander Kliment

Foundations: Increasing wealth helps boost business engagement

Companies can be more flexible than governments and NGOs, writes Vivianne Rodrigues

Honduran students

Corporate schemes: Partnerships focus efforts on education

Naomi Mapstone looks at how businesses are getting involved and asks why

Mexico: Lack of tax incentives discourages giving

Adam Thomson considers why the country has a more frugal attitude than some of its peers

Microcredit: Small loans, huge growth

Compartamos’ history speaks volumes about Mexico’s underdeveloped philanthropic sector, writes Adam Thomson

A mother carries her baby as they wait for medical consultation in a public hospital in Brazil

Social entrepreneurs: Focus grows on financial viability of doing good

Sarah Murray looks at some innovative partnerships and business models

Venezuela: Private sector crowded out

Philanthropy has flourished in areas where the government struggles to deliver, writes Benedict Mander