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Bid to address national malaiser

Bid to address national malaise

Michael Peel and Camilla Hall report on a country in the grip of heated debate over its direction

Foreign relations: Diplomacy shifts up a gear as tensions rise in the Gulf

Crises over Iran and Syria have put the government on the spot, writes Michael Peel

Politics: System struggles to find a more coherent shape

Semi-democratic rule is in turmoil, says Michael Peel

Economy: Quest for a dynamic private sector

Camilla Hall looks at efforts to lift dependence on oil and create productive jobs for the young

Privatisation: Business questions state’s commitment

Appointment of a new cabinet may enhance prospects, says Guy Chazan

Bidoun: Stateless march for a better life

Camilla Hall considers the plight of the 105,000 people without citizenship

Gender: Women anxious after Islamist election victory

The four female MPs lost their seats, say Camilla Hall and Michael Peel

The KIA: Fund’s attention turns to China

Sovereign wealth funds and pension funds in the Middle East are looking more to Asia, writes Henny Sender

Oil: Energy stars ‘are finally aligned’

Guy Chazan reports on the high hopes attached to the appointment of a minister

LNG carrier

Gas: Bottlenecks impede the development of supplies

The country has its own reserves yet relies on imports, says Guy Chazan