Islamic finance

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The cheap cost of funds and Islamic branding have put Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank among the top picks of Deutsche Bank and Lebanon’s Bank Audi

Sector shrugs off global gloom

money changing hands

The strongest growth has come from south-east Asia

North Africa: Uprisings should provide a fillip

Ascendant Islamists are enthusiastic backers, reports Robin Wigglesworth

Asia Pacific: Malaysia moves further ahead in bond issuance

The country has doubled sales over the past year, says Kevin Brown

Gulf banks: Saudi Arabia and Qatar spread their wings

Camilla Hall looks at where and why institutions are doing well

London: Sukuk required to secure pole position

UK government has missed an opportunity to confirm the City’s place as a western hub, says David Oakley


Microfinance: Industry urged to refocus on poverty

Calls grow for paradigm shift in lending, writes Mehreen Khan

Compliance: Universal standards will aid growth

What is missing is an international regulatory framework, writes Robin Wigglesworth