Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, swept out of Iraq’s sunni heartland in 2014 to declare its own ‘caliphate’ around the Syria-Iraq border. The group seeks to impose its extreme version of Sunni Islam and has attracted followers from the region and beyond

Corsica clashes fan ethnic tension

Notebook: No Islamist link has been proved, but France feels under attack

EU spymasters lobby for change in law

Intelligence officials seek to limit use of coded messages

Dozens killed in Turkey wedding attack

At least 50 die after suspected suicide bomber detonates explosives

Isis claims Moscow attack responsibility

Jihadis’ first terror strike in Russian outside North Caucasus

Conservative Party election poster from 1992

The decline and fall of the Labour party

Opposition leadership contenders would diminish the nation’s standing, writes Sebastian Payne

Twitter cracks down on extremist speech

Social network is being used by Isis for global mass-messaging

Social media is key in the war on terror

The long, painful pursuit of Choudary shows that Britain’s laws need a rethink, writes Sam Jones

Cleric guilty of inviting support for Isis

Anjem Choudary and associate Mizanur Rahman convicted of publicising the banned organisation

Trump and his Orwellian America

The presidential candidate is appealing to fear over terrorism and immigration, writes Edward Luce

Trump wants extreme vetting of immigrants

Republican calls for ideological screening test for US entry

Refugees flock to Syria town as Isis flees

Fighters and civilians celebrate capture of strategic Manbij

US drone kills Afghan Islamic State leader

Longtime Taliban commander Khan pledged allegiance to al-Baghdadi in 2014

Germany signals tougher stance on refugees

Accelerated deportation for those with links to terrorism

Pakistan hospital attack kills dozens

Suicide bomber targets lawyers mourning colleague’s assassination

Outside help behind rebel gains in Aleppo

Fierce discipline and foreign materiel turn tide against regime

Saudis pledge help on German attacks probe

Reports say militants’ Isis contacts had Saudi telephone numbers

Boko Haram dispute with Isis deepens

Nigeria militants say jihadi group’s naming of new leader is ‘coup’

Mohed Altrad during an interview with the Financial Times
©Xavier Malafosse

Mohed Altrad’s journey to prove his worth

Bedouin tycoon feels he will always be on French society’s margins

Germany: Welcome wears thin

A string of terror attacks has shaken country and renewed criticism of government’s refugee policy

Jihadi detail policy sparks debate in France

Change in terror reporting policy prompts questions over media’s role

Why France is a prime target for jihadis

The potential for fostering political and ethno-religious conflict is great, writes Jonathan Fenby

Isis terror spreads to Normandy

Police shoot dead 2 attackers who murdered priest in his church

Epidemic of violence spreads to Germany

Berlin is right to balance law and order with civil liberties

James Ferguson

Turkey’s fate lies in Erdogan’s hands

His priority is not Isis but the Gulenists and Kurdish insurgents, writes David Gardner

Afghanistan marks day of mourning

At least 80 people killed in Kabul suicide bombing on Saturday

Isis claims Kabul blasts that killed 80

At least 230 more injured by attack targeting Hazara Shia

Illustration by Shonagh Rae of digital Isis
©Shonagh Rae

The digital war with Isis

‘What makes this so nasty is that it involves all of us, sitting in our own homes in front of our computer screens’

RAF kidnap attempt raises terrorism fears

Soldier confronted at knifepoint after leaving Norfolk base

Turkey purge shifts focus from Isis fight

West fears impact of crackdown in wake of failed coup

©James Ferguson

Global disorder: from Trump to China

The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage

Turkey’s purge hurts fight against Isis

Focus on Gulenists weakens the country’s ability to confront the jihadis, writes David Gardner

Isis claims responsibility for attack in Nice

Man and a woman arrested on Sunday in connection with attack

Muslims, speak out on terrorism

After the attack in Nice inaction is inexcusable amid the scourge of radicalism, writes Mansoor Ijaz

Terrorism is the new normal for France

The country’s population lives with the constant fear of terrorism, writes Simon Kuper

France reels from third terror atrocity

● 84 dead after truck ploughs into crowd ● Attacker named as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

Turkey turmoil complicates US-Isis fight

Washington relies on Ankara but has been frustrated with Erdogan

France emerges as main focus for terrorists

Nation seen as a softer target for Isis than the rest of Europe

The deadly spread of terror to Nice

Extremist violence must be fought with ideas as well as guns

France remains in terrorists’ crosshairs

The atrocities are likely to continue even as Isis territory shrinks, writes David Gardner

Isis says top military commander killed

Loss of ‘minister of war’ could hit jihadi force’s morale