Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, swept out of Iraq’s sunni heartland in 2014 to declare its own ‘caliphate’ around the Syria-Iraq border. The group seeks to impose its extreme version of Sunni Islam and has attracted followers from the region and beyond

2015/09/09: President of the World Chess Federation FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov during the press conference in Baku
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US accuses Syria of buying oil from Isis

Treasury also accuses chess federation head of aiding Assad

Isis: Boots on the ground?

Air strikes in Iraq and Syria are unlikely to dislodge Isis, so policymakers look at other options

Moscow seeks economic redress over jet

Open calls for military action remain conspicuously absent

Cameron sets sights on Isis in Syria

PM seeks to expand UK’s role in global coalition

The mirage of an anti-Isis grand coalition

For a united front to work everyone must agree on a common enemy

Even Isis jihadis love Telegram messaging

For those who prioritise audience reach, the site’s appeal is its simplicity and security

France will live under terror threat for ‘years’

French PM vows to clamp down on jihadis

Turkey-Russia tensions muddy Isis fight

Downing of Russian jet highlights overlapping military operations

Isis takes terror to Bangladesh

Local militants eager to associate themselves with jihadi group

Isis’ opponents must not isolate Russia

As a result of the Turkish attack, Putin might redirect his country’s policy, writes Richard Haass

Defence review: Rules of war have changed

Whitehall has neither the structure nor culture to tackle the threats we face, writes Jonathan Shaw

Turkey downs jet near Syrian border

Nationality of pilots unclear

We feel Europe’s fear — and need its help

Isis is a threat but so is the general chaos and collapse in the Arab world, says Jamal Khashoggi

Partial fix for hollowed-out UK military

Cameron’s defence review is muscular in tone but has capability gaps

Indonesia on alert after Paris attacks

Controls intensified as country seeks to counter Isis threat

Brussels faces third day of lockdown

Sixteen arrests as PM says threat of attacks remains ‘serious’

Cameron diverts extra £12bn to defence

Bill to be met from cuts to police, welfare and business grants

West sees hope of Syria deal with Moscow

Optimism nurtured by growing signs of Russia’s co-operation as its military intervention falters

Hollande steps up campaign against Isis

French president to urge US to intensify Syria military campaign

Deal with cause, not symptoms, of Isis

Conflict and injustice attracts more recruits than we can capture or kill, writes Philip Gordon

Cameron to push for Isis air strikes

Prime minister to make case next week for UK attacks in Syria

Brussels on guard for ‘imminent’ attack

Heightened security as sport and cultural events cancelled

Indonesia calls for more intelligence sharing

Foreign minister fears threat from returning jihadi fighters

UN backs fight against Isis

Security council unanimously approves action against militants

Terror ringleader’s family torn apart

Father of Isis killer had asked authorities for help over son

Hasna Aitboulahcen

Hard-drinking ‘cowgirl’ killed with Abaaoud

Hasna Aitboulahcen one of three dead in raid on Saint-Denis flat

Joe Cummings illustration

François Hollande: the unlikely commander

A leader seen as indecisive now leads the fight against Isis, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

Paris attacks: Notes from a wounded city

As ordinary Parisians struggle to process the horror of the assaults, politicians and pundits are talking tough

West cannot trade Ukraine for help in Syria

An anti-terror alliance with Russia must have clear goals and limits

Investigators try to identify third body

Search continues for ‘most wanted’ man

From thief to jihadi linkman in two years

Intelligence fails to keep pace with militants’ swift transformations

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Paris attacks: Belgium’s arms bazaar

Black market in guns has made the country an operational centre for jihadis, but officials are cracking down

Clinton urges tougher US response in Syria

Presidential candidate wants no-fly zone and more air strikes

Intelligence tracking of Isis under question

Abaaoud killed but presence in France points to failure of EU agencies

Paris hit by tourism fall after attacks

City museums eerily quiet but wider economic effects unclear

How Putin managed jet bomb reaction

Cool communication strategy prevented air disaster from becoming a political liability for president

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Paris attacks must shake complacency

The idea that the west should shoulder blame rests on a corrosive moral relativism

Brussels cries foul over Paris blame game

Perceived finger-pointing over terror attacks draws private protest

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Economies are hard for Isis to destroy

Terrorism has its own logic. It fosters fear far in excess of the danger that it presents

Data security design with blue padlocks and binary code

Encryption tests fight against Isis

Agencies ‘going dark’ when internet chatter falls off their radar