Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, swept out of Iraq’s sunni heartland in 2014 to declare its own ‘caliphate’ around the Syria-Iraq border. The group seeks to impose its extreme version of Sunni Islam and has attracted followers from the region and beyond

US to send 250 more troops to Syria

Special operations deployment heralds assault on Isis strongholds

Institute of digital Archeologists erecting a replica of one the famous arches of Palmyra carved out of Egyptian marble on Trafalgar Square. The ancient city Palmyra a world heritage site in modern day Syria was recently further destroyed by IS. Credit: David Parry/ FT
©David Parry

Ghost of Palmyra’s arch rises in London

Replica is surprising and beautiful but not triumphal

Nabil Elouahabi in 'Another World'. Photo: Tristram Kenton
©Tristram Kenton

Another World, National Theatre (Temporary), London — review

Verbatim theatre piece addresses an urgently topical issue

Jan Kizilhan in Villingen-Schwenningen, southern Germany
©Andri Pol

On genocide and trauma

Philippe Sands meets Jan Kizilhan, the psychologist who brought 1,100 Yazidi women, raped and tortured by Isis, to Germany for treatment

US takes cyber warfare mainstream

No one, Moscow included, will argue against America’s use of the internet to attack Isis

What Arab youth thinks of Isis

Lack of jobs works to militants’ advantage, survey finds

Iraqis grow nostalgic for authoritarianism

Bloodletting leads to shift from identity- to issue-led politics

US launches online assault against Isis

First wartime assignment for Pentagon’s new Cyber Command

Syria rebel groups claw back territory

Opposition regains momentum after regime’s capture of Palmyra

Brussels airport reopens after attack

’Symbolic’ first step back to normality for capital

US confident on Belgian nuclear security

Officials believe that Isis could try to get hold of material

US warned over ‘cyber jihad’ attacks

Extremists closer to launching lethal strikes, says DoJ official

Erdogan upsets allies with his power grab

The EU and US need to stop turning a blind eye to his quashing of dissent

Germany fears jihadi blowback

Officials say Sunni Muslim refugees are being radicalised

Iraq’s Shia militias see opportunity

Paramilitary leaders may take on more political roles

Intelligence seeks to unravel Isis network

Western spy assessments for months misjudged the jihadi group’s ambition to export violence

Syrian forces retake Palmyra from Isis

Three-week offensive backed by Russia turns tide against jihadis

US says it has killed senior Isis leader

Al Qaduli described as the group’s ‘finance minister’

Europe can defeat the spectre of terror

Isis will be overcome if the EU demonstrates unity and strategic patience

The three-year genesis of a terror cell

Early Isis fighters in Syria return to Europe for deadly attacks

Iraqi forces launch push to retake Mosul

Military aims to expel Isis from Iraq’s second city this year

EU push for data access to combat terror

Security chiefs to seek service providers’ assistance in crackdown

Clamour grows for EU ‘security union’

Division over what form co-operation would take

Skilled bombmaker central to Isis network

Identifying explosives expert is key to understanding Isis’s scale

Mystery man looms large in terror attacks

Clues from a border crossing and DNA point to a chilling connection

Eurosceptics weigh in on Brussels attacks

The dynamics of the EU referendum are likely to shift in the UK, writes Sebastian Payne

Common criminals who turned to terrorism

Police tracked suspects after raids on Isis safe houses

Manhunt for suspected Brussels bomber

Two brothers named as suspected suicide bombers at airport

Killings point to resilience of Isis operations

 Jihadi capabilities in Europe more extensive than thought

The evacuation of a train after the Maalbeek blast, taken by Twitter user @evanlamos, and two women who escaped the bombs at Zaventem airport

The day the heart of the EU was attacked

Panic and resilience in Brussels as blasts shake diplomatic capital

Assault on Brussels and European values

Isis terror attacks make the case for ‘more Europe’ in security

Isis in Libya: Stoking conflict

Some fear the Islamist group will use its stronghold in Sirte as a springboard to expand across north Africa

Russia cuts its losses in Syria

Moscow has made it clear that its Hmeymim air base in Syria will be a permanent facility

Al-Qaeda affiliate casts shadow on Africa

Group responds to influence of Isis with attacks on Ivory Coast hotels

Antiquities: The spoils of war

What’s really happening to the treasures being looted from the Middle East? Are they funding Isis?

Tunisia: After the revolution

Dashed hopes, a faltering economy and extremist groups such as Isis threaten to destabilise the fragile democracy

Isis cache identifies 22,000 fighters

Documents passed to German agency could be used by prosecutors

Tunisia border attack kills 52

Fears deepen that Libya chaos could drive militants over frontier

Nato says Russia ‘weaponising’ immigrants

Bombing of civilians aims to create refugee crisis, says commander

Journey of a barrel of oil across Syria

How Isis’s oil production works and why it is so hard to disrupt, even with airstrikes