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Caution is the watchword even if there is a strong long-term case to be bullish

Commodities narrative begins to lose its thread

Caution is the watchword even if the long-term case remains bullish

Wide range of commodities vehicles deliver varying results

Correlation with equities has grown but supporters says this is an aberration

Weighting criteria help distinguish big three products

Big three commodities indices take very different approaches

Does a share of the commodities action make sense?

Commodity investments could make sense for long term investors

Precious metals ETPs shine amid outflows

Gold and silver ETPs have benefited from a flight to quality

New rules aim to limit commodities speculation

The futures debacle has overshadowed the introduction of position limits

Growing list of options in soft commodities

The soft commodities market is complex and sensitive to external events

Political turmoil takes hedge funds out of comfort zone

Commodity hedge funds understand supply and demand on the ground