Belgian arrested on terrorism charges

Belgian police hold 33 year old on suspicion of preparing attack

Joe Cummings Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier: Fighting Brussels’ corner

Brexit negotiator defies the UK view of him as a panto villain, write Alex Barker and Jim Brunsden

‘Revolving door’ trend takes hold

Former politicians and central bankers seeking high paid work in financial services has a long pedigree

UK-Ireland relations need special care

May recognises that Brexit cannot put a hard-won peace at risk

Concerns over political influence at IMF

The fund must continue to reduce the undue dominance of Europe

Today’s politics do not mirror the 1930s

Countries that have suffered most economically are not electing populists, writes Jacek Rostowski european banking authority

Bank stress tests highlight lending fears

EU policymakers concerned poor results could damp credit revival

IMF swayed by eurozone politics, says report

Damning evaluation of debt-crisis bailouts fuels debate on Greece

The danger of eurozone banking fudges

Stress test results will put the focus on weaknesses, writes William Rhodes

Brexit threatens east Africa trade deal

Tanzania’s refusal to sign EU pact puts Kenyan livelihoods at risk

Brexit brings old foes back into battle

Lead negotiators Davis and Barnier first clashed 20 years ago

May is right about reforming capitalism

Officials say it is more like a fresh government than just a new PM

EU ends Spain-Portugal budget stand-off

Moscovici hints move motivated by waning support for the EU institutions

Smaller lenders avoid EU bonus rules

Deal suggests Britain can still reach positive results in Brussels

UK reacts coolly to Barnier Brexit role

French politician dubbed Scourge of the City for his EU work

Britain’s premature bid for trade deals

UK first needs to decide its economic relationship with the EU

Brussels warns Poland over court changes

EU’s executive arm accuses Warsaw of endangering democracy

German rightwing leader warns EU on reform

Petry predicts other countries may follow Britain out of the door

Brexit: Sturgeon and May’s balancing act

It is in Scotland’s interest to settle for a Norway-style deal

May pressed to leave EU customs union

Brexit tussle with Fox on trade deals threatens Anglo-Irish ties


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