EU defence strategy to push for closer integration

Draft casts serious defence integration as ‘the norm’

US moves to mediate in EU political crisis

John Kerry pays impromptu visit to London and Brussels

Britain faces up to waning global clout

Cameron to address parliament; Osborne to reassure on UK stability

England will drive Scotland from the union

The Scots now face an unwanted choice, writes Philip Stephens

Lagarde urges quick action on Brexit

UK and EU should move together to quell uncertainty, says IMF head

Begin divorce process to trigger talks

Stand-off looms between bloc and London over timing of exit clause

Brexit will give EU protectionism clout

The UK has long been a proponent in Brussels of free markets

Brexit: Haunted Europe

The UK vote to leave throws into doubt the EU’s survival as support for expansion evaporates

London, England-October 12,2012: KPMG is one of the largest professional services companies in the world and one of the Big Four auditors. KPMG employs 145,000 people and has three lines of services: audit, tax, and advisory. Its advisory services are further divided into three service groups Ð Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, and Transactions & Restructuring. Photo taken on: October 12th, 2012

Consultants brace for Brexit boom

Early calls for advice likely to turn into big restructuring fees

Eastern Europe ready for Brexit hardball

Keeping benefits and privileges of citizens in UK will be priority

MEPs demand big say over terms of Brexit

Members mobilise to ensure influence over UK’s economic destiny

Let Germany bring Europe together

Unity is in the country’s interests

Merkel at centre of new EU crisis

German chancellor faced with task of keeping European Union together

Brexit threatens City of London: a Q&A

UK’s exit from the EU threatens a key industry for London

City ‘suffers’ power shift to eurozone

Eurozone holds sway over rulemaking which UK financial services will have to follow

UK-US special relationship shaky post-Brexit

Washington likely to hasten pivot towards Germany as top Europe ally

Overseas groups weigh Brexit challenges

Many companies put investment and hiring plans on hold

Merkel pushes back on calls for fast Brexit

Plea for caution after foreign ministers push for speedy action

How Europe’s press reacted to Brexit

Continental media reflect shock, despair and Islamophobia

Bailed-out bank sales axed after EU vote

Planned disposal of RBS and Lloyds shares shelved after market turmoil


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