Venezuela’s decline prompts exodus

Increasing numbers flee a looming humanitarian crisis

Rio 2016: Lochte scandal hits raw nerve

Swim saga twist restores pride in nation that feels misunderstood

Court overturns Argentine gas price rises

Ruling is blow to government efforts to reduce fiscal deficit

Venezuela’s problems cannot be ignored

Its multiple crises are increasingly becoming international issues

FC96KK Fizzy carbonated soft drinks for sale in a shop. Sugary fizzy drinks cause diabetes, tooth decay and heart disease.

Mexico urged to double sugary drinks tax

Campaign to cut obesity and raise revenue closely watched abroad

Local lessons for tackling global diseases

Low-cost steps and policies could help save lives, writes Michael Bloomberg

Brazil eyes goals beyond football

Hopes rise that Olympic success presages broader economic revival

Macri reform push descends into court fight

Kirchner-era judges have resisted attempt to stabilise public finances

Venezuela zoos in crisis as recession bites

Zookeepers claim animals are suffering from scarcity of food

Trump evokes Latin American strongmen

Familiar swagger and populism turn off Hispanic voters in the US election, writes John Paul Rathbone

Trump’s thin skin is not apt for politics

Why business leaders tend to make poor politicians

Brazil’s Senate indicts President Rousseff

Suspended leftist leader to face trial on charges of breaking budget law

Prospect of Venezuela recall vote recedes

Next step in starting ballot to oust Maduro set to be pushed back

Trump hit by dissent within Republican party

GOP security experts and senator pledge not to vote for nominee

Rio Olympics opens with extravaganza

But political intrigue was never far away in the opening ceremony

The costs of building Rio Games

R$7.1bn has been spent on building and renovating facilities

Olympic flame’s rocky road to Rio

Odyssey across Brazil highlights challenges facing first emerging market democracy to host the Games

Pressure grows on Venezuela’s Maduro

Opposition ready to start next phase in a referendum to recall president

Lula da Silva and six others to be tried

Banker André Esteves among those facing Brazil obstruction case

Venezuela’s army tightens grip as crisis grows

Military takes charge of food production, distribution and ports