The Tea Party movement's threat to the Republican leadership: illustration by Ingram Pinn

The Tea Party is a grassroots US political movement that was set up in 2009 and calls for spending cuts and lower taxes to effect smaller federal government .

It has been described as part conservative and part libertarian.

Palin challenges Trump’s doubters

Cruz in for a bruising after tycoon wins conservative backing

Republican senator sees off Tea Party

Incumbent Thad Cochran beats Chris McDaniel in runoff

Chris McDaniel, a Tea Party candidate for the US Senate in Mississippi, addresses a rally at a community centre in Pearl. He is trying to unseat Thad Cochran, an incumbent Republican who he calls a moderate who encourages reckless government spending. “We have to find our conviction again,” he said.
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Mississippi rebellion

Tea Party candidate bids to win Senate seat in the southern state

Scalise wins role to unify Republicans

New US House majority whip is staunch conservative

The Tea Party’s triumphant return

After Cantor’s defeat, moderate Republicans must regroup

Cantor’s Tea Party defeat stuns Washington

Republican resigns as House majority leader

Republican trap that defeated Eric Cantor

Result of trying to split this difference between the Tea Party and the non-Tea Party is an unpalatable mush, says Jacob Weisberg

Top Republican is beaten in primary

House majority leader Eric Cantor falls to Tea Party challenger

The Republicans need more than money

The taming of the Tea Party leaves the GOP short on the ideological message the voters like

Republicans adopt Tea Party lines

Moving to the right bolsters US conservative establishment’s position

McConnell win delivers blow to Tea Party

US Republicans savour primary victory in Kentucky

McConnell leads Republican Kentucky derby

Tea Party challenger to leading conservative suffers

Taming of Tea Party bodes ill for Obama

Bill passage brings relief and highlights Congress working well

Republicans hit Obama over health reform

Response to State of the Union speech targets jobs and Obamacare

The Rising US libertarian tide
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The tide is rising for America’s libertarians

The new spirit in a rising climate of anti-politics has become an attitude, rather than a movement

Tea Party shifts electoral strategy

Group plans to focus on ‘red’ states where Democrats have little hope

Democrat ahead in Virginia governor race

Clinton fundraiser capitalises on backlash against Tea Party

US business must stand up to Tea Party

Big Money needs to decide on bringing the Republicans further back from Cruzomania

Impasse fallout splits US conservatives

Business group squares off against ideological conservatives

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Watch out for a European Tea Party

The big danger to the euro is that the political consensus that underpins it could come unstuck

Republicans gear up to take on Tea Party

Business and party leaders push back after the shutdown

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Stupid to think the Tea Party is brainless

The way to deal with the movement is not through ridicule but to understand its motivation

Back to work: President Barack Obama makes a statement on the reopening of government after he signed a law ending the shutdown and extending the US debt limit

US politics: They blinked

Obama’s ability to capitalise on his political victory will be complicated by new fiscal battles with Republicans

Postmortem focuses on Tea Party power

Prominent Republicans speak out against hardline elements of party

GOP moderates need a political machine

Republicans have strayed from the virtues of respect for tradition, says Jacob Weisberg

Defeat has bitter taste for Tea Party

Republicans lured into fight many in their ranks warned they could not win

The Tea Party’s proxy war over healthcare

It is a casus belli for the rightwing’s battle over the role of government

Tea Party unmoved by US default threat

Sceptics say failure to raise debt ceiling will not prompt a slump

Default is defeat for Republicans

Speaker Boehner must save his country from his party

Boehner’s room for manoeuvre limited

Tea Party wields disproportionate power in Congress

US budget politics: America goes dark

The shutdown has idled workers, spooked markets and split the right. But the Tea Party says it is just getting started

U.S. House Speaker Boehner arrives at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Boehner’s future lies in the balance

Sympathy wanes for Speaker over inability to control lawmakers

Excess self-esteem and the Tea Party

The Republicans who shut down the government are like overindulged, trophy-laden children

Republicans have a Tea Party problem

Conservative stalwarts are the sort of allies the mainstream can do without, writes Reihan Salam

Decline and fall of American politics

The Tea Party’s fiscal brinkmanship is reckless and wrong

Texas senator Ted Cruz

Cruz promises healthcare funding protest

Texas senator vows to speak until he is ‘no longer able to stand’

Tea Party Bolsheviks shake up Republicans

Takeover of congressional representatives is textbook Trotsky

Republican factions expose party rifts

Squabbles highlight divisions over economic, security and social policies

Libertarian Republicans delay Pentagon bill

Sign of the mounting congressional criticism over NSA surveillance

Left wing groups were targeted by IRS

Organisations with ‘progressive’ in name flagged for scrutiny