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European and US banks feel Brexit impact

Shares fall as market digests the consequences

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An interactive guide to this quarter’s global mergers and acquisitions activity and the deals and dealmakers involved

Goldman Sachs drops on-campus interviews

Students to use pre-recorded interviews to pitch for a jobs

Merrill fined $415m over client cash

BofA arm cut its costs by failing to separate out customer assets

Regulators warn on post-referendum trades

FCA cautions over ‘potential conduct risks’ amid high volatility

Philippine companies start to spread wings

Rise in outbound M&A aided by expansion of domestic debt markets

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Insight into M&A in the technology, media and tele-communications sector

Tensions rise on eve of Brexit vote

Remain takes narrow poll lead but 4 British PMs to appeal for In vote

EIB to lend £100m through Funding Circle

Move marks EU show of support for alternative finance in the UK

Morgan Stanley lures M&A lawyer to UK unit

Rawlinson to be new chairman of investment banking in London

US credit card stocks hit on loan warning

Synchrony Financial says it expects write-off rates to climb

Banking slowdown hits Asian bonuses

Younger bankers never knew glory and excess of 1990s and noughties

Deutsche Bank to tackle transactional unit security

FCA review had found variety of failings

Banks are the new sensible career choice

Regulators have tried to discourage excessive risk-taking — this has implications for hiring

Tech risks losing shine for Wall St

Tech hub’s ability to capture talent may have peaked — for now

US investment banks conquer Europe

Their commitment to staying in the business wins them clients and talented staff

European banks: minnows of the universe

Valuations suggest sector is in terminal decline

Wall St.

Land of the fee: Wall Street’s $8bn bounty

Americans paid 22% more than European peers for advisory services last year

Lisbon and Warsaw take on NY and London

Banks shift thousands of workers out of the world’s main financial centres

BHS buyer’s bank dropped out over pension

RiverRock says Chappell told them Green would take on pension liabilities

Shayne Elliott, ANZ CEO

Challengers face Asia banking hurdles

Region has a reputation as a deathtrap for ambitious overseas lenders

HSBC restructures investment bank

Move will save costs without additional job cuts

Goldman attracts 250,000 job applications

Far more would-be bankers apply than could ever be employed

BHS Philip Green composite for UK Front

Green considered dropping BHS sale

Parliamentary documents show doubts over original deal

Banks’ work-life balance efforts will pay off

Schemes from groups such as Morgan Stanley and UBS make perfect sense in helping staff stick around

Morgan Stanley to offer paid sabbaticals

Bank looks for ways to discourage talented staff from defecting

GLG CEO Alexander Saint-Amand in the New York Office
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Information matchmaker looks beyond Wall St

Expert network company GLG has a new strategy on customers

Banks’ hopes of big cost savings ‘a pipe dream’

Only a few groups be able to meet their cost of capital, says BCG

Illustration depicting a computer screen capture with a peer to peer concept.

Peer-to-peer loan fund cuts dividend

Move indicates concerns about the sector’s health, say analysts

Errant banks perfect the waiting game

Time is the great healer that makes the pain go away

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Boutique LionTree roars with $78bn deal

Bourkoff’s start-up bank aims to disrupt established order

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Do nice guys finish first?

Lucy Kellaway on a new theory of power

Banks to save space with desk sharing

Economy drive includes subletting offices and branch closures

Banks active in commodities suffer in Q1

Worst start to the year for a decade

Banks cut budgets for maths and models

Regulatory crackdown removes key incentive for measuring risk

Goldman and Green’s links under scrutiny

MPs to probe relationship between bank and retail entrepreneur

DJIBOUTI, Djibouti: Chinese workers build the Doraleh Multipurpose Port, which will be the largest of eight ports in Djibouti and the site of China's first overseas military base. China is helping to bankroll a targeted $12.4bn for huge infrastructure projects including the Doraleh Multipurpose Port and a new railway in the tiny $1.5bn economy. Djibouti, a former French colony at the northeastern edge of Africa, is increasingly at the epicenter of global ambitions; quietly helping to shape a new world order while few outsiders have even heard of the country. Djibouti is key to the rise of China, the militarisation of global trade and security, and the emergence of a strategic chokehold that global rivals want the right to police. (Nichole Sobecki for The Financial Times Magazine)

China takes lead in development finance

China’s development lending eclipses loans from all six western-backed multilateral institutions

Thomas Piquemal, EDF chief financial officer

Deutsche Bank hires ex-EDF finance director

Piquemal quit over cost of Hinkley Point nuclear plant

BHS probe to shine light on advisers’ role

Who was responsible for assessing retail chain’s buyer?

The skylines of London and New York
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Move over NY — here comes Jacksonville

Financial centres lose 42,000 jobs to allure of cheaper locations

Businesses are becoming more like banks

US companies today make more than ever before by simply moving money around, writes Rana Foroohar

Crédit Agricole hit by slowing markets

Drive to reduce future costs of debt impacts on lender’s results