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    1. Fast FT

      July 26, 2016

      Drax profits halve amid UK policy U-turns

      Drax, the UK power group, saw its earnings more than half in the six months to June as it was hit by weak energy...

    2. FT Alphaville

      July 25, 2016

      FT Opening Quote: Philip Green in hot water

      Philip Green slammed by MPs, an approach for William Hill and a warning from Rangold. FT Opening Quote, with commentary...

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    1. Inventions and Patents

      Patenting has never been more popular. Applications have reached record levels at the ...
    2. Risk Management

      Although many in the insurance industry think that it is behind other sectors when it ...
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    1. July 21, 2016

      EDF poised to decide on Hinkley investment

      EDF will make its long-delayed final investment decision on whether to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in...

    2. Fast FT

      July 21, 2016

      US stocks recede from record highs

      The Dow and S&P 500 edged lower on Thursday, slipping from records peaks logged in the prior session, as investors...

    3. Fast FT

      July 21, 2016

      Brazil looks to tap global bond market

      Low yield blues? Not for Brazil. The country, Latin America’s biggest economy, has become the latest to take advantage...

    4. Fast FT

      July 21, 2016

      SSE aims for growth as customer losses slow

      SSE, the UK energy company, says it is still aiming for a return to growth this year, despite losing 50,000 customers...

    5. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      UK inflation rises to 0.5% in June

      The pace of inflation in the UK has popped higher for June, with the annual pace of price rises clocking in at 0.5 per...

    6. July 17, 2016

      Ineos targets British test wells to kick-start shale gas market

      Ineos, the $50bn petrochemicals giant controlled by British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, aims to accelerate shale gas...

    7. July 16, 2016

      Turkey holds crucial place on oil routes

      The turmoil in Turkey has implications for global oil markets, because of the country’s strategic position on energy...

    8. Fast FT

      July 16, 2016

      What the turmoil in Turkey means for oil

      The turmoil in Turkey has implications for global oil markets, because of the country’s strategic position on energy...

    9. July 13, 2016

      Subsidy for Hinkley nuclear power station quintuples to £30bn

      Consumers will pay a £30bn subsidy for electricity from the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station — almost five...

    10. Nick Butler

      July 11, 2016

      Are we approaching peak energy demand ?

      The changes taking place in the world energy market are not just a matter of oversupply or the unwillingness of Saudi...

    11. Fast FT

      July 8, 2016

      Brent poised for biggest weekly drop since Jan

      Brent, the global oil marker, is on course for its biggest weekly decline since January, as supply disruptions ease and...

    12. Fast FT

      July 5, 2016

      Oil falls 5% as Brexit worries weigh

      Concerns over the potential fallout from the UK’s Brexit vote and a strengthening in the US dollar took their toll on...

    13. July 3, 2016

      Brexit doubt weighs on green energy groups

      The financial uncertainty triggered by the UK’s vote to leave the EU has sent shudders through virtually every...

    14. July 3, 2016

      French business stresses need for speed on implementing Brexit

      Leading business figures in France have urged Britain to come up with a quick and clear road map following its decision...

    15. MBA blog

      July 1, 2016

      How to pull off the perfect negotiation

      In light of the UK’s EU referendum result and the bargaining to come, what better time to talk about negotiation....

    16. July 1, 2016

      ‘Switch to blue-chips in wake of Brexit vote’

      The decade-long popularity of smaller UK stocks among individual investors is evaporating after the Brexit vote, as...

    17. June 30, 2016

      UK move to set CO2 target faces challenge

      The UK agreed on Thursday to set a legally binding goal committing the country to steep cuts in carbon dioxide...

    18. June 30, 2016

      Trade unions press EDF to delay Hinkley Point C decision

      Britain’s vote to leave the EU makes it “more necessary than ever” for EDF to delay making a final investment decision...

    19. FT Alphaville

      June 30, 2016

      Markets Live: Thursday, 30th June, 2016

      This Markets Live session ended at 12:03 on 30 Jun 2016. Participants in this session were: Paul Murphy and Bryce...

    20. Fast FT

      June 30, 2016

      Brent slips, but stays above $50

      Brent dipped on Thursday, but stayed managed to hover above the $50 a barrel mark. The international crude oil...

    21. June 28, 2016

      Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal far from over

      The latest chapter in the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal ends with a cliffhanger. Europe’s largest carmaker on...

    22. June 28, 2016

      French government reassures on Hinkley Point project

      The French government has attempted to calm fears that the UK’s vote to leave the EU will scupper plans to build...

    23. June 28, 2016

      Oil prices edge up as referendum chaos abates

      Oil prices are creeping higher as the post Brexit-referendum market storm calms and equities recover some of their...

    24. June 27, 2016

      Oil suffers as risk aversion sentiment intensifies

      Oil slid for a second session, extending losses to 7 per cent since the UK’s vote to leave the EU, as the world’s most...

    25. Nick Butler

      June 27, 2016

      Brexit: the impact on UK energy policy

      At one level, the UK’s exit from the EU should have very little impact on the energy business. The price of oil, gas...

    26. June 26, 2016

      Sturgeon cautious over timing of new independence vote

      For many in the Scottish National party, the UK’s vote for Brexit offers the best ever chance of achieving their...

    27. June 24, 2016

      Brexit spells disaster for France

      For France in the postwar period, the UK has been an indispensable benchmark: the ex-imperial, nuclear twin against...

    28. Fast FT

      June 23, 2016

      Oil pushes towards $51 on Brexit hopes

      Oil is another beneficiary of today’s Brexit-induced relief rally, with prices inching close to $51 a barrel on...

    29. June 23, 2016

      Commodities and Brexit — 5 things to watch

      As the UK begins voting in the EU referendum here are five things to watch in the commodities world. Gold It’s a...

    30. June 23, 2016

      Spike in electricity forecast as nation tunes in for Brexit vote

      Britons gathering round the television to watch the results of Thursday’s referendum on EU membership are set to...

    31. June 21, 2016

      Free Britain to trade with the world

      The central fact of our age is the rise of what we still think of as the “developing world”. In the past decade the...

    32. June 21, 2016

      Leonardo-Finmeccanica set to go on acquisition trail

      Mauro Moretti is in expansion mode. Barely two years after arriving to shake up and streamline the top 10 global...

    33. Fast FT

      June 17, 2016

      Oil, high yield US corporate credit back in sync

      The close tie between energy and junk bonds is reasserting itself again. As oil prices slid below $30 a barrel earlier...

    34. June 16, 2016

      Gazprom says Nord Stream 2 will save money and cut emissions

      Gazprom insists the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will save money and cut carbon emissions as it defended the project...

    35. Fast FT

      June 16, 2016

      UK shoppers shrug off Brexit worries in May

      Global investors may be nervous over the outcome of next week’s EU membership referendum but British shoppers held...

    36. FT Alphaville

      June 15, 2016

      FT Opening Quote

      Sir Philip Green is about to face MPs over the collapse of BHS, George Osborne is warning of an emergency budget,...

    37. June 13, 2016

      Prudential raises its bet on green energy

      UK insurance group Prudential has raised its bet on the future of green energy with a planned €150m investment in...

    38. June 6, 2016

      Worst diesel polluters go ‘unpunished’, report claims

      Many of the most polluting diesel cars in Europe have yet to be fully investigated by regulators over their emissions...

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