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    1. August 11, 2016

      Assessing the impact of the BoE’s economic ‘sledgehammer’

      When the Bank of England announced how it intended to tackle the anticipated economic downturn following the Brexit...

    2. August 4, 2016

      A tweak to helicopter money will help the economy take off

      Theresa May, the UK prime minister, has all but repudiated the economic policies of the previous chancellor of the...

    1. Fast FT

      August 4, 2016

      'Spooked into action'? - Economists react to BoE interest rate cut

      Finally. The Bank of England has announced the first change to its benchmark policy rate since 2009, and a raft of...

    2. August 4, 2016

      Carney issues stark warning with package to ease Brexit downturn

      The Bank of England launched its biggest stimulus package since the financial crisis on Thursday and said it stood...

    3. Fast FT

      August 4, 2016

      Hammond welcomes BoE stimulus

      The UK’s new Chancellor Philip Hammond has welcomed the latest stimulus package from the Bank of England today, which...

    4. August 3, 2016

      The BoE’s Brexit day: what investors expect

      The Bank of England’s rate setters on Thursday will offer their latest assessment on the outlook for the British...

    5. Fast FT

      August 1, 2016

      Post-referendum UK manufacturing PMI deteriorates

      Another sign of the post-Brexit loss in business confidence. Manufacturing activity deteriorated at an even sharper...

    6. July 31, 2016

      Carney expected to slash UK growth forecast close to zero

      The Bank of England will this week downgrade its growth forecasts following the vote to leave the EU and explain what...

    7. July 28, 2016

      Investors weigh arguments for BoE corporate bond buying

      A week from now, Bank of England officials will conclude one of their most important policy meetings of the decade as...

    8. July 27, 2016

      The Bank of England’s response to Brexit

      Is Britain’s economy sliding into recession? The short answer is that no one knows. Uncertainty, however, is no excuse...

    9. July 26, 2016

      Gilts at 2-week high after rates U-turn from BoE's Weale

      Gilts have jumped to a two-week high and markets have priced in a 97 per cent probability that the Bank of England will...

    10. July 26, 2016

      MPC member Martin Weale shifts stance to back stimulus call

      One of the UK’s top monetary policymakers has indicated he has changed his mind after a series of negative business...

    11. Fast FT

      July 22, 2016

      BoE rate cut hopes jump after grim PMIs

      Market expectations for an August UK rate cut have increased to their highest ever level as the country’s first major...

    12. Fast FT

      July 22, 2016

      Equities bounce back after grim UK PMIs

      How’s that for a reversal? Bad news is good news for European equities as the continent’s major bourses are storming...

    13. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      A sign of things to come? Analysts react to rising UK inflation

      UK inflation reached a higher than expected 0.5 per cent in June, hitting its joint highest level since November 2014...

    14. Fast FT

      July 18, 2016

      No urgency to cut interest rates - BoE's Weale

      The Bank of England should consider waiting for more information before cutting interest rates, outgoing MPC member...

    15. July 17, 2016

      Brexit uncertainty makes the case for a lower interest rate

      The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee held its interest rate constant last week. I was in a minority of one...

    16. July 15, 2016

      BoE economist Andy Haldane to back ‘significant’ stimulus in August

      Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, pledged on Friday to vote for a “significant” and “material”...

    17. July 14, 2016

      Britain’s chance to show the world how to do stimulus

      The UK has become an un­welcome case study in populism and political disaffection. Given the challenges facing the...

    18. July 14, 2016

      BoE’s measured decision on rates aims to contain Brexit fallout

      The decision by the Bank of England to hold interest rates in July was a pause for breath and a chance to calibrate its...

    19. July 14, 2016

      Bank of England holds interest rates despite Brexit concerns

      The Bank of England backed away from an immediate monetary stimulus on Thursday, holding its benchmark rates as it...

    20. Fast FT

      July 14, 2016

      Sterling soars as Bank of England stands pat

      Sometimes, doing nothing has a big impact. The Bank of England surprised markets by keeping interest rates on hold,...

    21. July 13, 2016

      What to watch for as Bank of England rules on interest rates

      If the Bank of England decides not to cut interest rates on Thursday, it will surprise the markets, which are betting...

    22. The Exchange

      July 13, 2016

      Why cutting UK interest rates now is too risky

      The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee meets this week and expectations are high that it will ease policy to...

    23. July 11, 2016

      Focus on Bank of England’s policy response to Brexit

      The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England will formally meet on July 14 for the first time following the EU...

    24. Fast FT

      July 11, 2016

      Pound gives up gains and slips into red

      The pound racked up some hefty gains as some of the uncertainty plaguing British politics of late dissipated with the...

    25. Fast FT

      July 11, 2016

      Gilts hit new record with BoE under pressure to ease

      British government bond yields have touched new lows as investors bet that the Bank of England will cut interest rates...

    26. July 10, 2016

      BoE set to cut rates to avert predicted Brexit slowdown

      The Bank of England is set to cut interest rates to new historic lows on Thursday in an attempt to ease the pain of a...

    27. July 3, 2016

      Brexit uncertainty calls for stable monetary policy

      We have seen momentous political events in the UK over the past 10 days — the referendum decision to leave the EU, the...

    28. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      New lows for sterling under $1.39

      So far, the vote count night has been punctuated by bursts of frantic sterling selling and then short spells of...

    29. June 16, 2016

      BoE hits back at attempts to silence warnings over Brexit

      The Bank of England fought back on Thursday after supporters of the campaign to leave the EU stepped up attempts to...

    30. June 16, 2016

      Bank of England says ‘all options open’ if UK exits EU

      All options will be on the table if Britain votes to leave the EU, the Bank of England said on Thursday, as it sought...

    31. June 15, 2016

      Blue-chips threaten Leave camp with legal action over logos

      The chiefs of some of Britain’s biggest employers have threatened legal action against the official EU Leave campaign,...

    32. June 14, 2016

      Brexit imperils the confidence of strangers

      Suppose that the Leave campaign, which one might call Project Lie, wins the referendum next week. How bad might the...

    33. May 30, 2016

      Successful central banks focus on greater purchasing power

      The Bank of Japan has now been conducting quantitative easing — the buying of financial assets by a central bank — for...

    34. Fast FT

      May 24, 2016

      UK remains "investable" despite Brexit - FPC

      An independent member of the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee has struck a more confident tone ahead of the...

    35. May 19, 2016

      BoE’s Vlieghe calls for Brexit rate cuts

      The Bank of England should be ready to cut interest rates to stimulate spending if any economic bounce after a Remain...

    36. Gavyn Davies

      May 14, 2016

      Brexit risks and uncertainties

      The Bank of England’s dire analysis of the impact of a Brexit vote inflamed UK political opinion last week. I want to...

    37. Fast FT

      May 13, 2016

      BoE's Weale warns of inflation overshoot risk

      Martin Weale, the outgoing member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, says inflation could overshoot...

    38. May 12, 2016

      Bank of England moves from caution to candour

      Almost every official at the Bank of England thinks leaving the EU would be a bad idea. What they have found harder to...

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