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Kiev finds itself caught between the east and the west as elections loom

State in a struggle for identity and direction

Kiev finds itself caught between the east and the west as elections loom, write Neil Buckley and Roman Olearchyk

Democracy: Ballot under scrutiny

There is intense international pressure for the parliamentary poll to be conducted fairly, writes Roman Olearchyk

Economy: Reforms will be needed to stimulate growth

Recession has hit the nation hard. Neil Buckley and Roman Olearchyk consider why and look at hopes for recovery

Mykola Azarov: Good relations with EU and CIS are ‘vital’

The right-hand man to President Viktor Yanukovich talks to Neil Buckley

Foreign direct investment: ‘Risky’ state also has its attractions

Despite the difficulties, there is still much to draw investors, says Roman Olearchyk

Energy: Outsiders boost power sector

Kiev is heading for independence from Russian supplies, writes Roman Olearchyk

IPOs: Companies still look westward for cash

London has been a top destination for initial public offerings but Warsaw is also proving popular, writes Jakub Parusinski

view of Lviv
©Michal Parusinski

Lviv: Habsburg jewel is a historic survivor

Jakub Parusinski finds a destination buoyed by Euro 2012 and hoping to reach the big league

Agriculture: Room for profitable growth in the fields of black earth

The bread basket of Europe produces just a fraction of its potential yield, says Mark Rackevych