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Nigeria remains dependent on oil for hard currency earnings, and the economy, until recently one of Africa’s fastest growing, is beginning to founder

Veteran leader fights for future

Historic vote hands ex-general fresh chance to impose order

Oando service station

Investors detect hidden gems for private equity

Size of deals is steadily increasing as investors bet on long-term growth

Buhari puts party barons on notice

Reformist leader confronts a powerful patronage system

1984: Muhammadu Buhari

Signs of success despite the state

Political nationalism is being replaced by an economic nationalism and a surge of self-confidence

Plunging oil prices pile pressure on finances

Business protests as central bank imposes currency controls to defend the naira

Plan to end excess of Nigeria’s state agencies

Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo talks about a new way of doing business

Reform of Nigeria’s oil industry tops to-do list

New government wants to drive a harder bargain in contracts with majors

Government House in Kaduna state

Hunt for Nigeria’s stolen petrodollars

Hot tubs and bundles of cash symbolise the graft that flourished under the previous administration

Uneasy peace hides neglect in Niger Delta

New government loath to extend policy of appeasing thousands of gunmen with monthly payments

Boko Haram fighters defy military crackdown

Death toll climbs as army relies on vigilantes to ward off hit-and-run raids

Repairing international ties is a priority

Muhammadu Buhari is on a mission to put his country back on a straighter path

Nigeria’s electricity companies await lightbulb moment

Blackouts will end only when investors can trust the official pricing regime

Branchless banking on the rise in Nigeria

New technology spurs the growth of ‘branchless’ banking as customers move money with their phones

Nothing underhand in ‘pyramid’ scheme

Persevering through Nigeria’s economic slowdown should yield rewards over time

Dynamic diaspora with glittering ambitions

Nigerians are using London as a launch pad for ventures focused on Africa

Experienced Nigerian medics return

Despite the frustrations, doctors and nurses are returning

Nigeria enjoys sweet paste of success

A start-up wants to unlock the wasted potential of 200,000 tomato farmers

Nigeria’s Paga attracts foreign backers

The next challenge is to find investors to fund expansion plans in Nigeria and other African nations

Returnee seeks bigger role in Nigeria

Deepwater service hub wants to do business with majors

Helping hand for Nigerian entrepreneurs

Rise of charitable foundations spurs debate on how self-made billionaires can share their success

‘Unemployment is not the big issue’

Agencies and employers say more needs to be done to prepare graduates for the job market

Tailor-made for success

Nigeria boasts thousands of tailors but lacks the manufacturing and distribution chain to scale up

Nigerian bloggers carve out a lucrative niche

Bloggers have carved out a lucrative niche with advertisers

African are discover new world of patronage

Outstanding members of a new generation have seen prices for their art take off

Plans promise surge in African commerce

Abuja could play a pivotal role in talks to forge a pan-continental bloc

Highway logjam slows Nigeria’s trade

The corridor from Lagos to Jibiya offers an example of the burdens facing importers and exporters

Nigeria on track to be polio-free by 2017

Since July 2014, there have been no cases of wild polio, allowing Nigeria to be declared no longer endemic


Strife casts shadow over Nigeria’s progress

A growing economy sits uneasily next to poverty and division

Safety net needed with poverty still rife in Nigeria

Country struggles with rapid growth and inequality

Fear in Nigeria that youth unemployment will foment unrest

Growing population can be an asset or liability

Point-scoring by ruling class obscures bigger picture

Islamic insurgents and regional power play hit stability

Nigeria’s politicians bicker while Islamist conflict claims thousands of lives

Youth seeks answers in sticks and phones amid strife

Privatisation shines a light on a route out of the dark age

Nigeria attempts to resuscitate its electricity sector

Infrastructure remains a hurdle in getting power to the people

Cost of moving gas supplies a is thorny political issue

Oil theft and sabotage mark an industry in decline

Stealing crude has grown into a vast and lucrative enterprise involving well-connected officials and security personnel

Whistleblowing central banker challenges Nigerian government in court

The independence of the Central Bank of Nigeria may rest on outcome of the case

Nigeria trade: Regional integration still takes a back seat

A secure economic future requires better partnerships within the African continent but progress remains slow

Nigeria’s domestic concerns override enthusiasm for Europe deal

Protectionism is blocking a trade agreement with the EU

Nigeria’s homegrown hydrocarbons sector needs international capital to grow

Local companies buy up onshore fields as majors move operations offshore to avoid sabotage

Nigeria’s enticing market has intimidating barriers to entry

Cost of doing business a burden