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Shortlist for winners published: Cambodia attempts to revive writing in native Khmer; Nairobi artists band together to avoid dependence on galleries and patrons; Mexican filmmakers refocus on domestic cinema

Emerging Voices unveils awards shortlists

Nominees from Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific are revealed in second year of FT/OppenheimerFunds arts competition


Video: FT World: Mexico cinema
Following the success of Mexican directors in Hollywood, filmmakers want to promote domestic cinema at home
Book sellers target readers with new technology and local languages
The launch of the Mekong Review
©Athena Zelandonii

Cambodia authors revive Khmer literature

Writers begin to work in their mother tongue four decades after Khmer Rouge devastated national culture

Freedom Flight Refuge exhibition at the Circle Art Gallery
©Circle Art Gallery

Kenyan artist collectives foster young talent

Nairobi artists are banding together to avoid dependence on galleries and patrons

CITY OF GOD, Alexandre Rodrigues, 2002, (c) Miramax

Brazilian filmmakers cut favela clichés

A spate of new films explore more complex relationships between social classes

Venezuelan filmmaker Jackson Gutierrez
©Los Mas Fuertes Records.

Venezuela’s gangland film-maker aims high

The director has risen from barbering in a slum to capturing Caracas’s violence on screen

Nigerian art collectors rode boom

Lagos has developed a vibrant art scene thanks to wealthy patrons and cultural innovators

FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards 2015
©Marie-Helene Carleton/Four Corners Media

Emerging Voices awards 2016 open to enter

Our awards seek the best films, fiction and art from Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa

Emerging markets offer creative voices

From Moroccan painter Touria El Glaoui to Colombian film-maker Ciro Guerra, artists widen horizons

2015 awards
A singer performs during the inauguration of the mural in memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
©Xinhua/REX Shutterstock

Globalisation and the arts

Great works from the ‘global south’ have caught the imagination of western audiences

Chigozie Obioma
©Zach Mueller

Chigozie Obioma — fiction prizewinner

‘The Fishermen’: mythic quality unpicks dysfunction in Nigerian society, writes Lorien Kite

Yuhang Ho — film prizewinner

‘Trespassed’ is an intimate story that reveals much about Malaysian life and society. By Nigel Andrews

Cristina Planas — art prizewinner

The Peruvian sculptor spurns decorative art for work that ‘bothers’ her, as Naomi Mapstone discovers

Video: Emerging Voices awards

Interview: Nuruddin Farah

The author on death and corruption in his homeland

Opinion: Noo Saro-Wiwa

Can Africa find its voice in the novel, a western art form?

Fiction: New chapter in Nigerian literature

Writers are gaining international attention

Fiction: Middle East under scrutiny

Upheaval in the Arab world prompts a search for answers

Fiction: Multilingual mastery

At work with translators, publishing’s unsung heroes

Film: Weerasethakul’s waking dreams

Dark, political themes lurk beneath the Thai film-maker’s magic realm

Film: Bollywood explores gritty themes

India’s biggest film industry is deviating from the traditional star-driven fare — and is rewarded at the box office

Video: Big growth in short films

Indian short films boosted by rise in digital access

Film: Indonesia’s directors work in the shadow of the past

Film-makers are striving to explain history

Film: Cinema from the eye of the storm

Documentaries are thriving in Myanmar in spite of state censorship

Opinion: Jan Dalley

Artists can thrive despite the odds

Art: Meeting Brazil’s power collectors

At home with a confident generation of buyers

Art: Voodoo visions in New York

Collectors entranced by flags and rituals

Art: Rock-star status for Argentina’s few

Buenos Aires struggles to support its artistic talent

Art: photography without blame or pity

The Colombian multimedia artist gives voice to the nameless victims of civil war

Art: a new energy from Mexico’s metropolis

Alternative galleries are challenging stereotypes

Chair of judges: ‘These awards fulfilled all hopes’

An introduction to the Emerging Voices programme and how the winners were chosen

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Political frontiers are no barrier to art

Artistic creativity beyond Europe has had a vital, and sometimes decisive, influence on the west

Colombia’s visual artists take centre stage

As the country opens to visitors there is a growing global awareness of its thriving art scene

Video: Modern art makes its mark in Mexico

New generation of artists flourishing

Short films signal Cambodia’s revival

Film-makers seize on cheap technology and accessible funding

Literature has liberated Africa’s authors

Writers have found the power to break free of colonial stereotypes

Arab writers make their mark

Younger authors shaping contemporary Middle Eastern literature with themes of war and human rights

Video: New voices in African fiction

Cultural excellence for a global audience

Call for submissions from artists, writers and film-makers

A sense of purpose puts emerging world in the picture

Art from developing nations has a relevance and energy that have long been missing from much of western culture


The FT/OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices awards recognise the most inventive and creative fiction writers, film-makers and artists from emerging market countries in Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America or the Caribbean.

Open to nationals or passport holders of these countries, panels of distinguished judges give awards to the best creators of published fiction in English or English translation in Asia-Pacific, the top film-makers in Latin America and the most accomplished artists in a variety of media in Africa and the Middle East.

Find out more about the 2016 Emerging Voices awards and see the pictures from last year's gala ceremony