The Business of Sport


TENNIS: While the men’s game has never been stronger, the women’s game is still searching for a champion
US: American sporting events continue to attract huge television audiences

Eyes on the prize

The competition to come out on top is as strong in the business of sport as it is on the field of play


Growing debt and spiraling wages are not things you would necessarily associate with an industry readying itself for a crackdown on spending. But then English football is a business like no other
Tiger Woods ©AFP/Getty
For the most talented, and the most marketable, sporting ability can be a ticket to untold wealth. But who are the top 10 earners in sport?
Can the UK government’s hope that the regeneration of the Olympic Park will create a new business and residential district become a reality?

London wrestles with legacy issues

A generous budget should make this year’s London Olympics a memorable sporting spectacle, but the future for the facilities remains unclear

Video: Indian cricket under fire

The Indian Premier League is valued at more than $4bn, but recent corruption allegations is threatening its reputation

Gulf investors target lucrative sports market

The Gulf states are pouring money into sport, with Manchester City alone benefiting from $1bn. And their ambitions do not end there

Neymar (left) fights for the ball with Ivan Pillud

Betting the house

With the weight of having to host both the World Cup and the Olympics, Brazil must ensure that it will be able to deliver without delay

Glued to the screen

US sporting events continue to attract large ratings, offering advertisers one of the last reliable opportunities to reach a mass audience

Talent rallies to the commercial cause

The great rivalries in men’s tennis have wooed the crowds and sponsors, while a new generation of female stars is emerging from the shadows

The businesses that refuse to die

It is not unusual for companies to be consumed by economic crises or other calamities, but football clubs have an extraordinary capacity for survival

FIFA president Joseph Blatter

Action on governance gathers pace

As pressure increases on sporting bodies to clean up their governance, the reform process is still likely to be a marathon

A tale of two countries

Poland and Ukraine have set the start of the Euro 2012 tournament as their deadline for much-needed nationwide infrastructure projects

The cricket redemption

Despite seemingly endless controversies, cricket still has little difficulty attracting blue-chip sponsors

Game theory cannot predict broadcasting future

Sports revenues have soared in recent years thanks to large increases in the price of rights, but can it last?

The godfather of sports marketing

Patrick Nally explains how he turned sporting events into global brands and placed them on a sound commercial footing