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A sense of progress is evident despite slow post-crisis growth and the need to rein in public finances

On the winding road to stability

A sense of progress is evident in Bulgaria despite slow post-crisis growth and the need to rein in public finances, writes Neil Buckley

Governance: Policy makers carry the fight to escape from Europe’s shadows

Path to satisfying demands of Brussels is an arduous one, writes Tony Barber

Inward investment: Speculation boom gives way to opportunity with solid foundations

Emphasis is shifting from property and tourism to factories and overseas sales, writes Tony Barber

Manufacturing: Autos emerge as driving force

Motor industry grabs opportunity to show its skills, say Kerin Hope and Theodor Troev

Politics: Premier stays popular amid public scepticism

The scene is clouded by the public’s mistrust of authority, writes Tony Barber

Natural gas projects in the Black Sea

Energy: Pipeline tie-in reinforces fears of reliance on Russian supply

Politicians counter that moves are under way to diversify sources and move from dependence on Moscow, writes Neil Buckley

Economy: Ship weathers tempest yet now needs to sail on

Challenges remain for Bulgaria in spite of worst of crisis having passed, writes Neil Buckley

Natalia Gadjeva and Konstantin Stoev – founders of the Dragomir Winery Estate
©Theodor Troev

Viticulture: Winemakers set their sights on restoring a potent legacy

Boutique producers lead industry revival in what was once world’s second-largest exporter of bottled wine, writes Theodor Troev

Publishing: Ciela Norma develops as springboard for a new wave of novelists

The profitable software business translates Bulgarian writers’ work in other languages for the local audience, reports Kerin Hope

Infrastructure: EU funding pushes expansion of road, rail and port upgrades

Today’s efficiency contrasts sharply with past practice, writes Kerin Hope