A dart at the heart of the class system

Britain’s old divisions of upper, middle and lower class are less useful

FT’s Brian Groom reflects on four decades

Kate Bush and Scotland are in the news – it could be 1979, says the senior FT editor who retires next week

The messy UK may get even messier

The Scottish independence debate has trained a spotlight on the mad people in the attic

Politics kept at bay in cheery Glasgow

Scotland’s staging of the Commonwealth Games has been joyful so far, marred little by discord

It must be time to liberate Yerrkshyar

England’s largest county has long been known for an independent streak

The secret history of early robots

Humans have been imagining and creating self-moving, artificial objects since ancient times

A great northern conurbation

M62 ‘supercity’ could achieve so much more

Generation Z, the world’s saviour?

Too much is expected of those aged 16 to 25 but they have an interest in a better planet

Why capital cities can be unloved

Politicians might do well to look beyond the big centres that are too busy creating growth

The world’s cities reach for the sky

The UK capital has just over 40 buildings above 100 metres but a further 236 towers are planned

The political power of Eurovision

If it gives peaceful vent to the continent’s tensions while promoting liberal attitudes it gets my vote

Cornwall and the disuniting kingdom

The Cornish threat to the UK illustrates the way people are groping for identity, says Brian Groom

Don’t write off the co-op model yet

It is only the UK Co-operative Group’s governance that appears to be broken

The wrong brand of democracy

A large section of the young electorate is showing disenchantment with today’s politics

A Man United fan looks beyond the pain

It hurts to see your team flop but winning, just as much as losing, is all part of the game

Who has the right to self-determination?

From Scotland to Catalonia, and now Venice to the Scottish isles, independence is a fraught issue

‘Manpool’: time to kiss and make up

The idea of merging Manchester and Liverpool has been floated to fuel their economic growth

An ark needed in beautiful England

The UK’s continuing wet winter has prompted talk of a crisis in the southwest

Scotland, forever in two minds

The fierce division over independence reflects a longstanding duality in the national psyche

The UK’s vanishing Aussies are missed

The success of their home, resource-driven economy is putting Australians off staying in Britain


Brian Groom Brian Groom is the FT’s UK business and employment editor. He has previously held a number of senior posts at the FT, including political editor and Europe edition editor, and is a former editor of Scotland on Sunday.

His weekly Notebook column is a wry take on life in the UK.

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