The Fast Lane: It’s about freedom at the edges

Thanks to the EU, in Germany you can go naked in a park; in Madrid you can stay out late and drink

The Fast Lane: A cautionary referendum tale

The issue is also about the hundreds of thousands of talented, clever people who will leave the UK

The Fast Lane: Have you met a millennial?

‘Smart casual’, car grilles and ‘millennials’ — your questions answered

The Fast Lane: When Finnishness matters

You can invest in hardware and nice design yet still lose out if you don’t take human feelings into account

The Fast Lane: back on home turf

The bank governor and I settled in for a breezy chat about French leadership, sharp haircuts, and Brexit

The Fast Lane: an autostrada adventure

Turin, like Berlin, sprawls with a sense that there is an abundance of good things hidden from view

The Fast Lane: What makes a nation?

‘Leather shorts and boob-enhancing dresses are a simple issue of people expressing their heritage’

The Fast Lane: Arriving in style in Vancouver

‘Don’t be alarmed when you see fire trucks alongside as we taxi in,’ explained the captain

The Fast Lane: where’s the safest haven?

I pictured myself living on Hokkaido, maybe running a ‘ryokan’ with a nice collection of goats

The Fast Lane: the twist in the tail

Which types of animals might be happy living in the garden? ‘Peacocks could be nice,’ said Max

The Fast Lane: A sitting-room refresh

Sofas have been downsized to appeal to consumers with fewer square metres in the heart of the city

The Fast Lane: Grande designs

Brand Italia might take a lot of knocks but it’s still a world-class operation in many corners

The Fast Lane: the war on trees

‘Urbidepilation’ is my term for the over-manicuring or removal of all greenery from the public realm

The Fast Lane: Bombs in Brussels

Solutions are not going to be found with more body scanners or CCTV footage to spool through

The Fast Lane: Dressed to the nineties

At Japan’s airports, for many, there’s still a sense of occasion and this means dressing for the destination

The Fast Lane: Sometimes it’s nice to keep secrets

I have the best bar near our office in Tokyo. It’s tiny, has six seats and the ‘mama-san’ is always wearing a kimono

The Fast Lane: Sun lounger start-ups

What if my bank could take over mobile phone services for its customers? It would be an absolute delight

The Fast Lane: Why New York is back on my fly list

A meeting revealed that LaGuardia will become a proper first-world airport in the not-too-distant future

The Fast Lane: Observations from the road

We’re going to be delayed because ‘it’s a busy day at Heathrow’. When is it not busy at Heathrow, Captain?

The Fast Lane: A perfect (long) weekend getaway

My recent journey to Hokkaido proved that civilised travel still exists in some corners of the world


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