FT Health: Combating Aids 2011


In this issue

A ‘functional cure’ has become the global target

Opinion from around the world on how to beat Aids

Overview: Funding cuts put progress in peril

Research – led by the idea of ‘treatment as prevention’– has made gains but results are coming more slowly

Timothy Ray Brown, better known as the Berlin Patient, poses with his dog

Science: ‘Functional cure’ is global target

The ‘Berlin Patient’ has become a living legend and inspired scientists to hunt for new solutions, says Clive Cookson

Vaccine: Broad approach needed to counter HIV’s variability

The International Aids Vaccine Initiative is sponsoring a global search for ‘broadly neutralising antibodies’, writes Clive Cookson

Case study: Kenya’s uphill battle to overcome deep taboos

Katrina Manson on efforts to win hearts and minds on circumcision

Circumcision: Potential yet to emerge in practice

Despite evidence of the health benefits, widespread adoption of the procedure is still to be achieved, writes Andrew Jack

Healthcare: ‘Double whammy’ for users of hormonal contraceptives

A recent study has sparked concern that some family planning methods may interact in dangerous ways with HIV prevention and treatment, writes Andrew Jack

Diagnostics: Crucial role hampered by high cost and poor access

Point-of-care tests are cheaper but can be hard to develop, writes George Cole

Blood donation

Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood

Improved screening could bring benefits far beyond the costs, writes Andrew Jack

Risk to patients: Call for change in UK

Studies have shown that patients taking antiretroviral medicines have a very low risk of passing infection to others – but discrimination continues, writes Andrew Jack