part 3: December 2013

The winners of the 2013 FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action

Introduction: Flawed visions

Rigid planning often creates inhuman cities, but only history decides what makes for a successful city


Urban Ingenuity 2013
Sanergy has been named global winner
See pictures from the Ingenuity Awards 2013, held at the Time Warner Center in New York City

Foreword: Proud winners

They have found ways of solving the apparently intractable problems of masses of urban dwellers

©Siegfried Modola

Overall winner: Sanergy

Pay-per-go toilets and their by-products are providing a useful living for residents of Nairobi’s slums

Community cooker Foundation
©Mariella Furrer

Comment: Fresh approaches

Originality of thinking was one of the most important criteria to occupy the minds of judges this year

©Ayush Ranka

Asia-Pacific winner: Parinaam Foundation

A project to help Bangalore’s poorest slum dwellers targets what they say are their most pressing concerns

Tenants occupying a empty building on Oxford Street, organised by the charity, 3space
©Charlie Bibby

Europe winner: 3Space

A charity that brokers empty offices aids tenants and landlords

Latin America winner: Fundación Calicanto

A programme in Panama provides a route out of poverty and gang violence

N America / Caribbean winner: SeeClickFix

The website and app to report urban blight is gaining in popularity among citizens around the world

child on a bicycle
©Andy Austin

Awards: Runners-up

Projects around the world are changing lives, improving surroundings and fostering people’s entrepreneurial spirit

Middle East: Safe haven in Jordan

Amman has long welcomed new arrivals but Syrian refugees are testing the city’s resources to the limit

Comment: Back to nature

Palestinians are showing how traditional rural design can be reinterpreted to create secure modern urban spaces

Asia-Pacific: India’s murky worlds

Among the biggest obstacles to improving the lives of people in India’s megacities are bureaucracy and corruption

Comment: A metropolis of natural harmony

In India an entirely new city is being built, providing a template for energy efficiency and recycling resources

Europe: Growing pains of cities

The continent’s cities continue to struggle with the integration of the ancient and modern, and with migration-related ethnic tensions

Latin America: Bridging the wealth gap in Colombia

Enlightened planners are trying to reverse the trend towards the segregation of rich and poor

Comment: Information future

Cities can run more efficiently by analysing data they already generate and applying that knowledge better

North America: Cyclical moves

Young high-earners are flocking back to US cities while the poor are now more likely to be found in the suburbs

Comment: Detroit’s road to ruin

How the suburbs accelerated Detroit’s downfall