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Britain is pondering its role in the globalised economy following the referendum vote to leave the EU

Syria crisis

Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria after a six-month campaign that changed the course or the conflict

Europe’s migration crisis

Migrants will risk all crossing the Mediterranean in ramshackle boats for a better life in the EU

Eurozone economy

A fragile recovery is underway in the euro bloc as it attempts to regain competitiveness in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis and its struggles with austerity

Greece debt crisis

A breakthrough deal has been reached on restructuring Athens’ debt, buying time to secure the country’s financial future

London fights for its future

Brussels is moving to harden its regulatory regime in ways that could shut out the City of London after the UK leaves the European Union

Pensions: low yields, high stress

A demographic crisis for pension saving has now become critical thanks to historic low bond yields across the world

1MDB Scandal

Fallout from corruption claims at the Malaysian state investment fund has triggered investigations in Switzerland, Singapore, the US and Hong Kong

US Election 2016

Hillary Clinton has claimed the historic achievement of becoming the first female presidential candidate of a major US party

Asia Maritime Tensions

Asia maritime tensions

Clashes have escalated over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters