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White House cabinet changes

Having secured a further term Barack Obama will soon decide on the members of his new cabinet, choices that will form the backbone of his admistration and set the tone for his second stint as president

State of the Union 2013

Obama drive to ‘reignite’ US economy

US-EU trade talks central to State of the Union speech

Obama strikes unapologetically partisan tone

President finally calls off fruitless quest for bipartisan Washington


It is time for a serious overhaul of the US tax system
President Obama made an effective case for government
US Treasury nominee is qualified but new to world stage

Neither US party swallows a compromise

President raises pressure as Rubio lambasts big government

Challenge issued over guns and immigration

President draws loudest applause for proposals to prevent attacks

Obama injects optimism into trade deal

Cameron welcomes impetus to transatlantic negotiations

Obama makes most of second-term honeymoon

The US president will use the brief spell of power to put ideas into law

Obama to focus attention on economy

Campaign machine redeployed to boost state of the union message

Fellow Americans, let’s govern seriously

What Obama might want to say in his State of the Union address

Obama targets jobs and growth

State of the union address to focus on middle class

Defence hawk threatens to stall Obama team

Republican wants more info on Benghazi attacks

Brennan hearing exposes divisions on drones

Accused of being ‘shockingly naive’ about civilian strikes

Panetta reveals US divisions over Syria

Pentagon chief says Obama rejected plan to arm rebels

Brennan defends drone attacks

US government had ‘rigorous standards’ for targeted killings

Brennan faces drone attack from senators

CIA nominee set to be grilled over counter-terrorism policy

REI executive nominated as interior secretary

Israel and Palestinians top Kerry’s agenda

Secretary of state made weekend calls to both leaders

Obama puts trade at heart of agenda

US has two large negotiations on its plate with EU and Asia

Clinton leaves without big breakthroughs

Warm send-off for woman tipped for US 2016 presidency

Hagel grilled by angry Republicans

Clashes with McCain over opposition to Iraqi surge

Hagel nomination awakens ghost of Vietnam

War continues to exert a powerful influence on US politics

Kerry confirmed as US secretary of state

Move marks first of many changes to national security team

Obama’s SEC nominee faces tough scrutiny

White set to inherit daunting list of issues

Obama starts push for immigration reforms

Bipartisan group of senators call for ‘path to citizenship’

Republicans back off from Lew battle

Geithner replacement expected to be confirmed

Obama sets out to liberalise US politics

Defence of government and gay rights shows Reaganesque ambition