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US presidential election

News, commentary and analysis of the US presidential election which was held in November 2012

Obama should end his reticence on rights

Double standards in US foreign policy need to be addressed

Choosing the next secretary of state

Susan Rice impresses but is not the heavyweight US needs

Obama’s path to Xanadu runs via Jerusalem

Tug of war between Mideast realities and Pacific strategy

White House gives few clues on cabinet

New members will set tone for second term

Why Republicans lost – but can win again

The party needs a new road back to competitiveness, writes David Frum

Obama seeks advice to avoid fiscal cliff

Opinion sought from consumer companies but not from Wall Street

Republicans shift stance on taxing wealthy

Romney adviser signals fiscal cliff resolution

How the US can avoid falling off the fiscal cliff

If we wanted a larger federal government we would have to raise taxes for all, writes Glenn Hubbard

Obama has four years to fix the economy

The country needs massive overhauls of its key sectors, writes Jeffrey Sachs

Rating agencies wait to pass verdict on US

Stances on fiscal cliff vary among main groups

How the White House was won

Obama political machine set standard for digital age

Fear and loathing on the airwaves

Rightwing radio jocks turn on the people their party needed

Questions grow over Petraeus resignation

US Congress to this week start investigation into departure

Don’t fear fiscal cliff, says Democrat

Senator Patty Murray says jumping off could break impasse