Congressional midterms

Republicans have overwhelmed Democrats in sweeping election victories across the US to win a solid majority in the Senate and take full control of Congress for the final two years of Barack Obama’s presidency

Cassidy wins Louisiana senate race

Incumbent ousted in landslide for Republicans


US Senate Election 2014
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US midterms and their longer term repercussions
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Understanding the US midterms

America is becoming more conservative, which could have big implications

Clashes loom as Obama pursues his legacy

President embraces fight with conservatives over immigration

Unvanquished US neocons surge back

Conservatives feel vindicated as Obama’s foreign policy comes under fire, says Jacob Heilbrunn

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An unethical bet in the climate casino

Election result may bury what little hope remains of getting to grips with risks of climate change

Republican rule could hold well past 2016

Demographics alone may not be enough to support Democrats’ presidential hopes

Green money loses battle of billionaires

Conservative Koch brothers thwart rival’s climate push

Castrated pigs and the US body politic

As election night dragged on, I sensed my appetite for politics waning and my interest in hogs waxing

Obama and Republicans vow to co-operate

Clashing agendas suggest post-election honeymoon will be short

A move towards a nuclear deal with Iran

The midterm elections in the US must not put an accord in doubt

Empowered Republicans wary of Iran talks

GOP-controlled Congress will play a role in US foreign policy

Exuberance is not just for Republicans

If a few tangible policy changes emerge from Capitol Hill, it is possible animal spirits will return

Republicans go into Cruz control

Texas senator’s congressional army may count for less in numbers than the noise generated

Republicans push for pro-business reform

Agenda includes tax cuts and loosening for energy and banks

Democrats fail to get out the vote

Republicans were helped in midterm elections by elderly voters

McConnell to push big business agenda

The Senate’s new leader must bridge his party’s ideological rifts

Obama faces a big test of his relevancy

The Republicans’ midterm sweep has left the White House isolated

Angry losers blame unpopular Obama

Results give Republicans hope of competing in presidential election

Voters back rise in minimum wage

Democrats consoled by Republican states’ support for higher pay

Recriminations fly over Democrat defeat

Republicans sweep to power in Senate and key governor races

Republican triumph may boost trade deals

Congress more likely to give president ‘fast-track’ authority

The Kentuckian set to lead Senate

The evolution of deal maker Mitch McConnell

US midterms: Social media reaction

Republicans’ big victory leaves Obama at helm of ship in reverse

Washington gridlock cannot get worse

Co-operation on some matters may make more sense than obstruction, writes Jacob Weisberg

Bell tolls for Obama ahead of 2016

Repudiated president will spend final years grappling with victorious Republicans

Republicans win tight governor races

Results embolden economic conservatives and boost 2016 hopefuls

As it happened: US 2014 midterm elections

Rolling coverage of the contest

Results: US Senate election 2014

Permanent campaign rolls on to 2016

Potential presidential candidates are already staking their claims

US midterms: what to watch for

Disgruntled voters go to the polls in an anti-incumbent mood