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US fiscal battle

The House of Representatives follows the Senate in passing legislation that prevents the US from going over the so-called fiscal cliff but fresh political battles loom over spending cuts, the deficit and economic policy

Boehner sees reform as way to budget deal

No resolution at hand to end $85bn sequestration

Obama warns of long fiscal crisis

President signs the directive to put cuts into effect

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America’s debt dilemma
The long-term fiscal challenges that will shape the nature of the United States in the 21st century

Washington drifts into budget crisis

Near-breakdown in relations between Obama and Republican leadership

Chances of sequester quick fix run out

Cuts saga likely to run and run

US braced as cuts deadline passes

Growth data show economy vulnerable as sequestration kicks in

Obama has always planned to slash spending

President never suggested more robust tax revenues to fund higher public investments and services

The fiscal cliff

John Boehner and Barack Obama ©EPA

Washington nerves jangle at sequestration

Looming government cuts bring fears for jobs and spending

US food shortages loom amid budget cuts

Inspectors’ furlough to halt meat production

Obama to meet lawmakers over cuts

First face-to-face attempt to discuss sequestration

Sequestration budget cuts have bitten for the first time into one of the US defence department’s most critical procurement programmes

US budget: Another crisis looms

If the White House and Republicans cannot agree on how to fund $1.2tn in deficit reduction, the fallout will be dire

Shipyard workers hear Obama warn over cuts

Republican presses on with tax reform plan

Camp claims “green light” to craft a bill by end of the year

Release of immigrants draws Republican ire

Hundreds freed from detention ahead of budget cuts

Obama presses Congress over cuts

Governors urged to broker agreement

US cuts poised to hit long-term unemployed

Benefit payments cut nearly 10% if spending curbs are applied

Obama presses for late rethink on cuts

Pressure on Republicans over sequestration

US businesses sanguine about sequestration

Industry lobbying less aggressively to avert budget cuts

The deal to avoid a US fiscal crunch

The looming sequestration must be avoided, says Roger Altman

Obama takes aim at ‘meat cleaver’ cuts

Renewed push on US deficit deal

Bipartisan duo of Simpson and Bowles propose $2.4tn plan

Democrats pitch $110bn deal to avoid cuts

Bill unlikely to bridge partisan divide

US must do more than focus on deficit

A broader, growth-centred agenda is needed to propel the economy

US citizens braced for austerity impact

White House and business split over tax

Tax rises proposed as short-term budget fix looms

US budget deficit expected to shrink

Fight still looms over $1.2tn spending cuts