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US budget deficit to rise to $544bn

CBO warns of ‘serious negative consequences’ of rising debt

The US budget deal: a season for giving

Spending more and cutting taxes can bridge partisan divides

US budget deal is rare compromise

Paul Ryan pulls off tax and spending agreement to avert shutdown

US lawmakers seek $700bn tax-cut deal

Democrats want corporate breaks matched by benefits for families

Republicans try to foil Obama on spending

Fight to approve priorities ahead of deadline this week

Boehner makes parting gift to Washington

Outgoing speaker averts a debt crisis and government shutdown

US budget deal: show us the money

Savings include reforms to taxation and disability insurance

Budget deal promises end to fiscal conflict

Spending rise and suspension of $18tn debt limit

US debt ceiling talks head to the wire

Measures to avoid breach likely to be exhausted on November 3

US Treasuries sale delayed on ceiling fear

Auction of two-year notes postponed amid Congress political stand-off

US debt default fears spook investors

Political brinkmanship continues as borrowing limit nears

Congressional chaos spurs US debt fears

Political brinkmanship once again raises the spectre of a default

Treasury risk rises as debt ceiling looms

US bond markets prepare for potential congressional showdown

Skirmishes ahead in long US budget war

The government remains open but the struggle to fund it continues

Congress agrees to fund US government

Shutdown avoided but even bigger budget battle looms in December

Planned Parenthood is partisan battlefield

Women’s healthcare group is flashpoint in US budget

US Congress jostles as shutdown looms

Moves to maintain government funding despite division on abortion

Shutdown fears return to haunt markets

Budget authority effectively runs out next week

Obama warns on risks from shutdown

Last one cost US economy billions of dollars, he tells business chiefs

Obama slams Republicans on abortion fight

Battle over budget risks another government shutdown

US government prepares for shutdown

No budget deal in sight as funding set to expire at end of month

US shutdown risk resurfaces over three Bs

Issues set to be divisive are benefits, babies and Boeing

Volcker warns on US state finances

Parts of the country remain under ‘heavy pressure’

Republicans hail Congress budget plan

White House says middle-class families and growth would be hurt