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Close to 50 African leaders attended the first US-Africa summit in Washington, as President Barack Obama responds to strong competition from emerging countries in seeking to build economic links with one of the world’s fastest growing regions

Obama pledges support for Africa security

Washington shifts attention from trade deals

Africa hopes US will build on trade deal

Duty-free Agoa initiative is due to expire next year

Congo river

China seeks to work with US in Africa

Proposal to jointly finance and build infrastructure

US dilemma over Chinese partnership

Beijing proposes working with US on infrastructure projects

US seeks to catch up with China in Africa

Obama announces $14bn of investment

Feting strongmen profits no one

Obiang will be in US but torture allegations are unlikely to be mentioned, writes Tutu Alicante

US confronts militant dilemma in Africa

Fighting Islamist extremism is priority for Washington

US-Africa trade faces ExIm risk, warns GE

Immelt says Congress decision to close bank would hit companies

Guest post: US should scrap trade barriers with Africa

American leaders should forge a relationship that focuses on mutual gains from trade, not aid

US-Africa oil trade falls as shale grows

Fracking revolution hits imports from continent

A better American strategy for Africa

We need the right balance between building new drone bases and strengthening business

Obama aims to re-engage with Africa