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FT series - Archived

Sitting on the Money

Since the financial crisis, large companies around the world have built up huge cash reserves. FT reporters dig in to this $2.8tn pile, looking at the motives of the companies involved, ranging from Apple to Volkswagen, and examining how they may respond to calls from investors to spend

Debt grows at biggest US groups

Corporate cash piles rise in tandem but tax is spending deterrent


US companies’ overseas cash hits $947bn

Funds held outside US to avoid domestic tax bills

Forget the cash mountains: tech debt is also piling up fast

Bond investors should be careful they don’t get too much of what they wish for

Ft series

Cash hoarders unlikely to ride to rescue

More experienced CEOs willing to take a risk and spend

US capex growth to slow to four-year low

S&P non-financials forecast to lift investment by just 1.2%

Ending corporate America’s investment drought

CEOs must start to put record cash holdings to work

Balance sheet

‘Animal spirits’ of spending jostle for release

Growing balance sheets make US top candidate for pick-up in investment

European corporates look to spend savings

Revival in European mergers and acquisitions activity expected in 2014

Cash-hoarding groups have newer leaders

Length of CEO tenure linked to capital expenditure

Chrysler rolls out capital expenditure plans

Loose monetary conditions fuel boom in car loans

Chiefs remain reluctant to spend

Corporate leaders at Davos are resisting calls to aid recovery

Calls grow for more capital expenditure

Investors want less focus on share buybacks

Companies buoyed by investors’ deal hunger

Reversal of long-term trends shows resurgent appetite

Video: Value added acquisitions

Buyers in M&A deals have been enjoying share price lifts of late

Pressure mounts on corporate cash piles

There are signs shareholders are set to demand more investment

Embarrassment of riches for tech groups

Apple holds 10% of corporate America’s cash

Cash concentration heightens influence

A third of non-financial companies sit on $2.8tn hoard