voters’ sense of victimhood

The UK’s main political parties are facing the prospect of a close and unpredictable general election on May 7 as they struggle to address the march of the populists on the back of continuing public anger towards Britain’s political class

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Wolverhampton grapples with legacy of Enoch Powell

Immigration still an issue in a city proud of its race relations


What would happen if the UK General Election were held tomorrow?
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Kiran Stacey visits Great Yarmouth to explore the rise of the UK Independence Party along the east coast of England
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Ukip makes ‘normal’ immigration pledge

Farage aims to stem signs of disarray over policy

Cross-party group to campaign against SNP

Rising dismay among Labour and Tories at popularity of nationalists

Seat moves: How the House of Commons’ composition could change

What would happen if the UK General Election were held tomorrow?

Tories to retain failed migration pledge

Senior Conservative reveals PM still backs target

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 27: Prime Minister David Cameron, British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband attend a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at Central Hall Westminster on January 27, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images)
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Brits grouch but vote for more of the same

A ‘change’ election is unlikely as voters seem to want the country tweaked, not turned on its head

Cameron pledges 200,000 starter homes

Building sector sceptical about offer to young first-time buyers

Alexander calls for extra £1bn bank levy

Lib Dem wants Budget move to help cut deficit in ‘fair’ manner

DUP links post-election deal to defence

Keeping military spending of at least 2% of GDP tops demands

Labour MP in calls for ‘grand coalition’

Gisela Stuart says party should not rule out working with Tories

GP Dr Luke Evans 33-year-old Tory candidate on his pitch on Harborne's High Street. Birmingham Edgebaston to go with Kiran Stacey piece.
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Tories struggle to reclaim former fortress

Party seeks to employ Labour tactic of community politics

Investors fret over UK general election

FT data show greatest concerns stem from risk of Britain leaving the EU

Ukip promises electoral reform

Carswell tells party conference voters would get power to sack MPs

Miliband’s misplaced move on tuition fees

UK university funding is still imperfect. Labour would make it worse

Miliband pledges cut in student fees

Policy announcement does little to ease universities’ fears

Farage rallies Ukip with fighting election talk

Supporters worry about absent manifesto and loss of ground in polls

Investors cut UK equity exposure

Wealth managers fear election outcome

Labour edges ahead in poll predictor

Ed Miliband shown to have 74% chance of becoming prime minister

UK net migration jumps 42%

Level is nearly three times Conservatives’ target

Voting rule change set to benefit Tories

Labour constituencies more likely to see poll decline

Voters urged to focus on poor

Catholic archbishop denounces “shocking” food banks and handouts

Rifkind steps down as committee chairman

Tory MP to quit Commons in wake of cash-for-access allegations

The end of the British establishment

FT series: From politics to finance Britain’s old order has lost its way

Leader’s interview flop mars Green launch

Bennett stumbles over cost of key policies

The cost of Cameron’s pensioner promises

PM preserves benefits accounting for 55% of social security spend

Lib Dems take lessons from Roman army

Party may lose seats in May election but wield more influence

Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg canvasses for votes in the affluent suburb of Dore in his Sheffield Hallam constituency. On the left is Colin Ross, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Sheffield Council and a councillor for Dore and Totley.
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Clegg’s seat under threat from Labour

Polls show Lib Dem leader trailing in Sheffield Hallam constituency

Ruth Davidson, MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
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Scots Tories put brave face on grim polls

Party conjures up ‘nightmare’ of SNP-influenced Labour government

Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Loch Lomand.
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Argyll offers clues to election result

Home of whisky and Trident submarines closely fought over

General election will decide future of UK

The more convinced a party is about delivering a fiscal surplus, the more likely tax rises will be

Labour and Tories set for election tie

City jitters predicted as survey puts parties on 273 seats each

Poll boosts Ukip in key marginals

Party within striking distance of winning three target seats

Labour pledges to bin rail franchises

Dugher blasts privatisation and promises publicly run operators

Senior Labour figure backs Ukip

Former head of party’s governing body supports EU referendum

Lord Neil Kinnock. Photogrpahed in London for UK News.
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Kinnock says mansion tax is cost of ‘lunch’

Former Labour leader rejects fears of proposed levy