voters’ sense of victimhood

The UK’s main political parties are facing the prospect of a close and unpredictable general election on May 7 as they struggle to address the march of the populists on the back of continuing public anger towards Britain’s political class

Deadline pushed in Northern Ireland talks

Province’s parties risk direct rule from London if they stand divided

Polls say May election too close to call

Neither Labour nor Tories made breakthrough in 2014

Johnson to woo voters as One Nation Tory

Commons comeback bid includes focus on low pay and infrastructure

Miliband attacks Tories’ ‘1930s vision’

Labour leader says plan to slash state is a strategic error

HMS Victorious photographed in the Clyde estuary whilst on transit to the Clyde Submarine Base Faslane.
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UK election threat to nuclear deterrent

Labour would have to scrap Trident to form coalition with SNP

Cameron defends plans for cuts

Britain still vulnerable to being ‘tipped over the edge’

UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour

Miliband seeks to reassure on immigration

Labour plans new law against exploitation of UK’s migrant workers

Murphy dons the Scottish flag

New Labour leader looks to prevent poll disaster in May

Ukip candidate quits over homophobic comments

Activist recorded using offensive terms

Ukip at war over Hamilton quest for seat

Big donor accused of pressing candidacy of ex-Tory MP

City fears politicians avoiding hard truths

More clarity needed from all parties, economists say

The battle over the public finances will define Britain

The case for achieving an overall fiscal surplus in the next parliament is not overwhelming

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to the party conference in Manchester on Tuesday
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Miliband sets out deficit-reduction plan

Labour vows to cut borrowing every year until books are balanced

Obama strategists hope to woo UK voters

Labour and the Tories have hired two of president’s staff

‘Other parties’ fracture UK politics

Smaller political groups overtake Labour and Tories in polls

Salmond to stand as Westminster MP

Scotland’s former first minister to run for Gordon constituency

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Angry electorate makes politicians fearful

The mainstream UK parties are on the run — left, right and centre

Unwelcome return of political risk to UK

Volatility set to increase as uncertainty over May election rises

Scotland’s new political landscape

There will be no return to normal in Scottish politics; the SNP will do better than in previous UK elections

Lex Live: European budget airlines

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
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Osborne dons populist garb for election

Chancellor takes aim at banks, multinationals and top-end property

Labour is stuck in the political doghouse

It is possible to ridicule the Tories’ missed targets, and still favour them over the shabby alternative

Government fine-tunes election strategy

Chancellor wrongfoots his opponents by penalising the wealthy

Will the liberal Osborne please stand up

The UK’s political currents are for turning inwards – the resistance is in the chancellor’s hands

Student vote to decide at least 10 UK seats

University-goers likely to vote according to policies on tuition fees

Farage trails in struggle to win seat

Opinion poll shows Tories are five points ahead of Ukip leader

An answer to Britain’s schools divide

Labour’s education policies need to focus on the state sector

Labour warns private schools on tax relief

Hunt says education system’s ‘Berlin Wall’ must be broken down

Farage to target ‘dozens of seats’ in May

Ukip leader appeals to five Tory MPs to jump ship after poll win

What Ukip’s win means for 2015

A much larger number of seats will now fall under the party’s radar, writes Matthew Goodwin

DBGKH7 Cardiff city centre, The Hayes Pedestrian area in front of the John Lewis Store, South Glamorgan South Wales UK GB EU Europe

Wales defies spending cuts to outperform

Job creation and foreign investment beats other regions

The truth about UK living standards

Real wages are significantly lower, and younger workers are suffering

Chancellor George Osborne
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Osborne accused of ‘grand deception’

Alexander criticises chancellor’s promise of unfunded tax cuts

Ukip leader Nigel Farage
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Tories’ futile hunt for anti-Ukip plan

Voters will decide Farage’s future independently of anything said by the mainstream parties