Opinion polls confounded

David Cameron is back in Downing Street for a second term after a dramatic victory that defied predictions to trounce Labour and win an outright majority in parliament

Tories outspent Labour in 2015 election

Conservatives splash out on market research and social media


Election interactive video
The new state of the game in the UK
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UK election results
The election was a triumph for the Scottish nationalists, who gained dozens of seats, and a disappointment for Labour
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What would happen if the UK General Election were held tomorrow?
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Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning.

Miliband a primary cause of Labour loss

Voters saw leader as weak and party tarnished by economic crisis

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.

Political apathy is perfectly respectable

Britons rouse themselves to vote every five years to stop hot heads from running their country

General election poll failings blamed on sampling

Too many Labour supporters and too few Tories were interviewed

Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning.

Year in a word: Edstone

The Labour party’s monument to political hubris

Polling samples flawed, ex-trader says

People polled were ‘unrepresentative’, says Matt Singh

Anchor on Liverpool docks with the sunset in the background. Photo taken on: November 30th, 2012

North remains no-go zone for Tories

Local issues compound northern electoral woes

Legacy of failure to predict Tory win

Ignore those overcorrecting for their past misjudgments, the next election is wide open

Chris Leslie, Shadow Chancellor
©Charlie Bibby

Labour set to abandon mansion tax

Party will review its pre-election policy platform

Labour’s analysis paralysis

They must not seek to settle the big questions and then choose a leader but the other way around

Scottish Labour leader Murphy to resign

Delays departure in bid to stop unions choosing successor

Labour has yet to grasp scale of defeat

UK’s main opposition party must do more than choose a new leader

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to party supporters at the Griff and Coton Cricket Club in Nuneaton, during his General Election campaign tour.

How Nuneaton swung behind the Tories

Economy, SNP, Miliband and Ukip helped sway key marginal

Conservative vote helped by extra spending

Think-tank finds link between project money and bigger majorities

Peers wait in the Princes Chamber in the House of Lords before the State Opening of Parliament on May 9, 2012 in London, England. Picture by Charlie Bibby/FT NPA Pool.

Ennobled opponents ready to impede Tories

Opposition peers outnumber government ones by 90 in the Lords

The spirit of Thatcher returns to Victoria Street

Sajid Javid can make his mark at a straitened business ministry

Osborne appoints allies to deliver plan

Chancellor expected to set out economic vision in summer Budget

Javid to spearhead Tories’ business push

Business secretary under orders to cut red tape and boost exports

Shapps sent to international development

Negative publicity helps lead to move from party chairmanship

New Tory intake shows shift on Brussels

Parliamentary party has become more eurosceptic over elections

Cameron’s opportunity on UK and Europe

PM must quickly set out when and how he will fight the referendum

Choice of Javid is a departure from Cable

Eurosceptic former banker is expected to pursue free market agenda

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.
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Cameron must make sense of mandate

Britain does not feel like a country asking to be turned upside down by zealots

Farage in Ukip leadership U-turn

Party refuses to accept departure despite taking just one seat

Members of David Cameron's new cabinet
©PA; EPA; Reuters

Cameron reshuffles with manifesto in hand

Javid business secretary, anti-licence fee Whittingdale to culture

Whittingdale appointed as culture secretary

Select committee chairman brings detailed knowledge to department

Profiles: Cameron’s ministerial line-up

The MPs that are taking main cabinet roles

Tim Farron
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Farron hints at Lib Dem leadership bid

Former party president expected to announce candidacy in days

Sugar tells Labour: ‘You’re fired’

Entrepreneur cites anti-business stance but 20,000 people join

Ingram Pinn illustration

Cameron’s ‘Little England’ is a myth

The argument that the UK election revealed a troubled, inward-looking nation is wrong

Rudd cabinet promotion surprises industry

Ex-junior minister seen as friendly to climate change campaigners

Slideshow: David Cameron’s new cabinet

After the Conservative election win, the UK prime minister reshuffles his top team

Javid boldly goes to Planet Business

Will Star Trek fandom affect the business secretary’s approach?

UK urged not to meddle on migrant rights

Eastern European nations prepare to fight for freedom of movement

PM promises renewal and rewards loyalty

Most senior ministers keep jobs as Gove becomes justice secretary


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