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Councils plot to keep control of schools

Local authorities explore setting up their own academy trusts

School children crossing road sign in England

Downing St faces rising grass roots revolt

School reforms and regional devolution fuel discontent

© Licensed to London News Pictures. 15/03/2016. London, UK. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne leaves Number 11 Downing Street. Tomorrow Mr Osborne will present his budget to Parliament. Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/LNP

Osborne damaged but survives bad week

Analysis: how PM and chancellor contained ‘IDS of March’ fallout


Councils reject Osborne’s devolution deal

Cambridgeshire and Gateshead latest to rebel

Osborne hits back after Budget battering

Chancellor challenges soft-drink makers to fight his sugar tax

Osborne seeks to limit cuts damage

MPs hear refusal to apologise for disability benefits plan

Why the Tories are ungovernable

IDS exiting the cabinet is not Michael Jackson leaving The Jacksons. The government should survive

Tory woes – is Cameron blaming Osborne?

Conservative intrigues cripple party; perhaps a cup of tea is in order, says Sebastian Payne

Cameron moves to stamp authority on party

Leadership reels over criticism of Budget benefit cuts

Cameron moves to close down VAT rebellion

Downing Street accepts Labour amendments to bill

Cameron set for Commons confrontation

PM seeks to rally party as cuts to disabled benefits scrapped

Insider stabs at chinks in Tories’ armour

Calculated attack by one who believes in morality-based politics

Tories battle to contain internal civil war

IDS departure spirals into rows over chancellor, welfare and EU

Welfare straits: How benefits saga hurt Osborne

Chancellor will find it harder to impose such cuts in future

Personal experience may help Crabb at DwP

New work and pensions secretary must face aftermath of IDS leaving

Uncomfortable truths of Osborne’s policy

It is hard to overstate the implications of Duncan Smith’s exit

Duncan Smith in new attack on ‘deeply unfair’ UK budget

Row over resignation divides the Tory party

Duncan Smith row echoes old Europe splits

Action recalls famous Howe speech as Tory divisions laid bare

UK minister’s exit sows political chaos

Duncan Smith’s departure linked to Britain’s membership of the EU

Duncan Smith quits with attack on Osborne

Dispute over benefit curbs to fund tax cuts for higher earners

Devolution plans anger Eurosceptic MPs

Critics say mayors will allow houses to be built on green spaces

Disability benefits row sparks blame game

Mixed messages reflect tension between Osborne and Duncan Smith

The benefits U-turn will hurt Osborne

The government seems to have misjudged its positioning

Osborne faces revolt over disability cuts

Signs of climbdown after Tory MP says measure has ‘zero chance’ of passage through the Commons

Devolution heads for the countryside

Three regions gain new powers with elected mayors despite criticism

Brexiters attack ‘perfunctory scare story’

Reference in speech to risks of leaving EU ‘totally unnecessary’

Osborne’s shrinking of state continues apace

Chancellor looks to cut an extra £3.5bn from public spending over next four years

Jamie Oliver distracts from grim tidings

Budget was full of bad news — but people were talking about Irn Bru

Corbyn emerges unscathed from Despatch Box

Cool response to Labour leader’s reply, though colleagues say it was better than they expected

Fiscal failure is Osborne’s route to top job

UK chancellor must ignore leadership goals to hit budget surplus