Osborne’s pledge puts focus on axe

‘Rollercoaster’ profile for spending gives chancellor a headache


George Osborne at No 11 Downing St ©Philip Sinden
The chancellor has been out and about, talking up his long-term plan for the nation. But what of his own?
– FT Magazine

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Confident message of simple words

Osborne shot foxes instead of summoning rabbits

Osborne’s push to win hearts and votes

Package is one calculated to shut down Labour lines of attack

Lib Dems attack Osborne over austerity

Tories accused of making ideologically motivated cuts

Osborne’s Agincourt jibe raises hackles

Digs at Scottish nationalists goes down badly north of the border

Not much meat — or beer — in chancellor’s speech

Osborne has eyes on May poll as he delivers his plan

Northern ally turns on chancellor

Manchester chief says region ‘can’t afford another five years of Tory government’

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Tax cuts, avoidance crackdown and loosening of austerity promised in Budget

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Has he tilted politics in a conservative direction in a lasting way, or will it swing back?

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While the exercise might be labelled fiscally neutral, politically, it will be anything but

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Chancellor expected to announce tax cuts and freedoms for pensioners

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