Wage forecasts undermine tax band rise

Higher rate taxpayer numbers are expected to grow further


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Budget has far-reaching implications

Reforms reach across the fiscal playing field

Budget grants new powers to Revenue

Tax authority will be able to access bank accounts

Dividend tax rules change to hit 700,000

Top-rate taxpayers with £25,250 in dividends ‘face higher bills’

Osborne raises income tax thresholds

Millions set to pay less from next year

Summer Budget: personal finances

How the changes could affect you

Inheritance tax cut confirmed

Tax break targets middle class families

Shake-up of pensions tax relief considered

Overhaul to tackle rising costs of encouraging retirement saving

Vehicle duty revamp harks back to 1930s

Rules catch up with technology of tax-free fuel-efficient cars

Dividend raid to hit investors

Scrapping dividend levy credits is bad news for self-employed

Student loans replace maintenance grants

Osborne aims for greater ‘fairness’ in higher education funding

Mortgage subsidy shake-up to hit jobless

Change will reap £270m in savings for the government by 2018-19

Permanent ‘non-dom’ tax status abolished

Crackdown aims to raise £1.5bn over this parliament

Tax changes aim to subdue buy to let boom

Estate agents warn that rents are likely to rise in response

Osborne in surprise cut to social rents

Landlords warn move will hit housebuilding volumes

Statement notable for what it might bring

Bringing pension and ISA tax together needs careful consideration

Osborne vows ‘lower welfare, lower tax’

Chancellor to cut benefits but raise personal allowance

Osborne fights calls to cut top tax rate

Chancellor argues change would be insensitive

Inheritance tax limit to rise to £1m

Property allowance not to discourage people downsizing home

Treasury considers pension tax shake-up

Providers alarmed at call to end upfront relief on contributions

Osborne plans ‘non-dom’ tax crackdown

End of inheritance status and increase of charge expected

A Budget for inheritors and not workers?

We will almost certainly get . . . more bad policy on pensions

Osborne urged to cut top tax rate to 40p

Lawson seeks action amid signs Treasury is eyeing reduction

What’s in the box, George?

Relief over election changes to Budget fears

Ten ways Osborne should fix our finances

What the chancellor should focus on in his summer Budget