A brave new world for Britain’s savers

Pensioners do not need the state to tell them what is best

Osborne crystal bal

Handouts paper over a bleak future

As with most Budgets, this one was full of sound and fury but signified little

A deft blend of prudence and politics

The chancellor set out his election stall in an accomplished performance

Hope is yet to triumph over doubt

This is a UK Budget designed to subsidise savers when the outlook for savings appears particularly bleak, says Stephen King

A watershed for pensions and savings

Beware that industry lobbying does not undo the chancellor’s good intentions, says Ros Altmann

Economic quackery and political humbug

George Osborne views economic logic as an inconvenient distraction, writes Tim Harford

A Puritan pursuit of squeezed savers

Almost every announcement of note was a pitch for voters who earn a wage and save some of it

A Budget for saving … the Conservative voter

Pension change is that rare thing, an ideological policy – and could have far-reaching consequences

Osborne no longer controls his own fate

The chancellor holds less sway over growth than the OBR, BoE, Fed or ECB, says Stephanie Flanders

The missing shale gas revolution

A line written in the chancellor’s speech bears absolutely no relationship to reality

Let’s ditch this bit of political theatre

It is mad, but the Budget abolitionists have no chance

Bingo hour for honest folk

Chancellor’s speech intended to induce feelings as warm as a dram of Diageo whisky

Annuities: shy and retiring

Life insurers will have to innovate to thrive after Budget changes

Tories should not expect poll dividend

Voters are more concerned with the squeeze on their real incomes, writes Anthony King

The welfare cap is harmless – for now

Long-term consequence is that any government has an easier mechanism to reduce the benefits bill

Osborne set to knock £20 off household energy bills in the Budget

Industry expects carbon tax to be frozen at 2015/16 prices

Wolf at the door is the Tories’ best ally

The cause of deficit-reduction keeps the coalition together and makes Labour look feckless

Boost UK economy with green Budget

George Osborne must lay out clearer vision for development of low-carbon power, writes Nicholas Stern

A bluffer’s guide to the Budget

Seven things you can say in any conversation about Wednesday’s Treasury event

UK must stay on its fiscal course

Osborne should stick to the script in his fifth Budget

The Budget’s coming, for what it’s worth

The focus is likely to be on headline-grabbing that doesn’t cost much

Fiscal challenges in impoverished Britain

It is mad to subsidise debt to buy houses while not allowing borrowing for social amenities

Osborne’s last chance to leave his mark

UK chancellor will have to balance his austere instincts against political pressure to ‘do something’