Investment tax allowance doubled

Move will allow full relief for almost all businesses at £2bn cost

Asset managers boosted by pensions reform

Fund groups can participate fully in pensions ‘decumulation’

Lower air passenger duty set to cost £1bn

Increased ticket sales could partially offset Treasury losses

Fiscal espresso shot for entrepreneurs

Plan to increase research and development tax credit rate

Bank levy unchanged to bankers’ relief

Dearth of ‘bank-bashing’ delights financiers

UK manufacturers hail boost for business

Industry praises chancellor for ‘delivering on his word’

Chancellor in finance pledge to ‘makers’

Bentley to sell ‘Made in Britain’ engines for first time

Manufacturers shielded against green tax

Carbon price floor frozen at 2016 rates until end of decade

The missing shale gas revolution

A line written in the chancellor’s speech bears absolutely no relationship to reality

Bingo helped but betting terminals hit

Hall operators celebrate chancellor’s duty rate cut

North Sea oil groups handed tax boost

Allowances extended in attempt to encourage investment

Drinks industry cheers duty cut and freeze

Chancellor says 1p cut in cost of a pint would save pubs

Small housebuilders offered £500m fund

Builders’ Finance Fund to offer loans to small-scale builders

Osborne set to knock £20 off household energy bills in the Budget

Isas eligible for peer-to-peer lending

Confidence stirs in South West

Manufacturing on rise in region that accounts for 6.8% of economy

Osborne to boost support for exporters

Britain’s 9,000 medium-sized businesses move up agenda

Investors push for more tax relief

Chancellor pressed to increase allowances for capital spending

Low-carbon sector argues against tax freeze

Chancellor expected to halt rises in “carbon price floor”

Osborne pressed on export finance reform

Banks concerned recovery remains reliant on domestic demand

Aid investment and exports, Osborne urged

CBI calls on chancellor to include £1bn package in Budget

Osborne warned over rising energy costs

Industry group says companies may be forced to invest overseas

Chancellor urged to focus Budget on youth

Employment and training are seen as primary issues

Osborne set to freeze tax on fossil fuels

Move comes in response to industry demands to cut energy costs