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Many millions of people in emerging markets have over the past 30 years moved out of poverty into the consuming middle classes. But with growth slowing in many countries, their fates are among the biggest challenges confronting governments

Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

FT analysis questions durability of march out of poverty in emerging markets


Fragile middle
FT research shows how millions of people face poverty as emerging economies slow
FT World: Young Chinese migrant worker
The FT talks to two young migrant workers
Katrina Manson reports from Dar es Salaam on a fizzing sector

A slippery ladder: 2.8bn people on the brink

The precarious rise from poverty of millions in the emerging world

Podcast: the fragile middle

FT writers discuss this nascent middle class and its prospects in the face of slowing growth

Video: the Jakarta street vendor

Rising living costs are making life difficult for Bang Udin Soto

Day two

Cramped lives test China dream

One in five Chinese only a wage away from losing middle-class status

Indonesia’s fragile middle close to the edge

With few formal social safety nets, even those in the emerging consuming class are vulnerable to slipping into insecurity

Day three
An appliance store, frequented by the emerging middle class in Brazil, in the city center of Sao Paulo

Brazil aspiration at risk

Revolution of social expectations spirals into malaise

Brazil’s anti-poverty plan plaudits wane

‘Bolsa família’ scheme fails to show boost to educational levels

Day Four
Kerowa Gram Panchayat, Purulia, West Bengal. The tailor Yudhishthir Mahto and Bheem Chandra Mahto, his brother
©Swastik Pal

Uncertain future for India’s middle class

Aspiring vulnerable to economic and political change

Malaysians feel pinch of subsidy changes

Middle class left with unaffordable lifestyles as reforms bite

How do you define the middle class?

Day Five

Rising inequality weighs on African consumers

Tanzanian cola targets poorer consumers

New drink is latest homegrown offering to take on market leader

Maintain the vigil over global poverty

Sub-par growth may quickly reverse gains of past decade